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Introduction by A Socialist In Canada:

Presidential and legislative elections are scheduled to take place in NATO-member Turkey on June 24, 2018. They take place as Turkey continues its collaboration with the United States in occupying regions of northern Syria and as it continues to wage something resembling a domestic civil war against its Kurdish population and left-wing forces in general.

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Facts About What is Happening in Nicaragua and a Challenge to "Left Intellectuals"

Jorge Capelán
Translated by Internationalist 360°

Author and Editor’s Note: The following text was originally written to counteract a propaganda campaign launched in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavian countries by toxic soft coup operators against the Sandinista Government of Nicaragua. 4,438 more words


Rebellion or Counter-Revolution? Made in USA or Nicaragua?

Achim Rödner

Many wonder if the United States is involved in the student protests of the past month in Nicaragua which attempted to destabilize the country. 1,327 more words


NXIVM: Leader approves of incest and gang rape; Allison Mack is a satanist

You can believe in what “they” believe or not.  It matters little.  Note the players involved and their connections and… as a result… likely influence.  And, influences. 690 more words



Written by one I count as a friend, some 20 years ago…


WHAT would be the tripwire resulting in open rebellion? Examining the Bill of Rights, and considering EXISTING laws only, and not failed attempts, you will find that every clause has been violated to one degree or another. 2,345 more words


What's Old is New Again...

Read.  Learn.  Apply…

Class Stratifications in the Soviet Union

By W. W. Kulski

From our October 1953 Issue


THE Soviet intelligentsia may be roughly divided into three groups: the small nucleus of top professional politicians who form the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Party; a much more numerous upper layer of the bureaucracy which is well paid and enjoys substantial privileges; and all other educated people, who occupy the lower posts of the Soviet apparatus. 4,873 more words


Cops are Fat

It is en vogue, in certain circles, to decry Federal overreach, the Deep State, and corruption. The current newscycle is full of diversionary crap from Gun Regulation, to the Muller investigation, to cops who can’t be counted on to deter crime. 810 more words