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Exclusive Invention: The TeaCot (like a teapot, but for cots)

Teapots are great and all that, but they’re just never bloody big enough! Cots, on the other hand, certainly are big enough. You can keep a baby in them, and there’s room for teddy bears and possibly your pet Rottweiler to defend your infant and ward off any potential intruders. 408 more words


DHS’s New Mobile App Playbook

By Tomas O’Keefe, Consultant

Security is one of the biggest hurdles for mobility in government, but some recent work by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) might make this challenge a little less daunting for federal agencies. 308 more words

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Charity starts at holiday - tip for keeping the luggage down

You can hear the car groan every time it hears we are going on holiday as it prepares to be stuffed to the gunnels and spend a week or two like a permanent chimp party has been held in it. 426 more words


SLS EUS Skylab-II mission design with Argon/Neon ullage/SEP gases

We propose that SLS EUS uses Argon/Neon ullage gases for a secondary use as a SEP propellant.We have chosen to research noble gas mixes that should not  ice or freeze with the LO2, the Argon/Neon mix should not.A in space fractionation/liquidation unit would be needed to separate Gases propellent oxidizer noble gases… 306 more words

Terrestrial & Cislunar Exploration Technologies

Automation Tech Creating Opportunities at USDA

by Kevin Shaker, Analyst

Automation technology could help the Department of Agriculture (USDA) analyze and track farmers’ crop sizes, costs and loan applications. But for now, the agency is relying on good ol’ pen and paper for many of these functions. 314 more words

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