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Lady Gaga fears chronic pain condition could stop her from starting a family

Lady Gaga has admitted she’s worried that the chronic pain she suffers will affect her starting a family .
The 31-year-old suffers from fibromyalgia, which causes overwhelming pain all over her body. 110 more words

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Signs You Could Live To Be 100

Here are a few signs you could live to be 100 YEARS OLD.

The world’s oldest person passed away last Friday at 117-year-old. held the title for about five months after the LAST oldest person in the world died in April. 272 more words


Viral Video: Thor Could Have Been Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth almost beat out his brother Chris for the role of Thor?

Chris Hemsworth almost didn’t get the part of Thor. His brother LIAM was actually one of the top guys in the running, but didn’t get it. 13 more words


Homeless veterans could be affected by White House cuts

Housing vouchers for homeless veterans could be on the chopping block, according to early White House budget documents obtained by the Washington Post.

With President Trump’s proposal of a $54 billion increase in defense spending, savings will need to be found in other areas of government, and the administration is considering a $6 billion cut from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 146 more words


Kite power could take flight in UK

‘;Reuters.inlinevideo.edition = ‘BETAUS’;Reuters.inlinevideo.channelId = ‘6’;Reuters.inlinevideo.channelName= ‘Technology’;Reuters.inlinevideo.length = ’01:37′;Reuters.inlinevideo.lengthseconds = ’97’;Reuters.inlinevideo.keywords = “”;Reuters.inlinevideo.adIuUrl = “video.us.reuters”;Reuters.inlinevideo.dartZone = “/technology”;Reuters.inlinevideo.rChannel = “Video – Video Page”;Reuters.inlinevideo.requestUrl = “/video/2017/08/29/kite-power-could-take-flight-in-uk”;Reuters.inlinevideo.thumb= ‘//s1.reutersmedia.net/resources/r/?d=20170829&i=131976040&w=652&r=131976040-1&t=2’; video Technology Playing Now Shark-detecting drones to patrol Australia beaches – 01:34 Hybrid drone hits the gas to go heavy duty – 01:14 Israeli-developed device aims to replace many doctors’ visits – 01:53 Samsung looks for a comeback with the Galaxy Note 8 – 02:15 Satellite to test space garbage collection methods – 02:14 Shock Tactics, Part 2: As Taser warns of more and more risks, cities bear burden in court – 06:48 Smart garden makes urban farming easy – 01:59 Barcode scanner helps you recycle – 01:27 Robotic fridge brings your drinks to you – 01:34 Solar-powered robotic parasol tracks sun, monitors UV levels – 01:49 Neonic pesticides ‘worse for bees than previously thought’ – 02:06 Tuesday, August 29, 2017 – 01:37… 1,623 more words

North Korea warns there could be more 'gift packages' for U.S.

“;var RTR_VideoBlurb = “Speaking at a U.N. conference in Geneva, one of North Korea’s top diplomats says the U.S. can expect more \”gift packages\” if it continues its \”reckless provocations\”. 3,277 more words

Kentucky trial could make state first in U.S. with no abortion clinic

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