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On Wasting Your Vote

A disturbing number of Americans are going to end up wasting their votes in this next election. They’re unhappy with the status quo, but instead of changing it, they’re only going to reinforce it. 1,468 more words


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Since the dawn of time, or close to it, three websites have forth the banner of left-liberalism. The posts, essays, clickbait articles, reprints, views, and other nifty jetsams take up monster server farms in secret but threatened locations across the globe, yet they pour forth relentlessly, metronomically, dully, always refusing one bridge too far: social nihilism. 385 more words

A hymn to Kim

Yesterday we met Michael Bassett, a “Citizen Diplomat to North Korea” who in a September article for Counterpunch defended the Kim regime from the defectors who, he would have us believe, are despicable liars, besmirching a government that deserves better. 571 more words


Fri Dec 11 - Eriel Deranger, John Trudell, Kumi Naidoo, Joseph Ramsey

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To hear the podcast… 140 more words


Turkey’s Downing of a Russian Jet was an Act of Madness

by Dave Lindorff, from Counter Punch

In considering the terrifying but also sadly predictable news of a Russian fighter jet being downed by two Turkish fighters, let’s start with one almost certain assumption — an assumption that no doubt is also being made by the Russian government: Turkey’s action, using US-supplied F-16 planes, was taken with the full knowledge and advance support of the US. 1,002 more words