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Crusader Corner: Islam, the Religion of Raping Not only Women, but also Young Boys

If you believe what our President says about Islam, you would think that this EPIDEMIC of Rape occurring in Europe and the rest of the world are just the “random” acts of a “few criminals”. 1,107 more words

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AROUND AFRICA: Niger, Somalia, Burundi-Rwanda

Libya Threat.

According to Bloomberg, officials in the West African nation of Niger say instability in nearby Libya poses a bigger threat to them and other nations in the Sahel than Boko Haram violent extremist Islamist group. 418 more words

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Obama, Islam and History

It is EXTREMELY important that we, as Patriotic, Freedom Loving Americans, know our Constitutional History inside and out; because when corrupt and immoral people, like BHO, try to manipulate, misquote and basically re-interpret it, we can call him out on it and if we are lucky, PROSECUTE them for TREASON. 532 more words

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Counter-Terrorism Tactics: Busting the Airliner Bomb Myth

Think just because a bomb goes off in an airplane that it is automatically doomed? Not so fast Hollywood.

A recent explosion on a Somali Commercial Airliner proves otherwise. 8 more words

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Remembering the "Brave German Woman" Heidi Mund

Since this woman had the courage to stand up publicly and proclaim that Jesus Christ was still the God of Germany and not “allah”, consider all that has happened to validate her point that islam and the so-called “muslim refugees” are doing nothing but destroying Europe piece-by-piece and by using the age old tactic of… 81 more words

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Finland Teaches Women how to Stop from Being Raped..in a "How-To" Video

I think this video goes to show how far disconnected most ALL of the European Governments are concerning the “Refugee” rape epidemic: Let’s stick our head in the sand and hope it goes away soon. 189 more words

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The Islamic Invasion: ISIS in West Africa Murders over 100

Boko Haram pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and changed its name to the Islamic State in West Africa last year. Attacks like these are a foreshadowing of what is coming to Europe. 193 more words

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