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Harvest report from Illinois

You saw on Monday that our last hay harvest of this year happened on the weekend. In Illinois, harvest is also underway, although there’s some variation in the crops. 261 more words

Country Life


We’ve just moved to the “country side” or the closest thing to it, living in the insane city of Macau.

It’s Summer. Myself and the kids didn’t have a chance to go on holiday this year, as we do every summer and have just been making the most of our life at home. 87 more words

The Freedom of Inconvenience

There is something wonderfully simple yet gloriously complex about the process of watching the tree bud out in the springtime, watching the flowers shed their petals and be replaced by infant fruit, then watching the fruit mature, and ripen, then picking that fruit at the right time and processing it, canning it as various delectable spreads or syrups or sauces, stacking the jars neatly in the pantry to be used at a future date…the process is immensely satisfying. 548 more words


Green and Pleasant Land: Requiem For a Forgotten Britain

Imagine the quintessential English countryside. It is a beautifully sunny day. Birds flit along the hedgerows. A farmer, in shirt and flat cap, steers a plough pulled by a sturdy Shire horse. 1,176 more words


Conkers, Brights, Shiners, Cheggies, Obblyonkers,Cheeses

Gawd, the Brits have the best words for EVERYTHING! In the American midwest they call them buckeyes. Not to be outdone by the Brits, they have even come up with a peanut butter and chocolate candy made to look like the nut – also called a buckeye.  298 more words