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Crusader Corner: Good Read on San Bernardino Terror Attack


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Some really good first-hand accounts from First Responders and Law Enforcement from that terrible day. 7 more words

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Examining Terrorist Tactics: Hacking the U.S. With Only A Sound

Note: I am not sure this is a “Terrorist Tactic” as yet per se, but I wanted to list it under that heading to make you guys aware of the nefarious possibilities. 79 more words

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Crusader Corner: ISIS Child Soldiers

Inside ISIS Schools: What The Caliphate Teaches Children

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This is the new terrorism construct folks; children terrorist and suicide bombers. 66 more words

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Fighting ISIS

Although Vice is known to be a liberal hand puppet, they do make some very good War Documentaries and go where other journalist are afraid to. 68 more words


Civilian Operator 101: Training with the Knife for Counter-Terrorism

The use of the knife as a Terrorist weapon has been brought to the forefront with the numerous recent attacks in the U.S., Europe and Israel. 500 more words


Examining Terrorist Tactics: Dealing With Stuff That Blows Up

Dealing with Bombs & Improvised Explosive Device Incidents

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This subject is becoming more and more a common topic among civilian self-defense trainers and that is a good thing. 99 more words

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