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USDA wants to import Namibia beef into USA as that African nation fights foot and mouth disease epidemic in cattle herds

Namibia has a big problem – foot and mouth disease infecting its cattle herds. Officials are confident they will push back the attack on their beef industry, and have enacted strict controls of movement of animals from one location to another within the country. 370 more words


Turtle Tip #1

When choosing & purchasing an essential oil, check for its country of origin.   Why is this important?

Country of Origin plays a key role in an oil’s quality. 267 more words

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Auto Parts origin classification dispute among TPP countries

An article in the Wall Street Journal (September 3, 2015) titled ” Auto Parts dispute Taps the Brakes on Pacific Trade Deal” describes disagreement between Japan, Mexico and the US regarding auto parts that will be considered free of duty under the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). 109 more words

TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership)

Every time, we see brands seek expansion and revenue growth beyond their borders but not all of them succeed. So what makes most brands fail where others seem to be enjoying seemingly effortless success?

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Nigerian Context

The One I Love

This dark romance/comedy available at the library and U.S. Netflix is difficult to describe without giving away the premise, but I’ll try. A young couple are seeing a marriage counselor to revive their relationship and are advised to stay at an idyllic retreat, for a weekend, to reconnect. 97 more words

Country Of Origin

Reaching Out to the World

Welcome. I see you’re from Earth. That’s great, because I want to have visitors from all over the world. So, here’s what I’d like to do. 165 more words


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