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Where do Couchbase have logs ?

All Couchbase logs are stored in this location in Linux based systems.


Installing Couchbase with Docker

With docker installed, the following command will:

  • download the image of latest couchbase version
  • create a container with name ‘db’
  • start ‘db’ container
docker run -d --name db -p 8091-8094:8091-8094 -p 11210-11211:11210-11211 couchbase
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Restore Couchbase backup

Recently i was asked to backup my production data base and restore it to one of the QA landscape, backing up and restoring data is pretty simple when referring to the knowledge base article of couchbase or for say any publisher however you may ran to some unforeseen errors. 190 more words

Couchbase Backup using cbbackupmanager on Windows.

Recently i upgraded my Couch base servers from 4.5.0 to 4.6.1, every thing was fine until on the deployment day i found that 4.6.1 had some kind of bugs while backing up the entire cluster using cbbackup.exe, and spent another 30 minutes to figure out that post 4.6.1 cbbackup tool might not work effectively and you gotto use cbmanager.exe. 100 more words

Couchbase [NO SQL] db back up and restore process

Privately held company founded in 2011,Couchbase is NoSQL database system which allows us to store data in schemaless JSON format. Wondering Why JSON format because JSON files are easy to manage + they are very light weighted which means out put wouldn’t be hard to manage. 349 more words

jOOQ Tuesdays: Gerald Sangudi and Keshav Murthy Reveal the Secrets of N1QL (SQL on JSON)

Welcome to the jOOQ Tuesdays series. In this series, we’ll publish an article on the third Tuesday every other month where we interview someone we find exciting in our industry from a… 1,389 more words


Disabling Caching at Runtime if Couchbase Connection Failed

In our application we have number of REST API calls out of which some of them are flagged with @Cacheable to cache the response. Cache is backed by… 360 more words