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Psychotherapy and Psychology

We discuss therapy, and she feels I would be better working with my subconscious. Psychology works with conscious thoughts, psychodynamic psychotherapy with the unconscious. I would prefer that too. 410 more words

New Life


I was talking to my therapist a while back. We were discussing many things that session but at this particular point I was talking about an event that I was agreeing to allow my kids  to be a part  of and I had mentioned that I was worried about one of the people involved. 647 more words

Well, Hello There

#Tarot Card Reading for Week Commencing: 30 May 2016

The Start of the week is ruled by the Prince of Pentacles.  This indicates the beginning of something that may lead to material gain, possibly wealth.   124 more words


My heart

F**k. It’s 1 am and I feel as though I’ve been transported 2, 3 4 even years ago. Transported back to the nights I’d lie awake, a deep ache in my heart, flicking through pictures and scrolling through quotes that remind me of him; reminding me of everything I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever have. 360 more words


A second post.

I’m not quite sure how this blog stuff works. I figured I should write another post, but I don’t know if I need to have these planned out, or know what I want to say, or any of that. 314 more words

First blog post

Mental Health and Me

Mental Health

They say a main factor to getting better is asking for help but what do you do when no one has time for you? 179 more words


JUST a stay at home queen....

My Mother was never a stay at home Mam and nor was her Mother, my dearest Nana who passed in recent years. I am from a family of very strong and independent women. 1,389 more words