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Month 6 (Part 3) “Once more unto the breach” and all that.

Well holidays are over but Easter is not quite here. I had intended staying off all sites until Easter had passed but one person changed my mind. 636 more words

Puma study to begin

After a third and long field campaign of 45 days (!), Programa Amigos da Onça in Brazil has amazingly managed to collar a puma. This has taken a long time and the team has had to endure difficult field conditions. 299 more words


Emma's Family's Values: Two Compliance and Competition

He watched Mrs Wilson silently undress, quivered each time she dragged a piece of clothing fleetingly across his naked body, and stared into her eyes when she finally stepped out of her shoes and leant over him wearing nothing but bright red underwear. 1,045 more words


09. Wands, the Cougar

In North America, dogs seem to run the show when it comes to wild predators. Our big cats are secluded to the foothills, zoos, and paleontological records. 240 more words


Mountain Lion DNA Found Inside Pescadero Home

A trace of mountain lion DNA was identified in a blood sample taken from inside a home in Pescadero, confirming reports that a mountain lion entered an occupied home and took a dog off the bed where the homeowner was sleeping. 290 more words

Public Safety

Take a Hike!

For some reason my family loves to hike. It’s kind of something we are always doing. Every trip we go on, my mom will find us a hike… sometimes it turns out lovely. 201 more words

Life Events

Taming the Wild Cougar...how did I get the idea?

Years and years and years ago, I read a romance where a cop had taken a nurse hostage because he had seen her give first aid training to a bunch of Boy Scouts, and he was wounded and on the run. 1,274 more words