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Nabara Featured in CounterPunch

26 June 2017 | James Porteous | counterpunch

My item on the murder of Nabara Hassanen (you read it here first) was published by counterpunch today. 378 more words


Hitler and the Lone Wolf Assassin


Before the opening titles roll for “13 Minutes”, we see a kneeling man in a suit and tie holding a flashlight in his mouth crouched down in some kind of tunnel, looking for all the world like an engineer fixing a faulty electrical circuit. 195 more words


The Perils of Sectarianism


Throughout the Middle East, sectarianism is a problem that has existed for decades but more recently has reached catastrophic dimensions with ISIS declaring just about ever religious rival as a… 251 more words


Films From the Battlelines: the 2017 Human Rights Film Festival


Opening tonight in New York, the annual Human Rights Watch Film Festival is a reminder that as a genre, the documentary can offer far more compelling drama than any narrative film for the simple reason that reality itself confronts us in a way that fiction cannot. 235 more words


Twit of the Month - Jeff St. Clair

I have just come across the ridiculous tweet above and as a result, I have decided to bestow the dubious honour of inaugural Cassidyslangscam Twit of the Month Award on its author, Jeff St. 1,170 more words

Daniel Cassidy

Democratic Party Woes

What Do the Democrats Want? No One Knows

By Ted Rall/ Counterpunch/ May 30,2017

In the 1970s, when I was a kid, I asked my mother to explain the difference between the two major parties. 904 more words


Reflecting on CounterPunch's "The Good Americans": An Untold Summary of Everything Wrong with the United States Empire

If I had to pick one of the best pieces of writing I ever read on the internet that satirically summarizes everything historically wrong with the United States empire from start to finish, it would be… 1,926 more words