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The pale blue plus size poncho


So I finished the blue poncho. It came out at 30′ long and 30′ wide, so it is definitely going to be nice for somebody to snuggle into this winter ☺ 34 more words


Soft Pretzel Baking in the Lappeenranta Countryside

The Recipe Won’t Be Uttered Even on the Deathbed
Is a Favorite Delicacy Threatened with Remaining a Prisoner of the Past?

Petri Kivimäki
October 4, 2016… 1,531 more words


Pale Blue Poncho

I have been doing so much Christmas related stuff lately that I am dreaming in Red, Gold and Green, so this week I am going to make a cuddy, in the shape of a pale blue poncho, using this… 101 more words


My First Pattern

Last night I was very brave, and published my first ever pattern, into my etsy shop.

I have often scribbled down instructions for things I make up as I go along, on the off chance I want to make something again, and as it happened I had scribbled down the… 239 more words


Arcade Stitch

So I decided to learn a new stitch. I began trawling around the internet, and came across instructions for Arcade Stitch, which I think looks stunning, and is actually really easy once you get going. 137 more words


Hand dyed and beaded chiffon scarves? 

As we drove into Mandalay, a city set out on a grid system, our taxi driver got a teensy bit lost and we ended up pretty much in the right area but pretty much down the wrong roads. 238 more words


I made a green shawl.

The nights are starting to draw in, and we are only three months off Christmas, knitting and crocheting season is well underway in the quest to stay cosy, so as the title of this post says, I made a green shawl. 251 more words