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Chomsky & co.

We’ve seen how some of Vladimir Putin’s Western apologists belong to the “yes, but” brigade. They’re quick to acknowledge that he’s a pretty vile character, and yet they feel moved to defend the guy – or even, as in Peter Hitchens‘s case, claim to like him. 511 more words


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‘Hillary Clinton is not a Feminist’

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Floating, bloated, on the waves

I notice two things in my recent reading of recent blathering.  So I blather about reading recent blather hither and yawn.

The lesser (and two evils)–I note Fred Reed taking John Derbyshire to task for allegations the latter county made against Mexicans.   260 more words


NATO is lumbering towards war....

text by BRIAN CLOUGHLEY in CounterPunch

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The German city of Frankfurt is continental Europe’s largest financial center and host to the country’s Stock Exchange, countless other financial institutions, and the headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) which is responsible for administering the monetary policy of the 18-nation Eurozone. 1,552 more words


At the End of the Day

I was sent a piece from Counterpunch today. It is a sign of our times that I do occasionally read this somewhat card-carrying magazine: these days I often go to all sorts of places I would’ve almost sub-consciously screened out ten years ago. 980 more words

At The End Of The Day

Israelis Vote to Abandon All Pretense of Seeking Peace by Dan Glazebrook

Israelis went to the polls yesterday in an election which, defying all predictions, saw the ‘left-wing’ of Zionism – genocide with a human face – soundly beaten by its more honest ‘right wing’, whose commitment to the total eradication of the Palestinians as any kind of political entity is openly stated.

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Israel Genocide