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Healing with Honey

Honey has been utilized for medicinal purposes for over 2,000 years.  Pure honey has anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural antibiotic & disinfectant.

Sore Throat, Cough, and Seasonal Allergies: 68 more words


Failure is not bad

Hey guys,

As you can see from the heading of this post, I failed my exam yesterday. It’s fine because I did better than I expected. 640 more words


No Man's Sky Mod Lets You Crash Into Planets

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Taken on its own terms, No Man’s Sky can be a relaxing, if somewhat hollow experience. But even I, the sort of person that chin-stroke-y tree admiration simulators were built for, get totally bummed out every time an invisible barrier stops me from ploughing my ship into a planet. 240 more words



Key points to remember

  • coughing is common in children, especially when they are preschool age
  • causes of cough include colds, asthma and chest infections. Secondhand cigarette smoke commonly causes children to cough even when they are well…
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Health Tit Bits - Natural Treatments

Home remedies for different health problem comes handy for you. Trying these natural treatments at home are just a breeze to do.

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Iceland - impressions in note form (last part)

Day 4

Oh dear lord, what a night! The son’s been coughing constantly. Poor thing. But hey, my eyes are pretty much redux. We decide to get cough syrup right after the breakfast. 1,052 more words

Zika virus linked to babies’ eye problems

A team of ophthalmologists has found

previously unreported eye problems in infants born to mothers who showed signs of Zika virus infection during pregnancy.The researchers from Brazil and Stanford University observed unreported eye problems like retinal lesions, haemorrhaging and abnormal blood vessel development in three Brazilian infants with microcephaly — a birth defect marked by smaller head and brain size caused by Zika virus.Besides these observations, the infants in this study, published in the journal Ophthalmology, also exhibited other ocular symptoms noted in a previous study.Specifically, all three babies in this case study showed signs of pigmentary maculopathy — lesions that appear as speckles of pigment on the macula. 122 more words