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Refusing the Fascist Future: An Interview With Shane Burley

Below is an interview with Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It author Shane Burley discussing the Alt Right, anti-fascism, and what a mass movement looks like. 3,050 more words

Alternative Right

Bay Area teens and adults discuss how to respond to white supremacists

Across dinner tables all over the country, teens and the adults in their lives are talking about how to respond when racist groups come to town. 67 more words


San Francisco Mobilizes Against White Supremacy

Pics and video of San Francisco mobilizing against the planned alt-right’s Patriot Prayer meeting which was going to be held at Crissy Field in San Francisco. 208 more words

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Responding to Hate with a Dance Party: San Francisco Counter-Protest to the Alt-Right

The Bay Area wasn’t going to let San Francisco, our jewel of a city, become another Charlottesville and so counter-protesters organized events to drive out the hate with the only weapon ever known to be successful:  LOVE. 212 more words


The recent events in the US have been pretty gross. Right up front, I’ll admit I’m Canadian but I’m not high and mighty about it. Sure we’ve got health care and moms can take maternity leave up to a year and we don’t have mass shooting like they have every day in the USA but we’ve still got issues. 673 more words


White Supremacists, In Berkeley? Noooooo!!

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter and blog post, Indivisible East Bay decided to endorse the Bay Area Rally Against Hate, scheduled for Sunday August 27 from 10:30-12:30 pm at the UC Berkeley… 656 more words

For Peaceful Counter-protests

There is a debate that follows political activism – whether to be peaceful or violent. I’ve seen reviews of contrary scholarship. One view is that the old KKK used many of the same tactics as the modern “Alt-right,” using clownish outfits to draw in supporters so that laughter just helps their strategy and is an unhelpful response: The Ku Klux Klan Used the Same Trolling Tactics as the Alt-Right:  356 more words

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