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Hey fever!

Following last week’s Easter chocolate coma, a new curse has struck me down.

Hay fever.

Yes lads as we transition into the summer months, our old friend, who brings gifts nobody wants like your Aunt Maggie, is back. 391 more words

The 21st & 22nd; Maybe I'm just being pessimistic.

The 21st of April.

Got to get this cat on the website. I sat with him all afternoon, watching episodes three to six of Riverdale, and I found lots of scabs in his fur, bless him. 388 more words


The cough

This story discusses an Israeli bocher who arrived in 770 for kevutzoh. Money back at home was tight and he determined to help out. Problem was hanholo did not permit him to take off any time from his studies for anything else. 127 more words

Spill [Day 19]

cough up, slither down:
your skin is burning from the inside
and there’s a fire hose dangling from
your lips- cough up.

you’re dying of the words you’ve… 40 more words


10 Natural Remedies For Cough Relief

A persistent cough is never welcome. Unfortunately it is all too common to experience the discomfort and annoyance of a cough that just won’t go away, and when over-the-counter medications just don’t work it’s time to try some effective natural remedies for cough relief. 8 more words

Honey for the Cough

And here comes the teething again. Savannah began running a fever last week, which first made me worry that she had caught something. Then however, I added up the other signs: frequently chewing on anything and everything and extra saliva. 212 more words



By Natasha Tsagogeorgas

We’ve all been there. It’s 2am, your baby is awake and has a fever of 39. You gave her Advil 2 hours ago, and she still feels warm.  1,095 more words