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I understand some people get pleasure from sex. Not everyone, and not all the time, but some people occasionally. It is not only a source of shame, self-loathing, misery and isolation. 711 more words

Being Human

Wiped Out

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the proverbial radio silence lately. It’s been a little mental (excuse the phrasing) over here.

So, I started a new job. There’s always a period of adjustment with such things but this has been a complete baptism of fire. 680 more words



I have started looking at the course materials for my counselling course.

One of the first terms mentioned is the idea of empowerment. 466 more words


Understanding Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can actually feel very normal and healthy in context. For example, if you were about to bungee jump or if you were being chased by a lion or if you were standing at the edge of an exit door of a plane kilometres up in the sky ready to parachute for the very first time, then the ‘panic’ experienced would feel quite normal. 580 more words


What Most People Really Need is a Good Listening to...

The Mind Mumbles – an occasional meander of scattered thoughts

What Most People Really Need is a Good Listening to…

Recently, from several different sources, I have been told by people who have very ‘goal directed’ personality types – I rcognise them because they are mirrors of myself – that they ‘know what my intentions are.’ This comes with the added sense of threat of ‘whatever they think I want isn’t going to happen come hell or high water!’ 615 more words


March Discoveries: Google Keep, 7cups, GreaterGood

Google Keep

This is free organization system has made this organization freak a very happy woman. If you have a google account, you can go here:   160 more words


#Tarot Card Reading for Week Commencing: 27 March 2017

The beginning of the week The Star tells you that some time for healing is needed after the unpleasantness that has recently happened.

The middle of the week and the 4 of Swords tells you to take some time out and deal with problems in a quiet and methodical manner… 60 more words