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Faux' Chickens

My grandmother raised chickens on a long, narrow city lot.  They were a natural  outcome for a farm girl transplanted to town.  Fresh eggs were a significant part of my grandparents’ diet and that self-sufficiency appeals to me.  36 more words

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RHS Tatton Flower Show 2016

Yesterday Mum and I went to the RHS flower show at Tatton Park. We’ve been going on and off for a number of years and its a nice day out looking at plants and show gardens. 215 more words


Flowers feed the soul

It’s lily season in New England. I know they only last for a single day, but I love them anyway.

They’re the same, but different. The colors are all beautiful. 40 more words



Hummingbirds are native to the Americas.  The ones we see here in Montana migrate every season from Mexico and Central America.  All species of hummingbirds need to eat often, in fact they consume 100% to 200% of their body weight each day, eating bugs and drinking flower nectar.  418 more words


June in my garden

So, this morning I did something I don’t do often.. and that is garden in the rain. Here in the north-west of England we’ve had more than our fair share of rain in the past week or so – fortunately we haven’t been flooded here but I know people who have. 330 more words


Rhubarb Season

In memory of my grandmother, I enjoy baking rhubarb pie in spring.

Rhubarb is a tough perennial vegetable that is used like a fruit in the early spring garden.  226 more words

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Chelsea Chop!

This is the time of year when it’s a good idea to give perennials a bit of a taming!

The Chelsea chop (so called because it is usually carried out at the end of May, coinciding with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show) is a pruning method by which you limit the size and control the flowering season of many herbaceous plants. 266 more words

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