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Lemon Semifreddo birthday cake!

Nothing says late spring birthday as a Semifreddo cake, so when I found this recipe leafing through David Lebovitz’s Ready for Dessert recipe book whilst looking for a birthday cake idea, I was ecstatic. 673 more words

Country Life

So Not Sneaky

How do people have affairs or cheat on a significant other?  I mean aside from the fact that you are destroying the trust of the person you supposedly love most in this life, how can someone physically do that?   643 more words

Red Squirrel??

So this morning I heard some strange noises coming from the kitchen…

I’m not a morning person never have been :) Soooo I let the noises go on for a while before I started getting concerned. 225 more words

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Farm Girl Blues

” It is always sad to lose an animal that has been a part of the daily life on your homestead.”

5:00am This morning began with my husband coming back up stairs to wake me up with a kiss good morning and him quietly telling me that I should get up and milk the cow quickly before the storm hits and before the boys wake up.

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Moments Before the Rodeo

There is a side to rodeos that many don’t know about. It’s the quiet moments before the competition. Be it sharing a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll with your teammates or giving your daughter a tight squeeze as the hubbub slowly begins. 42 more words


Yoga and Coffee...life is good

Please sir, may I have more? That was me and Mr. Coffee just now. Yoga was great! A powerful energetic vinyasa flow that has left me fluid and free and feeling alive. 162 more words

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