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Here's What You Do

You know what? The next time someone around you is coughing a lot you should look at them like they’re nuts and then when the coughing fit stops say, “you must have a lot of caffeine in your body!” and when they look at you like you’re nuts that’s when you deliver the news, “because you’re so cough-y.” You’ll probably have to laugh a lot because I bet they won’t.


How Not To Get Sick

My body is something of a wonder. Not aesthetically, although I’m rather thin, have broad shoulders and a narrow waist – a ‘swimmer’s body’. But I have virtually no pigment in my skin, I’m very pale, and I have quite a lot of body hair too. 496 more words

Introducing Pharmacy Cold Sinus Cough Congestion Flu Pain Allergy

(3) adjust the room temperature is often accompanied by cough, fever children, while the temperature is too high is not conducive to body heat. Coolish and fresh air can shrink the respiratory tract mucosa, reduce congestion, swelling, maintain airway patency. 283 more words


Speech Pathology Management of Chronic Refractory Cough

One of my university assignments required me to research a new field of practice, and present the results as a proposal. I chose to write about Chronic Refractory Cough. 2,518 more words


Flu meds

I hate it when I need these. Don’t you?


Almond (Tián Xìng Rén 甜杏仁)

Sweet flavor and neutral thermal nature. Acts on Lung, Large Intestine, and Spleen meridians.

Active compounds:

Rich in monounsaturated fats, they help lower LDL, or “bad” cholesterol. 160 more words


Deal with the "Ahem" bug and asthma cough

Recently I heard the advice “Always take longer to breathe OUT than you took to breathe IN.”

That was the best way to describe what I had already discovered, and which has helped me out of many potentially embarrassing situations when there is a continuing need to clear my throat or cough to clear mucus from air passages. 377 more words