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New Countdown Sale 50% Off

Only for a few days, and you it’s Elite! Change the metals and the color of the pearls, choosing between 11 vibrant colors. 151 more words

Second Life

Musings on Day 698

It’s after 2 in the morning and I can’t sleep. I have an appointment. But I’ve had about ten minutes of sleep, letting “BoJack Horseman” keep me company. 358 more words


This is day 699

A lot talked about in therapy today. For instance, how it’s coming up on a year since I went to Missouri and how sad that makes me. 278 more words


All you need is blings! More Jewels Isle news

Zuri Jewelry

New Release!

The sweet classic Spellbound sets, all revamped and in beautiful new colors. Don’t forget to wear your Zuri’s Jewels group tag for your instant 25% refund. 80 more words

Second Life

41 days.

Hi guys! Yes, yes. I am NOT dead. I repeat: I am NOT dead.
I wish I could tell you I’ve been on a cruise around the world, or seen the Himalayas and went hiking on Mt.Everest. 462 more words


Studying the Kana

I’m studying the Kana. It’s March 27, and this is my third blog post in three days (remember, I wrote these blogs soon after I was accepted to my new job in Japan, but well before Pastor Les announced it in church… I had originally scheduled these blogs to start publishing in June. 463 more words