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He coughed once. Hard. Then again. This time it was a sequence of coughs. Then he coughed harder. So hard other people in the bus looked round at him, more annoyed than concerned. 90 more words

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Recognizing Signs of Asthma Attacks

The reason some children suffer asthma and not others isn’t 100% clear but its partly genetics. Of course this shouldn’t cramp your child’s playtime! Speak to your doctor about safe and effective medications tailored just to your child’s needs and remember to write up an asthma action plan-a simple step by step guide to walk you through times of emergency-just as you has an evacuation plan, this is a plan for your child. 517 more words


cough and cold.

Like a pan of shrivelled yellow paint, my throat itches for a cup of cold remedy tea.

Stay safe during monsoon

The cool showers of Monsoon provide the much needed break from the summer heat. However, this season is also characterized by long queues at the ENTs and gastroenterologists as people fall prey to many infections such as typhoid, malaria, diarrhoea, jaundice , etc.   177 more words


There is a lump in my lung and I'm not backing down on this fight

Just three weeks ago, the doctors who were looking into my pneumonia case found out through a chest CT scan that I have an unidentified lump on the wall of my left lung. 2,331 more words

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Thieves Essential Oil-Young Living

Thieves Essential Oil can be used topically, internally or diffused for better health.  Thieves Essential Oil  can be applied anywhere on the body, but works best when placed on the feet, behind the ears or on the chest or hands. 143 more words

Essential Oils

Oil Education - Cedarwood


Botanical Family: Cupressaceae (conifer: cypress)

Common Primary Uses: Calming, Tension, Tuberculosis, Urinary Infection, Yoga

Common Application:

Dilute with a carrier oil for children and for those that have sensitive skin. 66 more words