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RIP Glen Campbell 1936-2017

Glen Campbell’s music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Obviously.  But his musicianship ought to be.  You might not be a fan of Wichita Lineman (why not for goodness sake?) but you have to admire him as a guitarist.   279 more words


Don't be Afraid

I highly recommend Tami Neilson’s album “Don’t be Afraid” which I’ve been listening to for the past week after having seen her blistering live performance. The album’s been out for a couple of years:  95 more words


'Some of the best lyrical storytelling I've ever heard' - Victoria Dougherty

Pull on your boots. My guest this week had a radical change in music taste when she reached her 30s, and she hopes to convert you too – unless you’re already a fan of country. 142 more words

Undercover Soundtrack

Wild parties and crazy nights

If you think that you young’uns are party animals, then you haven’t partied with the 60-80 year old crowd. This group is not your grandparents. They were at the bar to enjoy themselves and listen to Chuck Rawlings. 344 more words

Creative Writing

Country and Western Music in 10 Records

I bought a record today, that in and of itself is nothing new or earth moving since I buy a lot of music. What made this one special is that it was a recording that I had admired from a distance for a good long time, had listened to several times even though I didn’t own a copy (thanks to the digital age) and now I finally had it in my hands which is one of the appealing  aspects of owning vinyl records, the tactile element. 2,107 more words


Stone Cold Sober 

At the height of his fame, Lou ‘Minty’ McCloud was producing as many as forty albums a week. Dressed in his snakeskin boots, trademark jeans and always to the left, Minty’s music spoke of love and relationships with the many women he knew. 352 more words