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We had company all day yesterday so hopefully tonight I can post about what I’ve been up to! So keep your eyes open…

Holiday at home

At the cottage, holiday does not mean catching a plane to roast at the pool of some southern European hotel, it means prodding the big guy to do some maintenance on the wreck we call home. 497 more words

Chit Chat

No Arms or Legs Won't Slow Motivational Speaker Chris Koch

Cocktail parties at business conferences tend to put me on edge. I worry about remembering names and whether I’ll look awkward as I scan the crowd for friendly faces. 717 more words

Mudding Mud Bogging 

By:Tina Glover

“Mudding Mud Bogging”

Take me mudding mud bogging …

Climb on up in my jacked up truck and let’s ride on through the mud…

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Open Windows

Open windows are another simple pleasure. Normally, I only get to enjoy them in Spring and Fall when the weather is pleasant, but right now our air conditioning is out and it looks like it may be awhile until we can get a new system installed, so even though it’s mid-July and steamy, we have our windows (and doors) open, trying to keep our home as comfy as possible. 470 more words

Cherry On Top

My response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on top.

While Outdoor Guy toiled away tending to pheasants, Wyokiddo and I spent some time cooling off in the town pool.   276 more words