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[VIDEO] Kenyan Politician Nearly Lights Himself on Fire in Attempt to Combat Kenya’s Underground Alcohol Industry

What’s more dangerous: drinking illegal, highly alcoholic beverages possibly laced with methanol, or setting those drinks on fire in front of a crowd?

William Kabogo, governor of… 47 more words




mike, travis and nappier discuss the following topics……

nappier didn’t go rainbow……


the crazies database………

kobe bryant and larry nance…….

sea world and morgan spurlock……… 26 more words


Label reading

There is a lot of information on the web about reading the food ingredient label on your dog’s food.  Some of the advice I agree with, some of it is purely marketing. 122 more words


Don't Repeal country-of-origin labeling on food

I’m here asking for your support on food labeling. The House passed the bill. Now, it’s up to the Senate. Canada and Mexico claim labeling requirements put their cows and pigs at a disadvantage. 106 more words

Three Things To Think About (2015)

1. Summer vacation.

2. Favorite game play.

3. What is that country of origin?


Where that meat is coming

from at best-

Will we eventually just have

to guess?


John Block: “COOL” Isn’t Cool

By John R. Block

As a farmer, we understand that if you have something that doesn’t work, you fix it. It will just cost you money if you ignore the problem. 388 more words

Public Policy

Canada, Mexico win final round in battle against US meat-label rules

WASHINGTON – Canada and Mexico have defeated the United States’ meat-labelling rules at the World Trade Organization, winning a final appeal that could pave the way to retaliatory sanctions. 569 more words