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A statement from Albert Pike from beyond the grave!


“Forces of darkness! I call upon you as Vlad The Impaler once called upon Dracula, as Donald Trump calls upon Jared Kushner, as Satan calls upon his legion of demons. 406 more words


Close, but...

Jesus Franco’s “Count Dracula” (“El Conde Dracula”) was promoted as an authentic filming of Bram Stoker’s novel–and to an extent it is, taking budgetary restraints into account. 691 more words

Film Criticism

Mustache match

It’s the only unequivocally great villain protagonist book. And interestingly, he has no redeeming features at all: Dracula is a flat-out asshole, supremacist, bigot, casual serial murderer, and megalomaniac. 1,652 more words

The 70s Me

When reality is stranger than fiction

Count Dracula is perhaps the most well-known pop culture horror icon. From Bela Lugosi in the 1931 adaptation to the more recent Hotel Transylvania, the canine-tooth steely eyed Dracula has successfully horrified and captivated generations of audiences. 623 more words

Creative Space

Book Review: Dracula by Bram Stoker

I’ve been taking a Gothic literature class this semester at FSU. It’s been an interesting class, and so far I’m enjoying the stories we’re reading. We’ve read  1,040 more words


The king of horror - Buried in his iconic Count Dracula cape

I have never met a vampire personally, but I don’t know what might happen tomorrow.

-Bela Lugosi.

Bela Lugosi, the undisputed king of horror, had appeared in more than 100 movies, but for millions of audiences around the world, he would forever be linked with one role: that of the bloodthirsty Transylvanian aristocrat, Count Dracula. 1,574 more words


Coastwalk #11 - Whitby to Robin Hood's Bay

START: Whitby, North Yorkshire

FINISH: Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire

DISTANCE: 7.1 miles


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