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Are we there yet? Historical scan from biographical origins of Action Research teaching

Informed by the section of Noah Rubin’s unpublished Ph.D. dissertation about the teaching in my Action Research course and the background I bring to it, I asked students to prepare a… 384 more words

Reflective Practice

Fair Trade Friday: Story & Giveaway

Fair has been a source of angst for me because it seems elusive and fictitious. Anybody know what I mean? When my sisters wouldn’t share with me, it felt unfair because I wanted a turn. 524 more words


On a transgenerational experience

I’m near the end of 2 weeks tagging along with my colleague Gonzalo Bacigalupe in the transnational experience that he is providing his four doctoral students Alli, Kathyrn, Akansha, and Marta.  354 more words

Reflective Practice

The New Counterculture: Conservative Students Speak Out Against PC Mania on Campus

From Truth Revolt, by Trey Sanchez

“I was called a ‘race traitor,’ ‘Uncle Tom’ and ‘coconut’ by black students.”

The political correctness running wild in academia is giving rise to conservatism as the new counterculture movement on campus. 603 more words


All We Are Saying

E Pluribus Unum

Let’s say you’re twenty. You drive down all the way from Detroit. Three days. 1400 miles. You drive through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida.  12,682 more words



This summer we’re participating in a program that’s introducing us to varieties of fish caught off the New Hampshire coast. Once a week we trot down to the natural foods store in town to pick up our delivery – our location gives us a three-hour window – and we return with a pound of very fresh seafood. 731 more words



“The flea market ethos, like many countercultural values, paid its respects to a modernist notion of prelapsarian authenticity. In an age of plastic, authentic material value could only be located in the “real” textures of the preindustrial past, along with traces of the “real” labor that once went into fashioning clothes and objects. 126 more words

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