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Dead Man Hopping

‘The brave man dies once – the coward a thousand times’


04OCT14        A UPDF[1] soldier is waving an AK at me and shouting in his tribal language with a few words of English thrown in, the hope being that I will understand why he is shouting at me. 4,101 more words


TERRORISM ROUNDUP: Chattanooga Toll Rises; Turkey Gets Tough After Bombing; Italian Plot; Cameroon and Nigeria Suicide Attacks

Chattanooga Attack Update.

A fifth service member wounded in the July 16 shooting attack at the Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) in Chattanooga, Tennessee has died, … 1,093 more words

National Security And Defense

Iran's Nuclear Deal: Who's calling the shots?

“And so the concern is that Supreme Leader Khamenei … will let the deal come into effect and then, a year or two down the road, say ‘this isn’t working out, we have to walk away'”. 106 more words


Sources: Navy officer, Marine fought to take out Chattanooga gunman

Well it appears one of the slain Marines was armed and the Navy CO at the recruiting center was too, BOTH of them returning fire during the shooting… Seeing the govt.’s actions thus far in this incident, I doubt we will find out the truth if the rounds they fired were the ones the killed the shooter or at least contributed to his demise…let us hope they were, because it will show that beyond a shadow of a doubt, ARMING our men in uniform is the better solution than having them “hide” by… 175 more words

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AROUND AFRICA: Obama's African Trip; Terrorized Nairobi Mall Reopens; Burundi Vote

Obama African Visit No. 4.

President Barack Obama heads to East Africa this week for his fourth visit to the continent where his father was born. 534 more words


WW2 Rules from here on Out with Muslims and Islam

Below is Rev. Franklin Graham’s Facebook Post from July 17th in response to the Shootings in Chattanooga. It has caused a lot of controversy and the Reverend has been attacked by a lot of his own people about this.Personally, I think it is a great ideal, seeing that our Government, to date, has not seen fit to act in ANY capacity or offer ANY solutions other than offer their “condolences” and repeatedly tell us what an “All American Boy” that SOB POS goat humping jihadist was that killed 4 of our Marines and an American Sailor…Pissed Off? 69 more words

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