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Greatest Accomplishment

My hooded sweatshirt was from winning the State Championship. It was a very rainy day and our uniforms were caked in mud. I got some nasty bruises and I was sick for two weeks afterwards. 220 more words


7 days of positive thoughts

I will definitely try to keep up the positive thoughts thingy for a while longer. Having to think about the positive and realize that I have to pick one means that there are more than one and that’s good for the mood. 21 more words


Day 49: To the Capital!

I got up early this morning to make sure that I had plenty of time to get everything packed up before I had to checkout. I then left my bag in the storage locker while I intended to write out my Rosh Hashanah blog, but I got distracted by Lilo and Stich playing in the TV room (as mentioned before that’s the only place I could use the free wifi and sit in a chair), as it turns out later everything I wrote got deleted as soon as I locked my tablet as I forgot to save it (this has actually happened a few times before, the notes app I use doesn’t auto save anything, it’s really frustrating). 444 more words

Daily Blog

Year 3, Day 314

This is your, “I like to lounge on the couch,” pose.¬† Happy Friyay!


Finally Friday

This week felt like it was never ending and then suddenly it’s Friday morning and as I walked to work with my homemade coffee in my hand, I completed one of this 7ns task. 75 more words


Hello Autumn!

Today’s 22nd September 2017 and Autumn is officially here!

The vineyards are already changing their shades, school have begun and we are into that stage of “no today I’m busy, I won’t go out” when instead we are covered in blankets on the couch binge-watching series with a cup of hot cocoa.