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Arcade Stitch

So I decided to learn a new stitch. I began trawling around the internet, and came across instructions for Arcade Stitch, which I think looks stunning, and is actually really easy once you get going. 137 more words


Hand dyed and beaded chiffon scarves? 

As we drove into Mandalay, a city set out on a grid system, our taxi driver got a teensy bit lost and we ended up pretty much in the right area but pretty much down the wrong roads. 238 more words


I made a green shawl.

The nights are starting to draw in, and we are only three months off Christmas, knitting and crocheting season is well underway in the quest to stay cosy, so as the title of this post says, I made a green shawl. 251 more words


Up And Running

Hello all, hope you are enjoying the last of the summer weather, we have been lucky enough to have a little heatwave here in East Anglia. 254 more words


An Experiment with my online shops.. Advice needed?

So I have a Folksy Shop, and I have a yearly subscription to it. It’s UK based, and supporting UK sellers.. Which is all well and good, and I agree completely in supporting local and UK business, especially in light of the referendum, but I have been having to try sooooooo hard to get people to notice it, I post about it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+… Here…. 365 more words


Home again.

Hello all, I am back from my holiday, and back to the grind. Hoping you are well?

My son, my puppy and I had a fantastic week up in Hemsby, I thoroughly recommend giving it a visit. 342 more words


Light Blue Chunky Crochet Boho Net Shawl - Folksy


So I finished the shawl I began to make the other day :-D I used the pattern from inside crochet magazine, and then altered it slightly, using smaller tassels, a chunkier yarn, and tensioned it slightly heavier too. 98 more words