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3 Things Most People Don't Know About Therapy

Have you ever been in therapy? Have you ever thought about therapy but thought it might be too confronting or just not for you? Do you know someone who has had therapy? 1,879 more words


#Tarot Card Reading for Week Commencing: 5 December 2016

The beginning of the week, we see Justice, who is reminding us we get what we deserve and to be careful that our emotions do not cloud our judgement. 79 more words


Strength to Strength

It’s been a while since I updated. I’m happy to report that my studies are continuing to go well, I’ve passed all of my assignments with flying colours so far and I’m several weeks ahead of where I need to be, according to the study planner. 329 more words

Mental Health

Day thirty-three

For a Black Dog Diary, there hasn’t been a lot written this past month about the old black dog. Although that wasn’t really the point of this exercise, was it? 1,584 more words

Black Dog Diary

First blog post

The counsellor said, ‘So this week, write down 3 things you think you did well each day.’

I wrote.

Oh, but God, it’s the cold that’s slowed things down, made things feel sharper and raw and the tears come more easily – maybe it’s just blocked sinuses! 149 more words

We'll do anything to appear normal

It’s called homeostasis and describes the process of living organisms to balance their physical and chemical environments to maintain life. It is homeostasis that maintains the hydration of the cells in our bodies, our blood pressure and even the rate at which we perspire. 455 more words


In-laws to Outlaws: How to Deal with them and Keep Your Marriage

According to a very interesting article on Huffington Post Research shows that how spouses relate to the in-laws is a strong predictor of marriage longevity. Apparently, A man who gets along with his wife’s parents is a clever chap — his chances of a strong marriage increases by about 20 percent. 1,505 more words