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Baby Room Blessing Bottle

A witchling will be among us soon, and so I was honored when I was asked to contribute to the protection and blessing of the baby’s room. 875 more words

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Ostara 2018

Hello, how is everyone? I hope you all had a lovely Spring Equinox. Unfortunately I didn’t get to celebrate yet again, but at least this year I had a proper altar for it :) The weather has been crappy so we didn’t even get to go on a nature walk. 289 more words

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The Little Things | Witchy Chat

Hi, how are you all? Thought I’d come here and have a little chat with you. How did you spend Valentine’s Day. By the way you can check out my¬† 423 more words

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Shrove Tuesday in Estonia|Pagan Traditions

Hello dear ones, hello to whoever is reading this post and welcome to this witchy pagan blog :) For those who don’t know, Estonia is a small country in North Europe, just under Finland, one of the three Baltic countries and confines with Russia. 458 more words

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Kitchen Witch, Hearth Witch, Hedge Witch, Cottage Witch, and even Traditional Witch

It’s all good.

Learn how to make oils and potions and incenses.

Also cook magickal meals.

Witchcraft & OBOD Druidry. Contact me now for more information.


Valentine's Day Altar 2018

Hey, how is everyone? Imbolc is over now and it’s too early for Ostara so I had the idea to create a Valentine’s day altar. Just to bring more attention to and to strengthen my relationship with my husband. 91 more words

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Simple Sage Spell for Eliminating Everyday Negativity

There was a time in my life when there was a lot going wrong; not anything that was significant on its own, but lots of little things that added up to a bigger picture. 291 more words