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Vygotsky's Sociocultural Theory

Human development is heavily influenced by culture and society and this is articulated via the way the child is educated, essentially cultural perspectives provide the main influence on child rearing techniques. 330 more words


Being a parent with Social anxiety

Suffering with anxiety makes me overthink every situation. It makes me feel foolish, guilty and weird. I go over every conversation I have over and over again – second guessing what people must think of me. 483 more words


Sugar, spice... and all things stressed

If you find yourself reaching for the biscuit tin, searching in the treats cupboard, or raiding the kiddies’ sweetie stash when you come home from work feeling stressed – and need to find an antidote that calms you down, quickly! 282 more words


Rajasthan University PMET Pre-M.Ed Counselling Result 2015

Rajasthan University PMET Pre-M.Ed Counselling Result 2015. Rajasthan University published Pre-M. Ed Therapy result 2015. All students could inspect PMET cut off marks, advantage checklist online. 228 more words


Yes, no... maybe?

No school happening this week, but we’ve attended a talk by Dr Paul Trani on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and ASD – excellent!  We’ve also had our appointment (without child) with a Clinical Psychologist – mainly to talk about the anxiety related to ASD. 200 more words


Reflections upon the hardest counselling session to date.

So today I went to counselling.

I expected today to be difficult. Following a small breakthrough I had I knew today would be very difficult. Sadly although I don’t yet feel strong enough to discuss that yet. 2,762 more words

Future vision for work

4th March 2015: Sydney, Australia

Recently, I have been thinking about a model to base a private consulting practice upon. The idea consists of having two separate arms, targeting both people with Cancer and others in the community with varying concerns. 161 more words