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Prayer for A Little More Kindness

This morning at my daughter’s elementary school, the littlest kids shared their work and ended singing a country western song together. I’m no particular fan of country western, but listening to these small kids sing, I realized this song was really a hymn, a prayer for children to retain their sweet and noble natures. 150 more words


Checked Shirt

This shirt is what I made for my fashion workshop at university. It is country and western inspired, hence the check pattern and detailed yolk at the back, I have added lace to the design to make it more feminine. 177 more words


The Fucking Side of Me

If you’re hung and hairy, so tough and sweet,
Then you’re the kind of man I want to meet,
If you wanna turn it loose, set it free, 17 more words


Merle Haggard Dies At 79, Outspoken Opponent Of War And Chemtrails In Later Years

What has gone surprisingly under-reported, however, is Haggard’s outspoken criticism of the practice ofgeoengineering – also known as chemtrails.In his song “What I Hate” Haggard wrote: “What I hate is looking up and seeing/Chemtrails in a clear blue sky today.” 487 more words

Geo Watch

High Visibility (of your Love)

This morning I came across a Country and Western number I wrote in January 2013 under the deliciously boot-scootin’ moniker of Situation Steve. It’s the (confusingly uptempo) story of a man who… well – see for yourself. 340 more words


Kenny Chesney Biz - Hit Tunes for Fans 24/7 on "No Shoes Radio"

Think super-long tour bus – sponsor ads plastered on the side, bikinied girls hanging out windows, and a guitar-playing hunk at the wheel- No Shoes Radio… 682 more words

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