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Cloud Power: Operations costs are the Achilles' heel of NoSQL

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Companies interested in adopting NoSQL should consider their options carefully. The vast majority of database use cases do not need massive horizontal scalability.

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Couchbase Intros 4.0 Release, Highlights Enterprise Wins

Couchbase Live New York event puts new features, NoSQL adoption in the spotlight. Watch for basics and the best fit for NoSQL in the enterprise. 410 more words

Big Data

Benchmarking your Couchbase cluster using Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark

Its always useful to know how what your Couchbase cluster is capable of. Its not enough to performance test your cluster just using application test tools, as a DBA you need to know more about how the cluster will perform under various work loads, so you can be prepared for any new requirements that come along. 375 more words

NoSQL Databases

Introductory NoSQL stuff

While some of you might be NoSQL gurus, there is often a lack of solid knowledge about NoSQL in general and some common myths as well. 1,030 more words


How to backup and restore couchbase database

Couchbase is NoSQL database system which allows us to store data in schemaless JSON format. When we are using the couchbase it is important to keep backup of the data so that in case of an accidental break down we can save the data. 350 more words

Backup And Restore

Part 1: Building a Couchbase Database Server with Mobile + Web Clients

For the past few¬†months, I’ve been working on a web+mobile project that potentially needs to handle a lot of data and scale easily, so I’ve chosen Couchbase Server plus its Sync Gateway to provide a mobile platform that can keep JSON document data from mobile and web apps synchronized with the central data store. ¬† 738 more words


Couchbase : Making views via script file automatially without using GUI.

The problem that we faced is that we have to make views manually from the GUI of the couchbase, but it was quite a cumbersome task, so this blog is about how to make views automatically. 398 more words