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5K races

I wanted to write a quick blurb about 5Ks. There are a number of reasons why 5K races are fantastic races to participate in.

  1. Great goal for beginners.
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Now almost everyone knows...

July 2017. I realised that I wanted to get fit, needed to get fit and couldn’t afford to pay the average £10 a week for classes in my area. 460 more words



I have had five gym memberships in 10 years. Seven in the past 17 years. All this lead me to one conclusion – I hate gyms and get really REALLY bored with them! 442 more words


Couch To 5k

Having started cycling and seeing the benefits to my overall well being, I’m now going to start running. I’ve never been a keen runner and I usually avoid it completely, however, I’ve been challenged to build up to a 5k run and I intend to do so. 179 more words


Couch to 5k, the first three weeks

Southeast London is hillier than I had fully appreciated. What seems like a nice gentle slope to wander up becomes calf-screaming agony to try and run. 316 more words

Run Brackers Run

went for a run - and for once it wasn't a Cookout run

It’s no secret that I don’t run.

The running joke (pun completely intended) in my life is that if you see me running, you probably should be too – because something is following me. 745 more words

Tell Me Everything

My C25K Journey - Week 6

Week 6 encroached a bit on week 7, but for a good reason: I got married!!! I took a few days off to plan, celebrate, and enjoy the time with my new HUSBAND! 203 more words