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all you could

things  were put

and how it was the  flow

and how it all knew

and what it stayed all along

and what it been

and what it should… 43 more words


Would you? 

If you could get a do over in life, what exactly would you change and why?

Of course since you can’t get a legit do-over, just make the decisions today and moving forward that will get you to where it is you really want to be.

Four April Fools' Day Pranks That Could Cause a Break-Up

Before y’all start the BS April Fools Joking tomorrow especially If you’re pulling an April Fools’ Day prank on your boyfriend or girlfriend – Here are four April Fools’ Day pranks that can end up causing a break-up . 198 more words


Could Docker replace package management?

Linux’s package management headaches might be resolved by approach of containers, however specialists warn it’s solely 0.5 an answer

Conventional wisdom holds that containers are fast on their way to remaking everything from application deployment to the design of ultralean Linux distributions. 596 more words