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Scented plants were extremely popular in the sixteenth through nineteenth centuries.  People grew them in their gardens and on windowsills.  Today, bright colorful flowers hold the public’s interest and we do not often see plants grown primarily for their fragrance.   697 more words

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Time to Start the Seeds

Four months from now, I am hoping my Rutgers heirloom tomatoes look like this 2015 picture.  But first I need to plant those baby seeds in some nice, warm potting soil, set them in a sunny window, and hope they sprout. 393 more words

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My photograph above shows young heirloom perennial and biennial plants in flats and seed containers.  Now is a good time to finish repotting them so they will grow large enough to set outside when weather permits. 523 more words

Antique Plants

Heirloom Cauliflower

I grew two varieties of heirloom (open-pollinated) cauliflower in 2015.  The top picture shows a period illustration of ‘Henderson’s Early Snowball’ from Peter Henderson’s Garden and Farm Topics… 711 more words

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Antique Chrysanthemums

More than 150 species of Chrysanthemum exist in nature.  In this article we are concerned with Asian species brought to Europe and North America as garden plants.  505 more words

Antique Plants

Antique Florist Anemones

The genus Anemone is a reasonably large one with 120+ species.  Here we will concentrate on three tuberous-rooted types that are native to the Mediterranean region:  591 more words

Antique Plants

Some Historic Bearded Iris


These are a few historic bearded iris I grow in my garden in Corvallis, Oregon. I have over 30 varieties of historic iris, but since I just moved my garden this year, only a few bloomed in their temporary pots. 447 more words

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