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Lanterns: Day Thirty-One - The End

The trip to Fleur’s house took a good four hours. That it sat in the fancy part of town, along with Dr. Godfrey’s home, was the bulk of the walk. 3,094 more words



Well, the last few days have been extraordinarily busy and draining for me, to the surprise of probably no one. On Saturday night, I stayed out way too late watching mystery horror movies with the fine folks from the… 482 more words


Lanterns: Day Thirty

“Guess he never heard of the aluminum foil trick,” Abby said. She and Fleur took off down the hall, but just as quickly as the alarm sounded, it shut off again as the door closed. 2,949 more words


Lanterns: Day Twenty-Nine

They got Dr. Godfrey settled in his office with a cup of coffee Abby insisted on making for him over Gladys’s protests that she should be the one doing anything in the cafeteria. 1,231 more words


Lanterns: Day Twenty-Eight

Claude saw her coming, made a quick U in the parking lot, and had the passenger door open before Abby reached them. He and Fleur were shouting, cheering her on as she ran, the heavy suitcase banging her thigh with every step, the wounds she had from her fight for that suitcase burning all over her body in the cold autumn breeze. 1,266 more words


Lanterns: Day Twenty-Seven

“You should see your face,” giggled Laycee. She hopped out of the van and landed not on her feet, but on a flurry of vines that erupted from her pants-cuffs. 1,846 more words


Most of the Night Terror

Okay, it’s three days before Halloween, or will be by the time you read this. I’m writing it early, because I’m going to be busy the weekend of Halloween with one thing and another. 577 more words