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A few weeks I found out that a close friend is pregnant.

I read the text message that she sent me and my head started to spin and a sick feeling took up residence in my stomach. 991 more words

Antenatal Depression

Songs that make me cry: Blur - Under the Westway

I never used to cry much. Okay actually that’s a total lie, when I was a young boy I would cry at anything and it took my sister Cathy to tell in my first term at secondary school that I really needed to stop crying whenever anything went wrong. 1,164 more words


controlling your relationships

For those of you struggling with coping with sexual abuse, you probably know all too well that you tend to push the people away who you love the most. 536 more words



Two of the most valuable workshops I’ve attended, to free myself more, both as a counsellor and as a writer, were two one day Nose to Nose Clowning Workshops, facilitated by the late Jackie Moore at the Blackthorn Trust in Maidstone. 556 more words


The builders and the breakers of trust. 

Trust.. It’s a word we all use a lot but when can we say we truly mean it? It takes a while to build up trust towards one person, and having a lot of people in your life makes it all the more longer to build. 571 more words


How to Manage a Smear Test

So, I did it.

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I went back for my second attempt at a smear test today. I was panicking at the reception desk because the lady was trying to tell me that I couldn’t see GP until after I had seen the nurse… but GP came through and it was fine. 1,030 more words

"I Get Calls To Identify Dead Homeless People"

A lovely woman from the local Homeless Team came in today on behalf of a client. As we chatted she mentioned that occasionally she gets a call from the coroner asking her to go to the local mortuary to identify the body of a homeless person. 297 more words