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Out of the Box - Couchbase and Cassandra Performance comparision

In order to expand my NoSQL knowledge I have been working through the datastax online Cassandra tutorials. Having focused more on the Document store side of NoSQL, it was interesting to see how a BigTable implementation worked, and coming from a Relational background, I instantly found me self at home again, in the world of tables, rows and columns, despite the different terminology. 230 more words

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Embrace NoSQL as a relational Guy – Key Value Pair

There are majorly two types of Key Value pair DBs, 1. Persisted  2. Non-persisted (cache based). This is a very popular type of NoSQL database e.g. 281 more words

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Setup couchbase cluster using Terraform

Hello folks,
DevOps‘ is becoming a buzzword now. Everyone wants everything to be automated right from development to production environment.
Thanks to the variety of technologies/tools available to accomplish these types of tasks. 872 more words


Couchbase Backup & Restore – #3

In the first post, we saw an overview of Couchbase Backups and Restore. In the second post, we covered backups in detail. This third post focuses on restore. 660 more words


Couchbase Backup & Restore - #2

In the first post on Couchbase backup and restore, we saw what are the different types of Backups and the strategy used by restore. The first part was meant to be an overview. 684 more words


Using Spark , Spray and Couchbase for lightening fast REST Api's

As we all know Apache Spark™ is a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing, and Couchbase is in-memory no-sql database. So by connecting these two we can get a lightening fast speed. 1,085 more words


Synchronizing Oracle Transactions into Couchbase with Oracle GoldenGate


There are situations where data resides in several data stores across your company. Imagine a Product Catalog System. As an example, let us consider an Oracle Database holding master data serving logistics, provisioning, stock control and other back-end applications. 404 more words