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Amazon’s 2017 Prime Day could mark an Echo and Alexa tipping point

The Echo Dot was the No. 1 seller across all of Amazon on Prime Day — Amazon’s No. 1 day ever — but the $90 price of the traditional Echo was also crucial because Google dropped the price of its rival product, the Google Home, to $99 this week

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These morning mantra quotes will make you want to jump out of bed

Like most people, you probably rely on a loud alarm clock to wake up in the morning. And if you’re not excited about your daily life routine, getting out of that warm, cozy bed of yours might feel impossible. 58 more words


For my Darling D: What Was and What Could Have Been

You were… are my first love (?).

You were subtle with your affections but I knew and understood all of them anyway.

You were… 189 more words


I wonder if I could
If I could live
Live and let love
Love always never falter
Never falter and give
Give all you deserve… 15 more words


'Arms' Could Help Nintendo Fight Its Way Back Into the Ring

Arms, the highly anticipated fighting game for Nintendo’s Switch, will be available next Friday, and based on the early reviews, the company just may have found the magic bullet. 691 more words


Nighttime Noise Could Possibly Raise Blood Pressure Risk

We’ve long known that some people are light sleepers while others snooze right through extremely loud noises. Though fairly small, a new study shed some interesting light on how sleeping in noisy areas may affect your body. 434 more words


Lack of pilots could hinder airlines' growth: study

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The worldwide commercial aviation industry will need an additional 255,000 pilots by 2027 to sustain its rapid growth, according to a 10-year forecast published by training company CAE Inc on Tuesday.

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