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How Young Is "Too Young"???


So the other day I was talking with a buddy of mine who is currently dating a woman 15 years younger than he is… Of course this strokes his ego somewhat, but it also gives way to insecurities he’s ashamed to admit…  Now don’t get me wrong, this guy is physically fit, gainfully employed, own his home, and super intelligent.  265 more words


*I* think it counts...

OK, I know that you can’t really see him drinking from the cougar dish.  I know it is not a headshot but rather the reverse… 35 more words


Cougar Revenger has a sensitivity of 12 thousand DPI

In the race for the manufacturers of gaming mice lots of DPI, it seems, there is no limit. Recently the company the Cougar, a fairly well-known manufacturer of professional gaming peripherals, has introduced a new mouse Revenger, whose sales should start on September 2. 33 more words

Cougar Armature

Hi Folks,

Since I talked to you the last time I decided that the sculpture would have a better look if the Cougar’s head was turned to one side. 62 more words

Western Artist

The threat of Lyme disease.

I recently read an article about Lyme disease and how man has probably exacerbated the problem. Just last year in the U.S at least 30,000 people and probably more have been affected by it. 217 more words

"Cougar" - Starting the Armature Design

This is the opening shot on a new sculpture, and a new process for me. If things go well this piece will be cast in bronze. 101 more words


Repeat - but in COLOUR

I posted this photo of my mother with her cougar “Girlie” before… but since then a relative took it in to have it colourized (he then plans to do it as needlework art! 103 more words