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Meet the American Civilian Operator's Fighting ISIS

These brave CO’s represent the best of America IMO and it is no surprise to me at least that the majority are from TEXAS! Thank God there is still a small remnant of people who cannot turn a blind eye to the atrocities being committed by ISIS against Christians and are not waiting until ISIS are on America’s  front door steps before acting.  341 more words

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So this is where "Multiculturalism" has Got Us?

Multiculturalism and the Rise of Islamic Terrorism

 By Ralph Sidway

William Kilpatrick offers a broad analysis of how “the multicultural experiment of elevating other cultures by denigrating our own” 185 more words

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France: Two U.S. Marines overpower Muslim who opened fire on Train

It appears as of late that it PAYS to have Marines around, no matter the location, situation or if they are ARMED or not, because if there is trouble, I Guarantee they will do everything to stop it..One Mind, Any Weapon! 173 more words

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By David Maxwell

The Obama administration did not allow the U.S. military to conduct a proper unconventional warfare campaign, making the failure of Washington’s favored Syrian rebels inevitable. 251 more words

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ISIS Organizing Small Armies Inside America

The FBI reports that all 56 of its field offices have active investigations against other Islamic State suspects… The busts bring to 70 the number of IS-inspired terrorists arrested in this country in homeland plots.” 124 more words

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AFRICA: Florida National Guard Unit to Horn of Africa

Eastbound and Down.

More than 600 members of the Florida National Guard are leaving for deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom — but members of the 2nd Battalion, 124th Infantry Regiment are going to Africa, not Afghanistan, according to… 59 more words


Obama and Kerry: Leading Subsidizers of International Terrorism

A Couple of articles all lovers of America and Freedom should read…I think it will give you an entirely new outlook on this supposed “Great Nuclear Deal” that was made with Iran….don’t be surprised if you get this overwhelming urge to vomit afterwards. 403 more words

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