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Paul Cockayne – 07791 970406paulcockayne3@gmail.com

Welcome to my counselling blog. You can find more information about me by clicking one of the links at the top of this page… 494 more words


Deputy Manager @HYPS Ref:134

Hastings and St Leonards Young Peoples’ Accommodation Service

The service is for young people aged 16 to 25 with complex needs. A 3 staged Pathway of accommodation with a structured life skills programme leads to independent living: The project consists of 3 stages of accommodation from intensive high support to very low support prior to people moving to their own independent accommodation. 156 more words

Why do women cheat?

If one more person comes and says “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” I would punch their face till they can see all the planets circling around their head, in their own orbits of course. 503 more words

Reconnect with Childhood

Did you realise that the title is not “Reconnect with Your Childhood”? That’s because I understand that some of us do not have a fantastic childhood or at least perceive that we don’t have a good one. 414 more words

Ways To Live A Positive Life

"Invest in your well-being", says Bethan O' Riordan from 'Resilient Minds', Blarney, County Cork.

(Photo courtesy of Bethan O’ Riordan, with her children. Ruby, aged four, Ramsey, aged three and Finley, aged six)

Bethan O’ Riordan is a counsellor and psychotherapist with over ten years’ experience. 779 more words



Every five months or so I have to endure an enforced therapy break, because he selfishly needs holidays. I have to survive three weeks of blank Friday afternoons – which I try to fill with gin – and as these come at two of the worst times of the year for me – Christmas and July – the outcome after this break is less than certain. 554 more words


Discover Year

Life is full of changes of seasons and times of transition. One of the most significant transitions in my life has been my change in career over the last 5 years. 510 more words