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Have you ever been at a point in your life when you know things aren’t working, and changing them is scary, but you know you have to do it anyway? 1,002 more words


Loading NTDS Counters

There are chances where you will find the NTDS counters are missing on perfmon. To make the counters available follow the below two ways,

  1. Load NTDS Object’s performance counters for the first time.
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[50 Shades of Mizzix] Mizzix Counterspells

Today, we counter everyone’s spells using Mizzix as our commander. This deck is no fun to play against. We run 35+ counterspells, and several ways to get them back, to counter even more spells. 322 more words


Did I Really Do That?

I did the corrections on my exam after finishing Minna no Nihongo 1.  Most of them were simply careless errors, but there was one I just could not get for the life of me.  292 more words

Phase 3

opinions on concrete countertops

We’ve had concrete countertops for few years now and definitely have developed some strong opinions. They are very easy to install, but that’s where the fun ends. 462 more words


Mostly Math

Maggie above with the counters.  She is using cards I printed out that I pulled to work alongside the box.

Maggie working with the counters & Lily with an activity she used to avoid mostly because of the coloring and fine motor skills involved.   215 more words