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Michelle-Melania Plagiarism: Tempest in a Posh Teacup

This graduation season, Michelle Obama gave a commencement speech for the City University of New York. The country’s largest urban public university, CUNY is historically dedicated to bolstering opportunities for people of modest backgrounds. 147 more words


In the Shadow of Monsanto: GMO Regulation and the Right to Know - Colin Todhunter

The GMO agritech sector and food companies have spent tens of millions of dollars in the US to prevent the labelling of foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 118 more words


Amazing Brexit: Identity and Class Politics

by Luciana Boihne writing in the US magazine Counterpuch


From its inception in 1951 as the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), through its phase as the European Economic Community (EEC) formed in 1958, to the treaty known as the Single European Act of 1986, setting the birth of the European Union (EU) for 1992, the planners of the free-trade area in Europe knew that the consequences would be unemployment and migration—the result of curbing the power of unions, depressing wages, and removing the social safety net. 2,039 more words


Barbarism, Civilization, and Modern Politics

counterpunch is an online news site where I do most of my news reading.  I can’t stand reading from mainstream media these days, as it’s nearly all propaganda. 230 more words

Divergent Thinking

Hillary Clinton & the end of the Democratic Party

by Rob Urie at Counterpunch

Liberal incredulity at Charles Koch’s (Koch Bros.) recent (soft) endorsement of Hillary Clinton — assertions that is was either a non-sequitur or a ploy to discredit her, was to dismiss the endorsement without answering the question: what about Mrs. 1,704 more words


Donald Trump Thinks Too Much...

…about punching people. A punch is a punch – doesn’t matter who is perceived as punching first.

You never start it do you? Everybody always starts it first. 154 more words


CounterPunch on the Real Reasons for the Accusations of Anti-Semitism against Corbyn and the Labour Party

John Wight wrote a piece for CounterPunch, published on their blog on the 14th April, on the real reason for the accusations of anti-Semitism directed against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. 649 more words