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Q-tip it: 8 make-up hacks that q-tips own

Here are some tricks you can use your Q-tips for, which will considerably simplify your life! Although cotton swabs are meant for cleaning ears, they are good for way more. 260 more words


weekly quickie: how to get the most out of your eye cream

Everyone applies eye cream a little differently – some tap it on, some dab it on and some massage it on. I used to schmear it on the same way I do with my bagels and cream cheese – lots of product and fast. 512 more words



Cotton swab can be used as so much more than what we generally use it for. Here are 10 surprising and amazing ways cotton swab can be used in your beauty routine. 392 more words



I made up this craft when I was trying to make another craft, but It didn’t really work. So I put some dish soap in a bowl, then added food coloring, and it turned into slime! 79 more words

The Q-tip dilemma

Q-tips, should we or should we not use them?

I went on a q-tip diet recently, when I didn’t use’m my ears would fill with flakey wax – almost to the point of overflow; a mini snow storm on my lapels. 191 more words

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Art with Glue and Shoe Polish

I have been wanting to try this for YEARS, ever since I saw it on Make It … a Wonderful Life.  I don’t exactly know why it is that I haven’t made any yet — but now is my chance.   496 more words