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Man Jumps Fence At Zoo To Pet Mountain Lions, Gets Arrested [VIDEO]

A man jumped the safety fence at a zoo to get close enough to pet some mountain lions! See the video he took and why he got arrested… 81 more words


Man Charged After Jumping Into Cougar Enclosure, Filming Himself Petting Them

Gahanna, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) –┬áThe Ohio Zoo is pressing charges after a man decided to climb into the cougar enclosure and film himself for YouTube. 133 more words


Video Shows Man Petting Cougars After Jumping Fence At Ohio Zoo

Ohio zoo officials will be pressing charges against a man who had jumped a fence, to get closer to the cougar’s enclosure. The intruder filmed himself jumping over the barrier and then talking to the big cats, while petting them. 189 more words

Guy jumps a fence at the Columbus zoo and nonchalantly pets some cougars

Look, we’re very honest on this site and I’ve gotta be honest with you right now. That video was a HUGE letdown. When I clicked on the headline that said “Man jumps into cage with cougar at Columbus Zoo” I was pumped. 127 more words


Ecomuseum opens new forest habitat; just one of several innovations planned

The Canada lynx and a family of fishers moved house last week at the Ecomuseum in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. Soon, the bald eagles will get their turn. 378 more words

West Island Gazette

WNCX Morning Show: Wild Animals, Dumb People

Slats has a couple of examples of humans not using their brains when interacting w/wildlife. One idiot tries to take a selfie with a rattlesnake, while another decides to hop a fence at the Columbus Zoo to get personal with cougars. 6 more words


Are You Ready for More Cougars?

I’m going to town on Taming the Wild Cougar. I LOVE it when that happens. I wrote 12,000 words yesterday. I’m nearly halfway through the book. 342 more words