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“What is needed is not a revolution in the opposite direction, but the opposite of a revolution.”

Joseph de Maistre

The polis is already a gay disco. 1,041 more words


Managed Dialectics and the Liberal Imperium

By: Jay Dyer

The hyped and engineered “race war” the existing establishment in the United States desires is a long-term strategy of tension with numerous historical precedents. 638 more words


ISIL Demolishes Ancient Temple in Iraq, Hints at Destroying Pyramids


Takfiri ISIL group vowed to destroy ancient sites built by infidels” after showing video footage of the group blowing up a 2,500-year-old temple in Iraq. 213 more words


Through French Eyes: The Counterrevolution

Through French Eyes: The Counterrevolution

This section will lay out what we propose will be very effective tactics for aiding the restoration of the Catholic Church, which is the Kingdom of God on earth, and for doing our small part in saving her from the hellish forces of Protestantism, Eastern New Age Paganism, and the mother of all anti-Church Satanic influences, Freemasonry, the latter of which seeks a blasphemous one world religion where all churches are seen simply as a melting pot of spirituality energizing the building of a utopian, anti-God, secular humanist, earthly City of Man and which, collectively, adores Man himself through his “self-actualization,” “self-awareness,” and, essentially, his “divine-self.” The tactics here are intended as specific antidotes to these anti-Church forces that spiritually poison the Church and are related to RoyaumeFrance’s three primary programs supporting our Mission and Vision, namely: 2,037 more words

Maid Of Orleans

On the Challenges of Building a Principled Left Movement in Our Time -- Danny Haiphong | Black Agenda Report

Source: Black Agenda Report

by Danny Haiphong

These are exciting – and frustrating – times. “The crisis of US empire has created ripe conditions for a revolutionary movement, yet no such movement exists.” Social forces opposed to capitalism’s predations multiply, yet too often fail to unify. 1,663 more words

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Queen St. Clotilda, the spiritual mother of the Counterrevolution

“The migration of nations! – What a medley of images this word calls up in our mind. It carries us back to the sunset of the old civilization; we rest for a while in the twilight, then grope about in the night, and emerge at last into the dawn – grey, indistinct, undefined – of a new social order.” ~ Fr.

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