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5 Signs You Need Couples Therapy

For a lot of couples, it’s not until the relationship has broken down so badly that couple therapy becomes the last ditch attempt to save the tattered remnants of what they once had. 863 more words


Day 1 of Recovery. 23rd October 2017.

On the 22nd October, I went on a night out with a large group of friends. Something that had been planned 2 months in advance, given that our 20-something schedules are really difficult to co-ordinate. 272 more words


October 22nd

So I’m close to being an expert in explaining “fight or flight” at this point. I’ve heard that phrase so many times throughout this journey. … 710 more words

#Tarot Card Reading for Week Commencing: 23 October 2017

The beginning of the week and the 8 of Wands says that this is a period of time when you are spending lot of energy on numerous projects.  110 more words


"JuSt BeCauSe"

On entering my counselling room this is the very first thing you will read:

“Love Yourself JUST BECAUSE”

I display this phrase because I find it simply powerful. 119 more words


Expecting Fear...


I have been afraid for so long that I have come to expect fear, and bullying, and silencing almost as my default setting.

This ghastly pattern of expectation has had a profound effect upon my digestion, my level of confidence and my ability to tolerate large groups of people. 547 more words

Daily Prompt

A regular schedule (and some poetry)...

I’ve been meaning to get back to a regular posting schedule but I keep falling back. I have been busy tidying up my things this past week mind you. 220 more words