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Asynchronous Couchbase Operations Using the Java SDK

If you work with Couchbase in Java, you may at times need to perform a batch of document reads, writes, updates, or deletes. If you are running these operations in a typical sequential loop, one document at a time, and if the order of the operations is not significant, then you’ve been missing out on the performance gains available in Couchbase’s support for asynchronous batch operations. 39 more words


How to do horizontally scalable data migration using Talend ETL and AKKA Cluster

Key Objectives:

  1. Need to do data migration from MSSql to Elasticsearch and Couchbase
  2. Need to migrate millions of record from MSSql.
  3. Need to support highly scalable parallel processing.
  4. 180 more words

Overcome Couchbase and Cassandra DRAM Aggravation

Couchbase and Cassandra count on the active data set to be in RAM. To overcome the RAM limits of a single server and to make more compute available, the environments run in a cluster that aggregates the RAM and CPU resources. 133 more words


Scala, Couchbase, Spark and Akka-http: A combinatory tutorial for starters

Couchbase and Apache Spark are best so far , for the in-memory computation. I am using akka-http because its new in the business. If you are not a big fan of… 1,650 more words


Couchbase Java SDK Tutorials

I’ve been working a lot with Couchbase as of late, learning both the Spring Data Couchbase community module and the native Couchbase SDK for Java, and I want to share a couple of tutorials that I’ve written recently for baeldung.com. 155 more words


Howto: Secure Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway


The purpose of this post is to pick up where my previous post left off by securing the Couchbase and Sync Gateway API endpoints. 1,212 more words