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So Moving Sucks!

Hello All!

My little family and I have spent most of the past month in the various stages of moving.  Thankfully we were able to pay rent for both places so we had the entire month to do so. 280 more words


Everything Everything's Modern Gothic Message

I was awoken late one night by my telly-box, half in terror half in confusion, as it repeated Virgin Media’s ‘On Demand’ offerings. ‘Drag my tongue across the sand/so happy just to crawl across the land’ it mechanically recited, above a throng of metronomic drum machine bass hits. 828 more words


Everything Everything - Distant Past

Holy. Friggen. Hell. Everything Everything are back!! It’s been a short two years or so since their epic sophomore album Arc hit stores, but definitely a noticeable hiatus and this writer is certainly over the moon to see them back. 100 more words


Animals do not like Nico. They stray away from him, that is … except for parrots ♥

Nico dragged himself out of the ferns. He collapsed in the nearest chair and waved off a blue parrot that was tying to land on his head.

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TRACK: Everything Everything, Cough Cough

Originally posted on Freedom Spark

If new single “Cough Cough” is anything to go by, Manchester foursome Everything Everything should definitely not fall victim to the shit-second-album-syndrome. 106 more words

Pavement Mermaid

Don't Rub It

I think the surgery went well. I can see well.

So the surgery was weird. There were lasers, suction cups, and more lasers. I don’t want to spend time going through the details of the procedures. 234 more words