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The Ashamed Moment

Man, it’s been a rough couple of days.

It started off on a good foot. I went to NYC to see a couple of friends for a weekend. 276 more words

I miss you

I really would love to write. But I’m having trouble forming coherent thoughts. Also, my throat is raw from sinus drainage and my nose is shedding its skin for the umpteenth time. 18 more words

Federal Trade Commission Opens Probe Into Volkswagen's "Clean Diesel" Advertising

The list of state and federal agencies probing Volkswagen’s recent emissions scandal grew by one Wednesday: The Federal Trade Commission announced it has opened an investigation into the company’s advertisements that touted¬†“clean diesel” vehicles, despite the fact the cars contained “defeat devices,”¬†which are designed to cheat emissions tests. 295 more words

Report Claims Mercedes, Honda, Mazda Diesels Also Have Questionable Emissions

Volkswagen may not be the only carmaker with diesel engines that pass emissions tests in the garage but would fail if tested on the open road. 352 more words

Studies Try To Estimate Number Of Deaths Tied To Rigged Volkswagen Emissions

Over the course of seven years, Volkswagen and its affiliated companies sold millions of diesel vehicles around the world — nearly 500,000 in the U.S. — with emissions control systems rigged so that the cars falsely appeared to meet environmental standards. 609 more words