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Cuttin' It Fine....a digression

“Great Day in the Mornin’!”

Hey.  This here’s Liam.  Liam Goodwell.  Of the Denton County, Missouri Goodwells?  Like to certain you all may’ve heard tell o’us.   1,191 more words

No happily ever after

Margo agrees to one “meeting” with Charlie because her son nagged her into it.

Not to worry about husband number four, a backwoods country boy who scored a quick trip to the altar at Mall of America in a blatant rebound. 244 more words

Margo's Way

"Don't That Beat All!" (musin's and confusin's of a country boy)

It’s all over but the shoutin’….

My name is Liam, Liam Goodwell, of the Denton County Goodwells.

I been tasked by Miss Meadow, down to the school, to put my all my ponderin’s and most my ad-ventures onto paper ever’ day or ever’ time I make the time. 2,254 more words

His and Hers

And so a city girl fell in love with a country boy.


"Don't That Beat All!" (true life musin's of a country boy)

Heaven’s to Betsy!

Hey.  My name’d be Liam.  Liam Goodwell.  Of the Denton County Goodwells.

And I been here before.  Lots.

I been tasked and nigh’ on encouraged by somethin’ a’stirrin’ in my insides, and Miss Meadow down to the school, to put down to paper my comin’s and goin’s and my thinkin’ on the same.   1,154 more words

New Video : Country Boy ametoa video mpya "Nimetoka Mbali" f/. SamLov

New Video kutoka kwa Ibrahimu Mandingo ALIAS  Country Boy, wimbo aliomshirikisha SamLov,  “Nimetoka Mbali”. Video imeongozwa na Msafiri Shabani, wa KWETU STUDIOS. iTAZAME