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Entrant 5

The Perfect Pasta Arrabiata, The Guardian

So here I am… tail between legs sheepishly returning! I haven’t posted since my very first post in October haha, I’m equal parts shamed and nonchalant. 577 more words

Amateur Cooking

Two Cuppa

I can’t tell you the last time I started my day with two cups of coffee. It’s been a long time.  I need something to snap me out of this couch zen thing I have going on…. 714 more words


An Introvert's Guide to 'Celebrating' New Year's Eve

No change in the calendar calls for more fanfare than the transition from 31 December to 01 January. It’s all well and good but the overwhelming pressure to ‘CELEBRATE’ can make it an introvert’s nightmare. 169 more words


Life of a Couch Potato

Oh, the beauty of staying at home.
Shower? Optional.
Awkward socialization? Zilch.
Stuffing my face? You bet.
Let the fun begin!

Welcome to my new Blog!

357 more words

Books I've Read

There are a few books I’ve read, some I don’t remember anymore.

To Kill a Mocking Bird – Harper Lee

The Alchemist –  Paulo Coelho… 35 more words


Something to Say..

I always have something to say or at least that’s what my fiancee said to me this morning before he left for the office. His actual words were ” I need to stop off at the hardware store after work” and when I asked why, he replied “to pick up some bolts to shut that trap of yours”. 690 more words

2017 Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: The Couch Potato

Welcome back lovelies! Continuing with my gift guide series, today we will talk about that one friend you always have to drag out of the house. 447 more words