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Passionfruit Crunchies

Passionfruit Crunchies. This is a bit of a misnomer. This came from a newspaper cut out pasted into one of Nana’s books. I had imagined something well…crunchy. 171 more words


Down home comfort

(NOTE: Robin and Tammie, y’all asked for it — here ’tis.)

It doesn’t get much more plebian or blue-collar than meat loaf. Nor does it get much more comforting. 1,027 more words


More casting off...

I haven’t mentioned recently my intention to get rid of at least one thing every day this year.. and by get rid of I mean recycling, putting in a charity shop bag, giving to someone else, throwing away… Some things I am just hanging on to for some distant sentimental reason… a red dress I shall never wear again, a cowboy hat which doesn’t fit… and casting away non-material things, casting off  some of the unwanted weight I’ve gained (I hope), try to cast off some of the unhelpful habits I’ve drifted into… nothing dangerous or ghastly, just things like time-wasting, not getting on with chores, faffing, you know, the sort of everyday things! 198 more words


Baked Apricots

Well hello there 2016. I’m just emerging from a paradise of good food, good wine, good travel and really great company. The extended festive season was incredibly festive this time around and it’s sad to see it end. 453 more words


Pot roast and beer bread

I wasn’t intending for this blog to have recipes, it probably won’t happen often. I don’t want it to be like the ones you’d find on pinterest, called something like Mommy Mayhem or The Bohemian Kitchen where they posted that one recipe you’d like to try but you have to skim past a paragraph about how they’re enjoying the summer rain and remembered one of grandma’s old recipes for cookies and just had to share an elaborate recipe with lots of well lit photos of the food being messily prepared and how much their family loved it. 966 more words

Roasted Red Potatoes

Potatoes can be an amazing side dish for so many different meals. I personally love seasoned and roasted potatoes, and using red potatoes really pulls the flavors together. 71 more words

Country Cooking


Gingersnaps are hands down my favorite fall cookie. This recipe makes cookies that are soft, chewy, and have a perfect balance between sugar and spice. 182 more words

Country Cooking