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St John, G. 2015. "Introduction to Weekend Societies: EDM Festivals and Event-Cultures."

St John, Graham. 2015. “Introduction to Weekend Societies: EDM Festivals and Event-Cultures.” DanceCult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture 7(1): 1-14.

EDM culture inferred as impacted through “festivalisation of culture” (Bennett, Taylor, and Woodward 2014), but are distinctly different from scenes/club culture/etc. 698 more words

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Vote Nobody for President


“Psychologically, something is fundamentally wrong with people when they logically know the game is rigged, yet still choose to participate, as if the outcome makes any difference. 246 more words


Breaking The Mould

As with many things in life, opinions change, tastes change and expression changes. After teaching for just over a year and a half, I’m now a little more mature, skeptical and rebellious of the industry. 756 more words


I keep thinking about the stories children are taught, especially here in America. Carol Bly once wrote of the Scandinavian tales the descendants in Minnesota never heard, unlike the mass-media mishmash they were served. 111 more words


LSD and the Counterculture in San Francisco, 1965-67

On the same day that Hell’s Angels attacked antiwar protesters in Oakland, another landmark event for a developing youth culture took place in San Francisco. In the first large concert to feature bands from the city’s local scene,  the Family Dog collective organized a dance featuring the music of the Jefferson Airplane and the Charlatans at the Longeshoreman’s Hall, near Fisherman’s Wharf in the North Beach neighborhood. 1,509 more words


The Los Angeles Counterculture and the Sunset Strip Riot of 1966

As Watts was becoming a symbolic hub of an emerging black culture, a very different kind of revolt was brewing among predominantly white youth. While the Watts rebellion was fueled by deprivation and oppression, a counterculture was developing among young people who were mostly raised in the prosperity of suburbia, but who found something lacking in this life of material abundance.  1,665 more words


Gender, Race, and Class in Beatlemania

It may be impossible to overstate the cultural impact of the Beatles in the 1960s. Sales of their records shattered previous marks in the music industry, but the group’s significance cannot be understood simply in commercial, quantified terms. 4,246 more words