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Lazy Afternoon Reruns: "The Allman Brothers at Atlanta Pop, 1970"

It was forty-six years ago today that the Allman Brothers Band played the second of two live sets at the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival— they opened the festival on July 3 and closed it on July 5. 60 more words

The Deep South

My Melancholy Life by Mimielle

Counterculture –vs- Subculture, a small conversation with myself

Hey Addicts, Mimielle here from Mimielle.net and I hope the Season of the Curses, unlucky 13 is not setting you back this spring. 968 more words


Confession: Sometimes I’m too tired and grumpy to be the pop culture teacher!

Note: After re-reading this post I realized it couldn’t be more evident that I don’t partake in the substance I reference in this post because of how frequently I call it marijuana. 610 more words

Pop Culture

Kraftwerk's Elements

Kraftwerk’s music is more electronic than industrial because of their focus on synthesizers, and lack of focus on anti-music.  Bret Woods, in his article “Industrial Music for Industrial People: The History and Development of an Underground Genre” defines four “core fundamentals of what makes industrial music a standalone genre,” two of which are “the use of synthesizers and anti-music” (41).  175 more words

NIN: Defining Post-Industrial Youth in America

The focus of this discussion is on the band Nine Inch Nails, led by singer-songwriter Trent Reznor. Reznor had an ability to combine the elements of industrial music (experimentation with electronic sounds) with the structure of popular music to create a unique sound that was successful in the public sphere, while maintaining a dark, heavy aesthetic that was oftentimes horrifying and difficult to listen to. 1,064 more words

Be The Lighthouse

“Be the lighthouse.” That is a philosophy for the negative world. Find a way to build a healthy Christian family despite the legal and social encouragement of divorce.

132 more words

Neil Kramer : Spiritual Sovereignty in a Mad World


“The way to disinfect one’s self from Empire is to stop feeling that you have to choose from their menu of life options.” ~Neil Kramer… 170 more words