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Quantum quench dynamics of the Coulomb Luttinger model

We study the non-equilibrium dynamics of the Luttinger model after suddenly turning on and off the bare Coulomb interaction between the fermions. We analyze several correlation functions such as the one particle density matrix and vertex correlations, its finite time dynamics and the stationary state limit.   102 more words


Revision, electric charge, fields

Revision of electric charges and electric fields.

Note Coulombs Law which describes the force between two charges is not in the syllabus.

Toni DI Mauro


Finding the Mass of a Particle


Two points which contain a charge of 50 nC and -90 nC are fixed on an x-axis. The first point is located at the origin and the second point is located at x = 87cm, respectively. 93 more words


Justick (TM) Electro Adhesive Display Products, now available in the UK. (Uses electrostatic attraction)

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To compliment our range of both Magnetic and None-Magnetic whiteboards and display boards, we’re very proud that we are now able to¬†launch a range of Justick (TM) Electro-Adhesive Display products to the UK market. 197 more words

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Coulomb’s law talks about the conditions an electron faces as it leaves an atom, and it has three main points. 1. Coulomb’s law states that protons have a positive charge and electrons have a negative charge. 306 more words

Amp it up, Andre!

Typical day in a classroom in Southern Adelaide a few years ago, when I was still teaching Science:

~”How many electrons are needed to make a cup of tea?” 603 more words


Inverse Square Attraction

Imagine two point-like particles experiencing mutual attraction.

The masses of the two particles are and , and their respective positions are and .

Suppose the force on particle 1 due to particle 2 is… 750 more words

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