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Ridiculous Guy Ends Friendship With Female Friend Because She Got Her Period On His Couch

While having your period isn’t exactly a joyful experience, it’s an accepted inevitability in life. Women menstruate once a month, it’s involuntary, and it just happens. 1,222 more words

You Do You

DIY Sectional

If you’re like me, you hate paying big money for functional furnishings.

I had these crummy sears sofas.that were really uncomfortable and the seat cushions always slid off the couch whenever anyone tried to get comfy on them. 202 more words

Quick Crafts And Projects

MAKEOVER: livingroom edition (aka: faking an entryway!)

We recently welcomed a brand new bouncing baby…. couch into our home! And Baby Girl Couch told Big Ugly Brother Couch, “You gotta go. Mom and Dad don’t have enough love for the both of us.”And she’s right. 753 more words

Major Improvements!

Choosing the Perfect Sofa...

The humble sofa is among the most iconic pieces of furniture in modern living and it still remains one of the most versatile furniture pieces in any home. 372 more words


Penn State upsets the Buckeyes! Dave Jones breaks it down with Jack and Graham.

Jack and Graham Couch talk with Dave Jones, Harrisburg Patriot News columnist, about last Saturday’s Penn State upset of Ohio State in State College.


North Bend

North Bend

I woke up groggy,
Blearily blinking
And invoking stretches
That evoked the kind
Of pleasant soreness
Which comes with
A long night of… 75 more words