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Micro foraging for art supplies

It hasn’t rained here in 3 months and has been unusually hot too, so most blooming things are over and done with if they have even survived. 546 more words

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The Top Five Best Plants Blooming in My Garden This Morning

1. Cleome

The cleome are an added bonus. We have not planted any in about five years. They are a prolific re-seeder. We just move or weed out what we don’t want and enjoy the rest. 116 more words

Country Life

There Are Times Like This

I’m back! I didn’t take an intentional break from this blog, it just happened. It’s the first time since starting to write here that I haven’t posted at least once a week. 393 more words

Country Life

Hazy crazy days of summer

If you’re not from Nova Scotia, you might think it’s a cool coastal place where you go just go out on a boat to chill out. 560 more words

Summer Inspiration From Our Farm in the Shenandoah Valley

Summer days on the farm sail by like clouds in the blue. Each morning brings a fresh look to our familiar  scenery. The sights that greet us have comforting continuity and yet are ever-changing. 605 more words


Let me explain . . . A Meadow life update

‘ a life touched by horses is never the same again . . . ‘


These past few beautiful weeks of balmy summer days, golden sunsets and short sleeves have felt like a different earth all together, from the strains and wear and tear we faced last winter time  .  

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New Chickies

I am super excited!! Last week I went onto Stromberg’s website and ordered 15 egg layer chicks. I picked them up from the Post Office this morning😍 181 more words