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Blogger Rehab, Day 2

For as long as I can remember, the word “should”, upon hearing it, gave me a feeling of wanting to dig my heels in.  Preface it with you, as in “you should”, and they (the heels) were dug in.   387 more words

Your Sleeve Tattoo Could Prevent Your Apple Watch From Working

When you were getting your badass sleeve tattoo, you knew it might cause a problem or two getting a job . . . but you NEVER thought it would cause a problem with your beloved gadgets. 131 more words


MMWUC: Sam Schwartz hucks his meat, a 7-year-old who could kick your ass, more

This week in skiing, enjoy some of the smoothest GoPro footage we’ve ever seen in the latest edit from Bobby Brown, watch big mountain skier Sam Schwartz flaunt his stuff all over the map in The Many Backflips of Sam, check out the latest episode of Ward’s World, and more. 7 more words

The Ten Commandments

I could be a lunatic. I could be a thief. I could be covetous and wanting, could lie and deceive. I once thought to fool the waters into doubting — I thought to doubt, myself. 65 more words

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