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Great Tory housing shame: Third of ex-council homes now owned by rich landlords

“London’s Wandsworth Borough Council has sold off 24,000 properties under right-to-buy since 1978.  For 15,874 the lease was sold, as they were in blocks of flats where the council kept the freehold.  183 more words

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Council houses (owned by the people) were sold off to private individuals and private organizations - nearly always for less than they were worth. This was a Thatcherite method of buying votes and trying to create new Tory voters...and now they want to do it again by attacking the housing associations through right to buy laws that would force them to sell of property for a fraction of it's value, when there are huge waiting lists for rental and social housing and there is a major housing crisis. These people are pretty low, everyone with a brain realized this long ago, yet there are still enough stupid and/or corrupt people to vote for them to enable them to continue on as a party of national vandalism.

The Tory Right to Buy for HA tenants is fundamentally unfair

Part of me thinks that this election proposal to extend the Right to Buy (RTB) to housing association (HA) tenants is actually an admission by the Tories that they have no chance of winning a majority in this election.  619 more words

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Goodbye Nottingham

So on Monday 23rd February, it was finally time to leave Nottingham. I had my 30kg suitcase and my new Cath Kidston backpack brimming with a year’s worth of clothes, toiletries, etc. 202 more words

I was born in the workhouse in 1951

When I was a baby my dad’s special name for me was “Workus” because he always said that I’d been born in the workhouse in Barnsley. 617 more words


When is a promise to tenants not a promise?

Apparently the answer to this, in connection with the Right to Transfer, is when it is contained in the HRA business plan of a local authority. 456 more words


Knock, Knock, Knocking On Someones BackDoor

I am a what was known as a time served joiner. I served a traditional apprenticeship that doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve worked in the building trade for coming on 30 years and have been involved in all areas of that industry. 2,911 more words



I escaped from a sinking ship
Made of concrete.
Climbing out of council house windows,
I took my game to the universe.
Rebuilding language with cartoon fonts, 14 more words