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Rumour: Cancelled Open Globe Sci-Fi Title Prey 2 Could Be Revitalized at E3 2016

Close encounters

Those of you with excellent memories might bear in mind an online game called Victim 2, which was revealed for the PlayStation 3 back in 2011. 23 more words


Customer Reported The 'Cook' Suffering From Down Syndrome, When They Discovered This? They Could Not Believe It!

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A customer who spotted a man with a down syndrome who was working as a cook in Ankar’s Hoagles in Chattanooga, Tennessee (US). 21 more words

Insane Toothpaste Hacks! I Have Never Thought That Toothpaste Could Do This! This Is Awesome!

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Toothpaste is created to maintain healthy teeth with the daily brushing. There are some that gives extra care when it comes to cleaning, 19 more words

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Language Functions with Modal Verbs: Can and Could

If you want to check out more language pins to review the basics or learn something new, then why not check out the Inglés Málaga pin it board?


Farming Favourite Stardew Valley Could Chop Up on PS4

Chaffin’ fantastic

This is an announcement that your simple host has been starving to listen to: Stardew Valley could possibly be involving the PlayStation 4. For those of you that have actually been living under a boulder the size of a little city, this one-man indie farming sim has… 9 more words