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Pushing your limits is sometimes worth it! 

Today I really, really didn’t want to be left at home AGAIN whilst my boys (including Joel) went out to meet up with a group of friends from the boys school. 1,101 more words


Pain can be mandatory in the course of our lives, but suffering as a result of pain is often an option.  How much do we contribute to this suffering ourselves?  666 more words


Taking a risk at happiness

When unhappy, sometimes depressed, people are asked what they would like to happen  they often respond “To be happy”, as if some magic wand could be waved to produce this state for them.  622 more words


Mind Intrusions

Often if we have problems which we feel are insurmountable we imagine all sort of further catastrophes are lurking in the bushes waiting to pounce on us, and we worry and worry and make ourselves ill, emotionally and perhaps physically.  597 more words



Do you find that you often make assumptions and then act on them?  Does this become a source of annoyance to others?

Do others’ make assumptions about you and cause you annoyance and even hurt? 600 more words


The weight loss journey

I have had a few people ask me lately about my weight loss for in the past 18 months I have lost around two stone (28lbs). 1,155 more words


Oh, love of mine
With a song and a whine
You’re harsh and divine
Like truths and a lie
But the tale ends not here…

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