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ISIS' Leaked Budget

Well, what a surprise. It appears ISIS is not as financially viable as once thought.

According to leaked documents it appears that wealthy terror complicit gulf-state foreign donors and captured Oil fields are not their primary means of income any more. 46 more words

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Black Market Nukes and ISIS: a Nightmare Scenario

The FBI has reportedly foiled four attempts to sell nuclear material to the Islamic State, and there will no doubt be more. Certainly the Islamic State is a willing buyer. 133 more words

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DHS Confesses: No Database Exist to Vet Incoming Syrian Refugees

Oh Boy, just what we the American people need to hear as thousands of these people are set to flood American airports and shipyards. Hey POTUS: You think it MIGHT have been a good ideal to ask these questions BEFORE you approved letting thousands of possible jihadist flood our shores?!! 200 more words

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The Myth That White Supremacy is Bigger Threat to U.S. Than Jihadis

This patently false claim is part of the ongoing Big Lie campaign to try to downplay and minimize the jihad threat. It first surfaced in June, and in wake of he Oregon murders, the media elites are dragging it back out again. 384 more words

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The ISIS Corner #1: A Prime Example of Propaganda, Wasted Government Resources and Why ISIS is Winning

 Just like Cartel Corner that deals with the Mexican and South American Drug Cartels, this is the first in a series of articles dealing strictly with IS (or ISIS) the Islamic State Terrorist Group. 371 more words

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Robert Spencer's Speech to Catholic Bishops about the Koran and ISIS

Here Robert Spencer is giving a clarion call about the persecution and outright MURDER of Christians the world over by Muslims and ISIS.

The guy is a scholar on anything and everything Islamic and gives the straight skinny on what Muslims REALLY believe about Christians and Jews (The “People of the Book” as muslims like to call us in the koran) and basically anybody not islamic. 11 more words

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