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Pickle Season

Uh oh.  Time for pickles.  I posted this recipe two years ago but I am posting it again because the pickles are so yummy.  If dill pickles are your preference, these may be too sweet for your taste.  174 more words


Sorry not to have posted for a while, but in this season I am out in the garden every dry moment I can. There is always something to be done, weeding, deadheading, planting, moving of plants and watering. 276 more words


Broken Delphinium Flowerhead

An English cottage garden brushed with the regal spires of blue delphinium in early summer is a coveted scene for many. These tall, top-heavy beauties tower above the phlox and foxgloves. 999 more words

Garden Snapshot

June has been one of the wettest I can remember.  In between showers I took my basket to the garden to cut blooms for drying.  Along the way I visited my 7 Rutgers tomato plants.  103 more words

Cottage Gardening

Cottage gardens

Sorry for not blogging for a while, but when the weather is good I need to be outside doing stuff so have little time to say what I have been doing. 408 more words


Drying A Harvest of Peonies

Among my favorite flowers is the spring peony.  We are fortunate to have four red bushes and an entire long row of pinks and whites, making a spectacular display in late June.  245 more words

Cottage Gardening

A no kink garden hose? Really?

As you can imagine these big boy roses behind me need a drink now and then, and they are going to be getting a drink while I make a garden fashion statement. 177 more words