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Peaceful Chaos


…or just moron. Am I a moron?

Maybe but I’m rocking the moron lifestyle if I am.

Today is an outrageously beautiful day. it’s sunny and 75 degrees and it’s Buffalo NY, basically a miracle. 447 more words

Counting My Blessings

We Were Blessed with An Angel

Dawn Shores – It’s been 6 years since she lost her battle with cancer. She fought for nearly 4 years. For the first two years, she didn’t tell anyone she had cancer. 200 more words

Battling Cancer

My Great Adventure

Well, it wasn’t much of an adventure, truth be told. Yesterday, the carpets and tile in my father’s house were cleaned, and the chemicals nauseated me and made my sinuses feel as if they were going to explode. 754 more words


My struggle is real

If life were easy, what would be the point?

In moments of great frustration I speak these words out loud to myself until I don’t just hear the words coming from my mouth, but I comprehend the words coming from my mouth. 754 more words

Counting My Blessings

Counting My Blessings

Fumbling for my keys, my fingers so numb I can hardly feel anything. The icey blast encourages me in my efforts. Found them thank god! I open the communal door to the block of flats, mount the stairs and let myself into my cosey flat. 181 more words

Celebrating small victories

I am learning to love my new knee.  After the “blowout” of the original microprocessor (MP) knee, my loaner was OK.  It was too long, so I could not walk too well on it.   561 more words

No if's, ands, or butts about it - it seems I am "normal"

“There is a complication, Stacey.  I need to speak to you about something” cautioned the nurse as I walked to take my alleged turn at the Endoscopy Clinic. 1,345 more words

Cancer Journey