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Chapter 1 -Till Death Do Us Part

I started this blog mainly to track the days counting down to our “Big Day” 😊 😊 😊. And by our I’m referring to myself, Lois and my dashing fiancé Todd 😊 719 more words


The Seventeen Second Miracle

When bad things happen to people, you usually think that that will never happen to you. You are always on alert. You know the proper way to resolve ANY situation. 808 more words

It's been a bittersweet contract so far...

…painfully long days at sea..lots of hard work in between but the rewards that come with it are worth it.

2.5 more months to go til home, another 5 more Hawaiian cruises! 45 more words


30 days for the deposit

We are less than 30 days from owing our deposits to Cragun’s. I’ve heard from a handful that they have already taken care of this objective. 105 more words

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What The Funk?

The first month of the new year is already over halfway over, and…. that just seems crazy, doesn’t it?  Well, time waits for no man, and The Nest waits only for Wednesday to post the next time killing song we’d love to introduce to the reaper in our Top 30 Iconic Songs I Can’t Stand Countdown.  467 more words


171228 CHUNG HA 청하 - Why Don't You Know @ M! Countdown Special

171228 CHUNG HA 청하 – Why Don’t You Know @ M! Countdown Special