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Cheese, Please Pass the Cheese

We had the misfortune of having a goat with mastitis in one teat. Since this was a new thing for us, I caved in, loaded her into the mini-van in the pouring rain, and took her to the vet. 231 more words


The Steampunk Bride

“We almost sold the engine room,”  announced the young man who runs one of the shops (the physical one) I supply, when I wandered in with some new stock last week. 775 more words

Steam Punk

Ikat, cats, and cameras

No market visit today, it’d likely be same same but different – the difference being the location, the same being the tat and the touts. Instead first up it was a visit to a small factory to watch sugar cane be turned into blocks of yummy tooth-rotting sugar.  1,299 more words

[FOR SALE] M&D (Heechul & Jungmo) - Cottage Industry Album

Quantity – 1

  • ITEM:  M&D (Heechul & Jungmo) – Cottage Industry Album
  • INCLUDES: Album + PC
  • CONDITION: CD has never been played/Unsealed
  • RARITY: not rare…
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Investigating Inle and its environs

Like Mr Soesoe I am gradually winding down. As I get to the end of my trip I’m slowly running out of energy, so I decided to take it easy on arrival and also have an extra day in Inle to do fuck all too. 1,946 more words

Bertie Brimthorne vents his fury

I am livid, madam, absolutely livid!
How dare you subject me – Lieutenant Bertie Brimthorne of the 2nd Company of the Ordnance Survey Battalion to this indignity?  

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Steam Punk

Delores - standing for a photographic sitting

Allow me to introduce myself – Miss Delores Mayfeather.

Well, appearance is everything, wouldn’t you agree?  It’s the details that matter and I should never permit myself to be seen in public without looking my best. 273 more words

Steam Punk