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Confession time

I hate counselling. One thing I hate is this whole one sided conversation thing. I’m sat there thinking why are you talking so much? Just shut up they don’t want you to rabbit on just shut up. 147 more words

Klaxon – something is actually happening!

Soooo, after months of agonising limbo with my MIL getting steadily worse and SS taking about 6 months to put a care package in place (2 x daily visits – which we’ve protested as insufficient, and weeks on still isn’t actually in place yet), there is actual movement now as I type… 693 more words


Making a change? Welcome to the void...

What if you woke up in the pure, exquisite knowledge that every decision you’d ever made had been wrong? Because they led you here, where every moment is either an agony or an escape. 278 more words


Two people, one marriage

The wife and I had what seems to be our last counselling session last night. It was weird to get to the point of having nothing more to talk about. 1,415 more words


Managing Anxiety

Experiencing stress and anxiety is something that we all have from time to time, but it’s when feelings of anxiety stop you from doing things in your life and begin to feel overwhelming that it’s worth exploring ways of managing the feelings differently. 697 more words


An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy: The Importance of a Theoretical Basis for your Counselling Practice Skills 

This article addresses why it is important to develop a theoretical basis for your counselling skills practice, whilst acknowledging other key factors necessary for shaping your own personal theory of counselling. 821 more words


Parental Injunctions: my parents didn't want me to exist?

“They’re messages subconsciously transmitted to us by our parents at an early age. They tend to inform the scripts we develop to navigate our way through life – almost like conditions to get your needs met.”  406 more words