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Day 43: look after yourself

i have been a bit on edge again today.

and so are a lot of people that i know and love.

the problem with the people i know, they care a lot. 333 more words

"I think it's time."

This phrase has been almost constantly running through my head since Saturday night. I guess in a way I knew this was coming, but now that it’s here I’m a little nervous. 677 more words


*continued from previous post

38. What is a budget?
39. A budget is a blueprint for achieving specific goals
40. In simple terms, it is a list of your likely income and expenses for a given period. 551 more words


On Valentines Day

May we honor those who love us in our lives

May we tell them we love them, even if it`s just on one day,but endevour to say I love you everyday… 139 more words

New Author

Living with Anxiety and Depression is like being on a rollercoaster!

I love rollercoasters!

The faster the better!

However living with anxiety and depression is like being on a rollercoaster that I just can not get off. 198 more words


Losing Someone You Love

I am not sure how to start this post and I don’t know how it is going to end. I don’t think it will have much direction and I am sure it won’t be one of the finest posts I have ever written but it is something I feel I want to address. 454 more words