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Two little boys had two little toys

So we’re having twins boys, then. The whole 95% sure that one of them is a girl thing…? Well that’s out the window. There were two very visible penises on show. 739 more words

Three Best Cot Designs for Getting Your Baby To The Dreamland

Preparing for a newborn nursery is the most exciting phase for every parent. Their baby checklist is full of things like cutest clothes, toys, bathing, and cozy sleeping bags to handy feeding accessories with most expensive yet the bulkiest item Baby Cot. 452 more words

Bedside Cot

Link: 6 Challenges of Agile at Scale for ERP

The problems with taking an agile approach to outsourcing your COTS projects. Among the problems:

“In agile projects, it is more difficult to define risk sharing between the company and vendor. 173 more words


The last few days...

…Have been rough. A moved from teething swiftly into a cold that in turn developed into croup which passed and left her with a throat infection and a cough that makes her sound like she has been smoking 40 a day. 663 more words


"I'll just have a tap water, thanks."

Does anyone buy the cheapest model car seat? Or is it like the cheapest wine on a dinner menu? You don’t want to look like you’re a cheap skate so you pick the middle of the road option? 632 more words

COTS/ERP Bringing Mediocrity At Best!

Do you agree that COTS/ERP implementations makes your business mediocre at best?

One of the main value propositions of the packaged software (COTS/ERP) is relatively quicker implementation. 242 more words