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Why Didn't I Stop Him

I m so so stupid. I m really sorry I just froze I couldnt move. I m an adult now, I should of known something wasn t right. 27 more words

Geek Trivia: Until 2007 NASA Space Shuttles Couldn’t Do What?

Until 2007 NASA Space Shuttles Couldn’t Do What?

  1. Survive Multiple Reentries
  2. Host More Than 2 Astronauts
  3. Land Without Assistance
  4. Stay In Orbit Over New Year’s…
  5. 10 more words


Couldn’t I have been born fairer?

Cuter, smarter, sweeter, and wittier?

Couldn’t the little imperfections in my character,

On my face, simply disappear?

Couldn’t I have some swag, 20 more words


Heartless Daughter Lets Her Disabled Mother Kneel Because She Could'nt Buy Her An iPhone!

We all knew for a fact that our mothers is the reason why we are existing in this world. Without their proper guidance and love, life would be a lot harder. 28 more words

Her Dad Couldn't Attend Her Recital But When She Saw Who Will Perform On Stage, It Was Tear-Jerking!

For other people dancing is their life. It is what makes them happy and free. This is what they need to continue living their life. But dancing is more beautiful when the family that they love is there to support them every step of the way. 12 more words