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Feather Magick

(I originally wrote this post for Moon Books Blog)

The element of Air…the wind in our hair, the sun on our lips, the call of birds we hear with our eyes closed, to magnify all the other senses. 1,258 more words

Anon asked: Can you share your fever-breaking magic with us?

Sure. *cracks knuckles* This is going to be long-winded though. 

It actually works for breaking sickness in general, but I was focused on the fever. Ideally, the person performing this spell wouldn’t be the person who was actually ill—but I figured it would do me some good to get up and moving anyway. 606 more words

What is a Real Witch Like?...watch and learn

I Love, Love, Love this Lady! She is a bundle of earthy magickal energy, and she is the epitome of the Hedgewytch, the Cottage Witch, the Kitchen Witch…the ancient archetype of the village wise-woman.

The Cottage Witch/Kitchen Wytch/Hedge Wytch

The cottage witch/kitchen wytch/hedge wytch– she’s one and the same, and for me, this is the epitome of what I have always viewed witches as being ever since I was a child. 314 more words