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Propaganda in the Service of Mammon

Everybody is quite aware of the propaganda prevalent in the world today. Lies by omission and commission are used in conjunction with imagery to push certain lines and agendas. 1,485 more words


The 2009 speech of the late Brother Leader Moammar Gadhafi at the UN and the Libyan counter-revolution implemented by the US and NATO imperialism

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.                      June 4, 2017

 In March 2011, around seven months before the brutal and sadistic murder of Brother Leader of Libya (that is what he preferred to be called), Moammar Gadhafi, I had written an article, “Gadhafi, Libya, counter-revolution, and the imperialist pack of hyenas”, which was first posted on… 1,759 more words

Fazal Rahman Ph.D.

Levantine Charnel House: An Analytical and Moral Cul-de-sac

Scratch the surface, and the sectarian nature of the Syrian civil war is a subterranean expression of an utterly alienated majority involved in an intense class struggle.  1,179 more words


Blasphemy after sedition?

Although India has no such thing as “Blasphemy Law” but somehow still a police complaint has been filed against lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan for calling Krishan a “legendary eve teaser”. 110 more words

#StandUpForTruth To #fight 4 the causes of others with the same force with which U #fight for Ur causes exalts Ur #humanity

Counter-Cuban-Revolution Campaigns have always more media impact on the networks and the press than the truth behinds them. The origin it is clear, is manufactured from the outside to intended to oversize an “opposition” that is clearly insignificant and isolated from the current Cuban reality. 142 more words

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Aleppo, barbarism, and the anti-imperialism of fools

Aleppo has fallen, and with it, all semblance of humanity.

Foreign sectarian militias (including Iranian proxy ultra-sectarian death squads) in the service of the Assad regime, backed by relentless Russian aerial bombardment, have reduced much of the city to rubble. 2,449 more words