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Country Boy

Dear Charming Country boy,you caught my eye the day you wore that smile.

My heart racing when you walked into the room,

You approach me and i see no one else but you, 106 more words

An Old Tin Roof And A Country Boy

There ain’t nothen’, well, almost nothen’, that I would rather hear than rain fallin’ on a tin roof. When I was just a pup growin’ up in my Papaw and Mamaw’s house with my uncle, aunt, and mom, there was a tin roof on the house …
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The struggles of chivalry...

I was born and raised a country boy
And taught that women are not just toys
I was thrown into the world by uncle Sam… 61 more words

Music Mondays: AwwNaww

Love this song…but y’all know that! LOL

Music Mondays

Grandpa Joe and the Little Brown Bike That Flew

Grandpa Joe was a country boy long before it was cool—many years before John Denver sang about it… Truth be told, being country was more a part of his bones than it was an identity. 1,626 more words

Young Dee katoka Mtu Che,nafasi yake imechukuliwa na Young Killer.

Baada ya kuficha kwa muda mrefu imekuwa wazi kwa sasa kuwa Young Dee amejitoa rasmi kwenye kundi la Mtu Che na nafasi yake imechukuliwa na rapa Young Killer. 37 more words