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Android Beta is open for real!

As we promised we have some rewards for active beta players.

In next week we will publish TO:DO list where you can find things which we will gonna implement and add into build. 81 more words


After few months later from Alpha version, we are ready to publish Open Beta build !

That is a huge step into Counters feature and thats why we would like to reward all active beta users by adding their names on “Credits” page in our game. 35 more words


One..Two..Play! - The HelpBook

We are only few hours before premiere!

In meanwhile of waiting you can check this HelpBook, which could be helpful very soon…


We are waiting as well … 30.09.2015 

Let’s work together, from 30.09 everyone with Andoird has a chance to be involved in viedo games industry from backstage site! 17 more words


Counters Premiere starts from Android Open Beta

We would like to announce the fact about Open Beta for Android Counters game has reached the point where is ready to show fangs at… 17 more words


Colorful Counters

  My new wooden dolls came in this great divider and I thought it was perfect for my new colorful counters!  Reusing items you already have is not only more cost effective but easier on our environment as well. 414 more words

Preschools The Marigold School Of Early Learning

Uchimata sukashi

A good option for when somebody attacks with uchimata. No subtitles, but it’s pretty clear what  he’s doing. Pay attention to the action of his hands.