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Days 4 & 5, meandering falls the day

Ugh. So lazy today.  And yesterday.  So in tribute, here is a previously-penned bit of advice.  It isn’t even mine.  I swiped it from a manual on how to write your PhD thesis. 272 more words

Well And Good

Steampunk Christmas?

The two terms don’t sit particularly comfortably together, I feel.  As I pondered the possibility of adding seasonal items to Steampunk-Shrunk’s stock for the upcoming Christmas sales, images of rusty Santas and welded junk Christmas trees felt less than inspiring. 223 more words


Sometimes we like to push ourselves a bit – yes?

So I was staring at this gorgeous picture on Instagram – yes, this one here – and thinking how much I’d like to create something like it.  502 more words

New Fiber Endeavor

So I’m starting a new fiber endeavor with a local fiber business, here in East Tennessee! I will only be spinning some singles for the business and they will ply them. 86 more words


Tobias and The Angel

This is how Tobias looked when he first arrived at Shrunk Towers.  I think his name was probably Paul or Richard.

After a bit of Steampunk-Shrunk magic, he ended up looking like this – fine leather coat, hand-stitched black wool trousers, satin waistcoat, cravat and a serious facial makeover. 384 more words

Reinventing the Wheel: Milk, Microbes and the Fight For Real Cheese

“In the UK, over the course of the 20th century, we managed almost completely to destroy the institutions and infrastructures of expertise. So, a lot of my job is just looking for answers to questions.

217 more words

Royal Adelaide Show 2017

What a difference a year makes! I had gone back the the Show after a 13 year break last year and had enjoyed it. This year , from the moment we arrived at the back gates from the railway Show stop it was clear their game had lifted. 481 more words