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On Faith and Revelations

At stake in the church’s first general council was the simplest, yet most profound, question: Who is Jesus Christ?

July 4, 325, was a memorable day. 575 more words

A Visit from Saint Nicholas [2016]

Today is December 6, the feast day of Saint Nicholas. Krampus came last night, and apparently you were good, for you are still here reading this.  905 more words

Original Writing

Did the Church make the man Jesus to be God?

The name of Jesus is probably the most inquired name in the history of man. Type the name of “Jesus” in the Google search and you will get about 738,000,000 results, in which even Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) comes short by having only about 82,700,000 results, and Karl Marx (1818-1883) by having only about 38,900,000. 1,044 more words


How Christians Falsified The Bible At The Council Of Nicea

Muslims often assert that Christians corrupted The Bible at The Council Of Nicea in 325 AD

Sometimes Muslims assert that, at this Council, Christians were in hopeless confusion about what Gospels should be included in The Bible… 1,433 more words


The Council Of Nicea: When and How Romans Corrupted The Bible

Muslims sometimes allege that The Bible became corrupted at the Council Of Nicea in 325 AD. The Council Of Nicea was an important Council of Church leaders held in what is now the Turkish city Iznik. 1,647 more words


The Great Heresies - Host:Fr. Charles Connor (audio)

The Great Heresies
Host – Fr. Charles Connor
In the series, The Great Heresies, Fr. Charles Connor of the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania examines how the Catholic Church has handled issues of heresy throughout its history, thereby providing a clarified understanding of the deposit of faith. 688 more words

11 The Constant Church