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Singapore love stories: These lovebirds couldn't stand each other throughout primary school

(Source: sg.style.yahoo.com)

Kate and Joel were never invited to each other’s birthday parties when they were classmates.

We bring you a Valentine’s Day series about love stories of people living in Singapore. 687 more words

Current Affairs

Flexible Work Is The Future Of Feminism

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Would more women stay in the workplace—and advance to leadership positions—if they had a flexible work arrangement that made it easier to manage work and motherhood? 569 more words

Money Matters

Jay-Z said Trump was missing the point about black unemployment. Trump couldn’t resist firing back.

(Source: www.vox.com)

Rapper Jay-Z delivered a thoughtful assessment of President Donald Trump’s now-infamous “shithole” remarks in an interview with CNN’s Van Jones that aired Saturday, describing them as “disappointing” and “hurtful.” The hip-hop legend also pointed out that Trump’s touting of the black unemployment rate doesn’t erase his treatment of the black community. 1,020 more words


South Korean Overwatch Team Lunatic-Hai Disbands

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

Lunatic-Hai announced yesterday that it would be disbanding and leaving the Overwatch competitive scene.

In a statement (h/t InvenGlobal) the team says it was “difficult to face the radical changes within and outside Overwatch.” … 138 more words


Ancestry answered the DNA questions 23andMe couldn’t

(Source: techcrunch.com)

A really awesome thing about being black is that ancestry can be very unclear because of, you know, slavery. Enter DNA kits. 655 more words


"I was a lobbyist for more than 6 years. I quit. My conscience couldn’t take it anymore."

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I was sitting on Nantucket with a glass of wine in hand when I realized I couldn’t stomach the job any longer. 1,853 more words


Introvert's Love

O Girl…

The first time I saw you,

I wanted to say this to you;

But I couldn’t.. 130 more words