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ISIS in the West

This is one of the best, most practical and useful reports I have seen produced on ISIS to date, def better than ANYTHING the Govt. has cooked up. 489 more words

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Third Paris Stadium Jihad Suicide Bomber Identified as Refugee who came via Greece

OK, this settles the very tired debate of letting Syrian Refugees into this Country IMO..not one, not two, but three of the Paris Terrorist came into France as, you guessed it, “Refugees”. 264 more words

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AFRICA: Mali Hotel Attacked

Gunmen Seize Hotel.

A hotel in the northwest African nation of Mali is under siege today after gunmen stormed the building in Mali’s capital city, killing at least three people and taking more than 100 hostages. 477 more words

National Security And Defense

TERRORISM/REFUGEES: U.S. House Seeks to Block Syrian Refugees; Similar U.S. Concerns in 1939

House Defies Veto Threat.

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed Republican-backed legislation Thursday (November 19) to block plans to admit thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States. 697 more words

Counter Insurgency

TERRORISM: UPDATE 11-19-2015 -- Paris Attack Ringleader Killed; ISIS Threatens New York and Washington; Hollande's Promise; French Parliament Extends State of Emergency

Paris Attacks Update.

UPDATES WITH FRENCH AUTHORITIES CONFIRMING ATTACK RINGLEADER WAS KILLED IN WEDNESDAY RAID … French govt. calls for European plan to reinforce, consolidate borders.  647 more words

National Security And Defense

Border Security Alert: Sneaky Syrians at it Again; 8 try to Cross in Laredo, Texas

First Honduras, now Texas, something tells me there is a definite effort by these Syrian “Refugees” to enter the United States illegally…now why is that when Europe is taking them with open arms? 357 more words

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Border Security Alert: Sneaky, Sneaky Muslims trying to slip Thru Honduras

News outlets across the western hemisphere are reporting that five Syrians with stolen Greek passports were arrested in Honduras. The Central American nation has historically been an integral segment of the clandestine journey from the Middle East and North Africa into the United States. 388 more words

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