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Military Weapons From the Past: The M3 "Grease Gun" v2.0

The Philippine Marines Teach a SMG that dates back to WW2 some New Tricks

War Is Boring and Historical Firearms recently posted a story about the use of suppressed M3 “Grease Gun” from World War II onward to Vietnam. 410 more words

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Crusader Corner: Brussels Terrorist Was Star of Documentary About "Successful Integration of Immigrants"

Wow…I wonder if the Bombers got their own show too? I bet they were all on Swedish Welfare at the time of the attacks.

So I guess the only question I have to ask is this: How many more  “Refugees” will be Imported into this Country Obama? 622 more words

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Crusader Corner: Small Arsenal & ISIS Flag Found at Spanish Holiday Hotspot

This is either misdirection or an obvious indicator that ISIS is going to continuing to target tourist hot spots in Europe this summer This does not exclude American Summer Tourist hot spots by the way,  something tells me they are going to wait until Summer for their next big attack.  318 more words

Crime Awareness

Crusader Corner: Syria's Next Generation of Fighters

This is a Vice News Documentary that shows how Families are fighting BOTH the Assad Regime and ISIS.

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Crusader Corner: Muslim Hackers Infiltrate Water Utility Treatment Plant

Muslim hackers infiltrate water utility’s control system, change levels of chemicals used to treat tap water

The location of the utility has not been revealed and its name has been changed in Verizon’s report, but given the fact of Verizon’s involvement, this likely happened in the U.S. 617 more words

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Crusader Corner: 53 Christians Murdered at Easter Celebration in Pakistan

The War Rages…What are you doing to prepare? -SF

Pakistan: Muslim murders 53 at park as Christians were celebrating Easter

“He says the area was crowded because Christians are celebrating the Easter holiday and many families were leaving the park when the blast occurred.” 267 more words

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