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Pumpkin, pumpkin and more pumpkin

Our very first crop of home grown pumpkins is ready! At the end of the season we have five large lovelies, which have all spent about one to two months on our roof, which apparently develops flavour in the sun and lengthens their shelf life. 118 more words

Veggie Garden

Sweet and sour saga of syrup making

Maple syrup. Sap, sugar, sweetness–so much goodness. Our maple syrup making this spring has been great–except for one incident that can only be described as terrible. 664 more words

Country Life

Power Soliloquy

Been in Seoul where there is a never staunched flood of power in innumerable manifestations; so this poem seems a fitting expression of the contrast in power between city & country, though it doesn’t directly deal with that, this is an abstract expression of what power stands for to me. 144 more words


Ten Little Piglets

One of the new piglets
was limping – a broken leg?

Two others were trying to shove it away
from the feeding trough.

Three legs were not enough. 115 more words

Kallis Poems

Fake Craft Beer?


We’ve been hearing a lot about fake news lately. Our president has been accusing some major media outlets of using false sources, but I don’t know about that; I do know there’s a lot of websites out there that put up fake news stories to draw people in. 343 more words

A day at the mart

I missed posting on the blog the last two weeks, this is because of all the farming activities we have been tied up with. This farming craic can be pretty intense, let me tell you. 928 more words

Country Life