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Green Bean Harvest 2017

We don’t grow a lot of acres of green beans, but even one acre produces a ton…or a number of tons! This field was harvested this week and will produce around 500,000 bags of green beans for grocery stores! 55 more words


Ticks, Lyme, and Long Walks

Here in the country the woods are our backyards and tall grass abounds. We have a woodland path that connects our house to our neighbours a ten minute walk away. 575 more words

Lets start at the beginning


A little introduction about myself and why I choose to join the infinite space of faceless strangers who inhabit the cyber space.

Lets call me City Girl. 372 more words


Donkey Duties: Caring for my Donkeys

It was a big day in caring for my two donkeys, Jack and Jill. I knew what I had to do: get fly spray on them (not an easy thing to do with Jack), de-worm them (again, I know Jack is wary and difficult to de-worm), then get their grazing muzzles on so they could get some exercise in our pasture. 1,580 more words


The Return of the Skunk

I thought I’d seen the last of our skunk visitor after it spent a day in our chicken pen with a peanut butter jar stuck on its head. 518 more words

Hey Hay Day

Looks like we are baling today.  Fingers crossed as there is a shower imminent. There was a sprinkling of rain in the night too but not enough to stop us. 326 more words


Swims with Ducks

Safer than dancing with wolves, but the ducks don’t think so. ¬†

(No harm came to any of these animals for the creation of this photograph.)