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Let's Get it On - Destroy ISIS

Islamic terrorists have killed 25,000 of us Infidels, just since 9/11 alone. Time to stop holding back, stop beating around the bush. Let’s get it on. 29 more words

New Afghanistan Strategy Essentially the Max Power Theory Of Counter-Terrorism

(I’m going to try, but probably unsuccessfully, to ignore the grotesque spectacle of a deeply unpopular President, aided in his minority-of-voters election win by both the remnants of slave power and of a foreign power, sending more soldiers off to die. 1,082 more words

National Security

KSA Establishes American-Gulf Center for Combating Terror Funding

20 August 2017 |Turki al-Suhail, Asharq Al-Awsat

“Saudi Arabia announced establishing an anti-terror center in Riyadh based on a joint effort with the United States. The center is part of the May signed agreement with US President Donald Trump. 265 more words


The Problem With Hanson-Young's (and Brandis') Response to the Burqa Episode

There has been a lot of discussion in Australia about Senator Pauline Hanson’s burqa stunt. Many of those who have criticised her actions have argued that the act in itself presents a threat to national security – in part,  because of the potential to offend the sensibilities of Muslims.  365 more words

Countering Violent Extremism

As shocking as this latest attack in Spain is, bigger plots are being foiled

A final piece after a busy week, this time in a first time for London’s Evening Standard. A somewhat downbeat piece, part of a series like this over the week that try to take a longer view on the current threat picture. 1,122 more words


Now we Have 13 dead, and Hundred or more wounded in Barcelona!! --Barcelona attack: police kill four suspects in Cambrils terror raid – latest updates | World news | The Guardian

Update on Barcelona today. Now there are 13 dead, more than 100 wounded. Possible suspect still at large. Explosions nearby, tied to Terrorist attack. In other words, a real mess in Spain today. 8 more words

Geo-politics, Socio-economics

Hate Groups: California #1, Florida #2

This map is from the Southern Poverty Law Center Showing the Distribution of over 971 Hate Groups in America.

This is from Fox News:

HATE CRIME… 366 more words