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The West spreads intellectual idiocy

by Andre Vltchek at Counterpunch

Could any dictator desire more? Almost the entire population of the Empire is now thinking the same way!

The populace is “educated” at schools and the universities staffed with submissive, and cowardly teachers and professors. 2,051 more words


The Plague of American Authoritarianism

by Henry Giroux, via Counter Punch

Authoritarianism in the American collective psyche and in what might be called traditional narratives of historical memory is always viewed as existing elsewhere. 3,722 more words


Is Putin planning to sell-out Assad?

by Mike Whitney at Counterpunch

Moscow’s geostrategic objectives in Syria are the polar opposite of Washington’s. Grasping this simple fact is the easiest way to get a fix on what’s really going on in the war-torn country. 1,861 more words


Experiments Gone Bad

 Public domain photo

Published at CounterPunch on August 13, 2015

AUGUST 13, 2015

Experiments Gone Bad


Watching “The Stanford Prison Experiment” (Directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez, 2015), I thought that it might be a good parable for how U.S. 700 more words

The Brookings Institute plan to liquidate Syria

by Mike Whitney at Counterpunch

Here’s your US foreign policy puzzler for the day: When is regime change not regime change?

When the regime stays in power but loses its ability to rule. 1,295 more words


Establishment Liberals and White Radicals Unite to Race-Bait Bernie Sanders

From the moment Bernie Sanders dared to disrupt Hillary Clinton’s coronation as presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, establishment liberals and so-called radicals have spoken with one voice to shit on him for daring to upset their respective gravytrains and applecarts. 749 more words

Bernie Sanders