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As I said at the time …

Greetings again from this old mill town along the Merrimack River.

There is still a special feel to an octavo-size, typeset journal – a unity of design and purpose carried throughout – even in this era of desktop design and photocopy wizardry. 177 more words


Saturday hippie: Pages

Literature from the hippie era took many forms. Not just some outstanding novels and poetry, but magazines like Ramparts and tabloid weekly newspapers that included… 111 more words


Poem-a-Day Writer’s Digest Challenge #28. Theme: Matter/Anti-Matter

Here’s the final “Two for Tuesday” prompt of the month:

  1. Write a matter poem. Matter is what things are made of.
  2. Write an anti-matter poem. The opposite of a matter poem.
  3. 61 more words


For four years, Antoine Bruy hitchiked through Europe capturing images of men and women who made the conscious decision to turn their backs on the convenience of modern society and choose a slower, simpler life following the earth’s own ryhthm. 18 more words


Heavenly Hangouts

Bohemian is back this season and it’s not only for your festival wardrobe but for your home and garden too! Think draped ceilings, floor cushions, lanterns and plants to excess. 64 more words
Eleanore- Fashion And Music

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Wonderful vision ...

The hippie stereotype

“WATCH FOR CHILDREN” was changed to “WATCH FOR HIPPIES” on the original photo of Josh and I sitting in the back doorway of the rhomBus. I didn’t feel completely comfortable using the h-word because it doesn’t accurately represent our lifestyle. 231 more words

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Not just hippies, as you suggest ... but lighthearted folks all the same.