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Inflammation of the larynx, esp. in children, marked by laboured breathing and a hoarse cough.

The daily report indicated five weird cases of croup that day.


ALMOST took out the nebulizer (but didn't!)

I saw it all over the news, I even saw it on my Instagram – the VOG (volcanic smog) was going to be bad this weekend. 246 more words

Raising Kids

Day 114 - The Sickness Continues

Last night was another rough night for Amelia. She woke up coughing pretty good, and only was able to get to sleep once we gave her some cough medicine. 356 more words

Life Update

That Pesky Lingering Cough Keeping You Down?

The aftermath of a sickness sometimes proves to be an “after cough”. Never fear, use these tips and you’ll be just peachy…sort of.

1. Petition your Baby to cease her teething and take up next week. 192 more words


Bibhitaki - Terminalia Belerica

Bibhitaki is a famous herb in India, it is a part of the famous formula called Triphala (Three Fruits).

Latin name: Terminalia Belerica
English name: 276 more words


Day 154

Here we go!  you’re almost crawling and you’re rolling off of your little mat.  Good thing we have more tiles to make the mat bigger.  You’ve gotten the motions down for crawling, all except for pushing up with your arms while pushing off with your feet.   37 more words


Day 152

I have almost a week’s worth of blogging to catch up on.  Dad was on “stay-cation” part of last week, so we focused on doing family activities that either we can’t or don’t do when both of us are working. 102 more words