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Moving data from Oracle to Couchbase

One request I found frequently in customers is about moving data between Oracle and Couchbase. Oracle is a widely deployed relational database, and customers moving to Couchbase have this starting point challenge. 688 more words


Notes from Couchbase Day

I had an opportunity to attend Couchbase Day to learn about the product. I’ve included my notes below, link to the presentation slides and other resources. 302 more words


Couchbase Backup & Restore - #1

I’ve been using Couchbase in our enterprise product since more than a year and have found it pretty good. I’ve worked quite a bit on Couchbase backups and restore and also had some interesting discussions with their support staff. 469 more words


Implementing full text search with Couchbase and harnessing the power of Couchbase full text search (CBFT)

Hey Folks.! In this blog we are going to be introduced to the Couchbase Full text search.
In my recent blog ,we talked about how we can user ElasticSearch for the full text search and how we can connect it with Couchbase so that our data gets copied in real time and we can search on it too. 931 more words


Transfering Data from Couchbase to the ElasticSearch (Transport-Couchbase Plugin)

If we want to transfer the data persisted in your Couchbase to ElasticSearch and use the power of inverted indexing of Elastic Search along with Couchbase. 531 more words


Restore Couchbase Bucket

I wrote those post mainly for my own notes. The cbrestore command is a bit picky on the order in which you pass in the arguments. 94 more words


Cloud Power: Operations costs are the Achilles' heel of NoSQL

Check out the latest post at my Cloud Power blog at Computerworld:

Companies interested in adopting NoSQL should consider their options carefully. The vast majority of database use cases do not need massive horizontal scalability.

35 more words