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Things I Wanted to Say Out Loud This Week but Couldn't, Shouldn't, but May Have Anyways (Pt. 1)

This is a new series of mine that my friends and myself found quite entertaining. As an obnoxious little soul, I find myself saying things that my mother would probably smack me for if she heard them out loud… That being said, I’d like to introduce to you the new series called, “Things I Wanted to Say Out Loud This Week but Couldn’t, Shouldn’t but May Have Anyways” 296 more words


I couldn’t help but hate you for every word that you so peacefully uttered thrashing every little cell inside of me. I couldn’t help myself, not even a bit. 152 more words

Daily Mumble


A-Reece is one of the new recruits at Ambitious Records, releases new music video titled “Couldn’t” featuring the label mate Emtee. The joint consists of the young MC spitting flames, making statements and pretty much showcasing his lyrical skills. 15 more words


Why Didn't I Stop Him

I m so so stupid. I m really sorry I just froze I couldnt move. I m an adult now, I should of known something wasn t right. 27 more words

Geek Trivia: Until 2007 NASA Space Shuttles Couldn’t Do What?

Until 2007 NASA Space Shuttles Couldn’t Do What?

  1. Survive Multiple Reentries
  2. Host More Than 2 Astronauts
  3. Land Without Assistance
  4. Stay In Orbit Over New Year’s…
  5. 10 more words


Couldn’t I have been born fairer?

Cuter, smarter, sweeter, and wittier?

Couldn’t the little imperfections in my character,

On my face, simply disappear?

Couldn’t I have some swag, 20 more words