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Dostoevsky on Russia's Mission

Philosopher Nikolai Onufriyevich Lossky (1870-1965) outlines Fyodor Dostoevsky’s vision of Russia’s¬†transcendent mission – to bring the world to the God-Man Christ, Whose fullest expression is found in the ancient faith upheld by Byzantium and¬†adopted by Grand Prince Vladimir in 988. 974 more words


ISIS will be defeated only by the Social Kingship of Christ

ISIS will be defeated only by the Social Kingship of Christ. The most effective way to restore the Social Kingship of Christ as known in the high years of Christendom and to improve upon the medieval model is through the establishment of a contemporary Catholic Monarchy. 1,045 more words


Long Live the Traditionalists!

I admit it. In 101 ways I am a traditionalist and apart from a burst of hormone fueled teenage degeneracy I always have been. Even as a little boy I often used to get quite angry about signs of “progressive modernity” from new houses to female bus drivers. 1,641 more words


Free-Speech Farce

While now receding into the background of international outrages, the early January mass shooting of several Charlie Hebdo cartoonists in Paris, purportedly by a cell of jihadists, set off a furor about freedom of speech in the West. 1,147 more words


"For Our Lady. For the Monarchy." We not only need a new driver - we need a new road.

As I drove down the highway the other day, it occurred to me that our current political system in the United States and the western Republics in general is akin to being in a high speed car that is swerving “left” and then “right” and then “left” again as two people attempt to take control of the wheel. 587 more words


The secret truth: Stalin confesses to landlordism, cannibalism and incest

In response to a question from workers’ delegates to the Soviet Union, concerning the charge that Stalin was really a counter-revolutionary, Stalin replies:

We must assume that it is true.

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Total Depravity

The CRAA emblems and symbols - building community on social media!

I am grateful to see interest in the CRAA grow, even if slowly, as reflected in the number of “likes” we have on our Facebook page… 633 more words