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Being uninformed is not bliss

Inspiration: Media to Voters: Drop Dead, We’re Getting Hillary Elected

How can we fight this? The mainstream media has implied, we as voters, are stupid. Sheep following the Sheep Dog, obeying every nudge in the direction of the fenced corral that leads to slaughter. 573 more words


Finding real news

Looking at Bing News right now, you’ll see two prominent articles detrimental to Trump. Trump completely dominates Google News.

Neither front page contains a single reference to WikiLeaks or its newest release, The Podesta Emails. 225 more words


"An Inconvenient Truth"

I watched this documentary again last night after having seen it a few years ago. For those that aren’t familiar, this is the documentary that Al Gore released on the problem of global warming. 1,037 more words


U.S. politicians: the real Unpeople

I used to assume that everything printed in newspapers was news, unless marked “editorial.” I now understand there’s very little news in U.S. newspapers, or, indeed, any of the U.S. 980 more words


Leadership By Example Donald Trump Gets The Job Done

There are many things being said about Donald Trump, but the word failure isn’t one of them, he has spent his entire life getting things done. 861 more words

American Politics

Putin as Abraham Lincoln: Counterpunch Bid to Outdo European Political Confusionionism.

Vladimir Putin: Russia’s Abraham Lincoln says Counterpunch. 

Political confusionism is an ideological trend on the rise

As the word suggests (from the French leftists’ ‘ 1,092 more words

European Left

Hillary Clinton: Assessing the "Queen of Chaos"

Jeremy Appel
Originally published in the Monitor (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)

Progressives hoping for a Democratic victory in the upcoming U.S. election should be sorely disappointed by the party’s presidential nominee. 815 more words

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