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MIT researchers find the dynamics of a sneeze and cough

How do airborne diseases spread from a sneeze or cough?

A new research by scientists at MIT has shed new light and credence to the social norm of covering one’s mouth when one sneezes. 251 more words


Asthma & Insomnia

Severe asthma is linked to insomnia, sleep duration, and sleep hygiene in adolescents. The findings were published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice. 147 more words

#64 the phantom hoop

Bet the phantom logger at work is that Gollum cunt with the cough.

What a bastard letting me take the blame …

Why’s no-one noticed he’s sitting on an inflatable ring!



Imagine you are lying in a comfortable position. There is a warm blanket wrapped around you, and a warm drink easily reachable at your side. You are being waited on hand and foot, only expected to lie there and be comfortable, and you spend days at a time like this. 659 more words



I found this recipe for a tea that is supposed to help with Flu.  I have not had the flu in many years and plan to stay that way.  358 more words

DIY Homemade All Naturally

Cold remedies! Any suggestions?

I was never sick in California. Like never. I would be barefoot and in shorts all year long. I would lie on the grass while the babies I watched ran around me. 289 more words


Tip of the Day: Coughing

Dear doctors,

Repeating a point I made in an earlier blog post, doctors should suggest safe alternative treatments.

If you have a cough and it’s keeping you up at night, rub some Vicks on the sole of your feet – around the mid-top portion. 48 more words