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#NewMusic: Counting My Blessings by Rupee (Bajan Soca 2016)

Often we see people smiling, laughing, dancing, having fun…having the time of their lives….yet what we often don’t realize is everything that lead up to those moments of joy and happiness. 108 more words

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Counting My Blessings

One assignment I had at the beginning of my program was to count my blessings. I generally was a person who thanked God for things in the moment but this was the first time I had just sat and taken time to consistently thank God for all the things He had done. 231 more words


He Died So We Might Live - Helen Steiner Rice

If we but had the eyes to see
God’s face in every cloud,
If we but had the ears to hear
His voice above the crowd, 29 more words


Don't plan Happiness

If there is something that I have learned in the past 25 years of exchanging co2 for oxygen it’s this: if you try to plan out moments of happiness you’ll spend your life waiting for those moments to go exactly according to plan so you can feel the happiness.   894 more words

Counting My Blessings

Day 80 Eternal Life

Hi there!

I just got back to my home from Bicol.

Yesterday I couldn’t keep my mind from thinking John 17. In that chapter, Lord Jesus Christ said the only two qualifications to receive the gift of eternal life from John 17:3. 369 more words

Seeing Possibility in Unexpected Situations     

What happens to us when there is a sudden shift in our circumstances? When things change quickly and out of our control, how do we react? 330 more words

Alone On New Years

While the title may seem like I’m a lame single loser, it’s quite the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I had plans- I chose to stay home, alone. 461 more words

Counting My Blessings