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ISDC 2016: Climate Change Monitoring Payload for Small Satellites. Puerto Rico

HotPopRobot.com was invited to give a presentation at the International Space Development Conference 2016 in Puerto Rico. 18 – 22 May 2016 on creating climate change payloads for small satellites. 272 more words



시스템 보안 개론
* 함수를 호출하고 반환할 때, 호출한 지점 바로 뒤로 돌아가야 한다. Fine-grained CFI는 오버헤드가 커서 coarse-grained CFI를 쓰는데, fine-grained CFI도 깨질 수 있다. 75 more words

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Bespoke Vs COTS

While I was engaged in a conversation with our Marketing Manager about the differences between Bespoke Software versus Commercial Off the Shelf Software (AKA COTS), it occurred to me that “Bespoke” sounded like a very arcane word, almost alien yet it was popular in IT parlance and rhetoric. 687 more words


'Fixed Price' ERP/COTS Projects – Are They Worth It?

Sponsoring software projects can be very overwhelming. Understanding and documenting initial problems, business requirements, prepare RFP/RFQ, deciding vendor/product and so on. Throughout this process there is often one major concern, … 570 more words


A & J's Tips to ZZZZZZ Well in the Woods

We were asked last summer to contribute to an article for Canadian Living Magazine. In the name of space our advice was short and sweet for publication and if you know us by now – we are “conversationalists” – right!? 1,099 more words

Under The Tarp