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[Poem] Dawn

Dear one, I will tell you what I know

I will show you what the seed of death grew

I know that I know nothing now; although… 90 more words

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[Poem] Narcissus

(To a person I encountered for the first time a few hour ago)

He screamed plagiarism

And bloody murder

Whenever he saw

Another person

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[Poem] Mentor... Rival!

Old man, I still look up to you

Despite your venomous spew

No respite you show, and I am glad

Though your rigid mind makes me sad… 189 more words

Short Stories And Poetry

[Poem] When the Actor?

Life is a stage, Tragedy now the rage

But when did I put on my mask, I ask…

At the first Act, or at the final Bravo?

Short Stories And Poetry

[Poem] General Sequoia's Green Supremacy Club Band

General sequoia: I’m a green supremacist, coz why the heck not…

There’s white, black, yellow and brown already

Talking shit about history. Yeah, I’m a bigot… 284 more words

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[Flash Fiction] Deportation (or) Thar Be Zombies

“I am Hades, I am Oblivion,” he roars, his voice echoing all the way to Tartarus. He gazes around for his foe, wondering if it was only a nightmare as he warily gets out of bed. 276 more words

Short Stories And Poetry

Clash Royale - Counters (General)


What are counters? Counters are units that oppresses another unit, or are specially effective against another unit. Generally, a counter is only considered effective it is able to successfully defend another unit, while preventing the other unit to achieve its purpose. 180 more words