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Remember when Western was a music category?

Let’s listen to some Wilf Carter.

Ain’t Gonna be a Hobo no More

Hang the Key on the Bunkhouse Door

Rootin’-tootin’ Cowboy

and one more…. Springtime in the Rockies


Travelin' music

Since Tuffy P and I are going to take off for a little R&R soon, I thought I ought to post a traveling tune. So….from back when there were two types of music, country AND western, here’s George and Tammy performing Milwaukee Here I Come.


NOLA CDs of the year

My list of the year’s best releases associated with New Orleans and Louisiana.


Vikki Carr "Nashville by Carr"

Vikki Carr has always been there, it seems like, but I realized I knew nothing about her. I was reasonably certain that Mr. and Mrs. Carr didn’t have a daughter and name her Vikki. 465 more words

Bob Dylan "Self Portrait"

This is a double album that—in the tradition of double albums—announces the celebration of an explosion of creativity that is unable to be contained on the traditional single LP format. 465 more words

Whiskey In A Teacup: The Yankee's Guide to Great Country Music

Originally published as the cover story of Tastemakers Issue #49, “Southern Comfort: Reconciling Yourself With One Of America’s Oldest Traditions.” (See link or scroll down for full spread.) 1,443 more words


I'm Trimming My Christmas Tree With Teardrops

“I’m Trimming My Christmas Tree With Teardrops,” written by Ernest Tubb and Frank Team, recorded by Ernest Tubb and His Texas Troubadours in 1964.

______________… 45 more words