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Is Corian back?

We are getting really close to finalizing all of the finishes for the modern home.  My client is going super modern for her kitchen, and it is going to be gorgeous.  366 more words

Modern Design

Watching TV for once/My home needs help

So I’m watching Rehab Addict. I LOVE this show! I need the motivation to finish my condo so I can rent it out next year. I’m going to have to do the work myself as well to save as much as possible so I’m a bit in over my head. 362 more words

Talking About Family in Japanese - 家族

Family - Kazoku - 家族
Father - Otousan – お父さん    (Formal) *
Mother – Okaasan - お母さん    (Formal) *
Older Brother – Ani – あに 177 more words


Counters in Korean and... [Grammar of the Week]


…Numbers!!!! I remember I covered this in a WOTD post and I know it took about 3 posts to cover it all and I wasn’t sure if it was something that was super confusing or not. 275 more words


Counting with Counters

To help with number recognition and counting I used number cards 1 to 10 (easy to make) and coloured counters.  He has to count out the correct number of counters to the corresponding card, good for repetitive counting.

Downs Syndrome

Binary Counter Lab

Goals: Observe data control and clocking using 4-Bit Counters,  work in pairs to design and implement a circuit which functions as a stopwatch. Reuse counter circuit as a synthesizer. 728 more words