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If l could...

I’ll wrote love songs, played the violin while sing them to you…
Batam, 29 July 2015

Balancing "Is" and "Could Be"

I know I will miss these mornings. I know I will dream of their early light and warmth once we move a bit further around the sun, pulling her into a new stretch of our sky; a lower one. 342 more words


Couldn’t Be Better: Understanding the Modal Verb ‘Could’

After exploring the forms and uses of could in my previous post, I feel it’s a good time to offer an activity for upper level students who need to strengthen their mastery of this particular modal verb. 48 more words

Jennifer Lebedev

only you could do

making of the


and where it was the


and its own slice of the


and how it was the


and its own effort… 47 more words