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Arguments at Work

For whatever reason, egotistical, uneducated men are terrible at logic and not arguing with me.

So in front of people he shouldn’t have, I called him out to which he retaliated back. 87 more words

Thursdays, and Coughing

Just coughing. It came back Wednesday, plagued me all day Thursday.

Hence why the late update.

Eyes are settling where I didn’t expect. And I’m really far too destined for better things than this small chain of mountain towns and limited thinking…

Allergy / Flu Water Recipe

Hey Babblejuicers,

Hope all of you are keeping well in this really strange season we’ve been having here in India. It is the monsoon and it’s damp and cold. 216 more words


What Should I Do?

I wake up to the sound of my ringing phone.
“Hello ma”
“Hello ” I reply back
Strange number.
“Who is speaking please?” I ask? 287 more words

What happens in whooping cough, exactly?

What is it?

Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a very contagious bacterial disease. Symptoms usually begin with those of the common cold, and proceed to weeks of coughing fits. 615 more words

What Can You Do With Mullein?

Maybe a better first question would be “What IS mullein”? I certainly had no idea until about a week ago. Mullein is a plant, Verbascum thapsus… 832 more words


Asthmatic Wheeze

Coughs can come from a tickle like a feather’s tip gently stroking the inside of your throat,

Or a finger slowly rubbing across it to bring about a reaction, like they do in the souls of your feet, 449 more words