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So I bought a horse ...

… after all, it’s only been nine months. Who’s rushing??

After my appy boy bucked me off for the second time last spring, and managed to bust a couple ribs (mine, not his), I came to the delayed conclusion that I was just too friggin’ old to ride a testy horse. 572 more words

Country Life

Art, Birds, Cats, and Yoga

Oh man, Piper is on the piece of art I’m working on to show Porterfield’s. It’s been a rocky morning around here so far with the all the cat fights! 398 more words

My Bohemian Life

Creamy Broccoli & Cheddar Soup [Recipe]

I quite enjoy being alone. I don’t think I’m a loner – I love good company. But I am also perfectly content to be on my own. 1,205 more words

Spring is Around the Corner

Lovely music to accompany your little stroll thru the garden…

~ California Native Wild Lilac ~
Ceanothus is one of my favorite plants ~ it never disappoints. 490 more words


"He Who Weareth the Coat of the Countryman...

…will be mistaken for a countryman.” If that sounds like a wise proverb, it’s because it is – and it’s mine. And the reason that it’s a wise proverb is because it’s true. 233 more words

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