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Nothing to be sniffed at

It’s funny, every time someone sneezes in America, at least 4 people say “bless you”.

Back in England you could be laying on the floor clutching your chest and coughing up blood and all other people will do is roll their eyes and tut.


It's Mum-day: That Time of Year Again

I’m currently typing these words whilst being the nominated cuddle-giver/human dummy/sleeping companion to my poorly son. Sadly Jack has caught the ‘viral infection’ which Olivia had about a week ago and it’s hit him pretty bad, poor little man. 566 more words

Yahuar Piri Piri - Eleutherine bulbous (Miller) Urb


Scientific name:
Eleutherine bulbous (Miller) Urb.

Common names:
Pacha huaste, Eshihi iñaha (Ese Eja); Kapiropenki (matsiguenga), and Sero Yawuro kamalejite shrojiru (pyro-yine); Paca huaste, Pacan tsehue rao and Jasin huaste (shipi- bo-conibo); Paujil piri piri, Picuru uchu, Sir-shonjera. 231 more words

Herbal Medicine


is a Thanksgiving Sunday
taken over by the kind of cold
that clogs everything
and makes you cough every time you laugh
and stands on top of the mountains of work you should be doing… 18 more words

Lazy Sunday

The most productive thing I did today was give my hand a paraffin spa and also did my nails.
All ready for Barcelona.

And of course I cough my lungs out as usual. 40 more words


Haze on a Bad Stomach

So the annual haze is back and roiling across South East Asia.

It’s not as bad as the haze in 2013 which went up to a record high of 401 PSI (Pollution Standards Index). 189 more words


lozenges for liars

“Coughing is not always involuntary, and can be used in social situations. Coughing can be used to attract attention, release internal psychological tension, or become a maladaptive displacement behavior. 316 more words