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Lightning In A Bottle  -  Luanne Hunt and Steven Bankey (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a part of country music which errs on the side of over-earnestness. Brooding acoustic guitar slingers singing of unrequited love, darker times and driving off into the sunset and that’s fine, there is obviously a market for such a style. 259 more words

Come Back To Me  -  Molly Kruse (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Molly Kruse has that classic Americana sound, it is hard to pin down musically in anything other than a general sense but geographically it is the cultural pulse of that great nation. 206 more words

Scene and Heard  - CCLXVI : If Love Had a Butt - Seth Hilary Jackson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is easy to make a case for the fact that country music can take itself a bit too seriously. A gross generalisation I know, but you know the ones I mean, those moody looking, lonesome cowboys waxing lyrical about love, often unrequited, about the one that got away or done them wrong or their dog … or their pickup truck. 235 more words

One Louder -  The Nadas (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you were so inclined or are naturally one of those people who needs everything in neat generic packages I guess you would drop The Nadas into the alt-rock pigeon-hole…or the pop-rock one…or perhaps alt-country…roots? 342 more words

The Letting Go -  Natalie Jean & Levi Moore (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

On paper this duet from Natalie Jean and Levi Moore may seem to be coming from a very familiar musical place, a gentle balladic country-pop place, rich in harmony and minimalist deliveries. 324 more words

Jolene- Dolly Parton

“Your smile is like a breath of spring…” –Jolene, Dolly Parton


Memories -  Echoglass  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Drowning saw Echoglass playing with subtle balladry, Blackburn Boulevard took a more indie-pop route and Last To Know wandered some wonderfully Americana musical pathways, Memories seems to tie all those ends together. 186 more words