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Lucy Grubb - "18 Miles"

Lucy Grubb is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter from Norfolk. Her music blends modern Americana with country undertones. After a great start to 2017 supporting her fellow peers… 230 more words


Time Between Us -  Trent Miller (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Trent Miller is a great example of why the various tribal demarcations found in music, its generic barriers, its tribal affinities, its journalistic pigeon-holing and listener driven expectations, are all attitudes that thankfully are receding into the past. 324 more words

Quick Music Reviews: Latest Releases April 2018

Keith Urban – Graffiti U (EMI)

I really enjoy the fact that Keith Urban stays true to his strength, yet happy enough to push genre lines not necessarily country. 763 more words


Song of the Day

“Bartender” – Lady Antebellum

I wanted another country song and I wanted to play this song yesterday but last minute decided not to. But today I changed my mind and I’m going to play this song, a country song. Enjoy and happy Wednesday.

Tunes For You

Music Park: Andy Grammer @ 9:30 Club -- 4/10/18

Andy Grammer performs at 9:30 Club on April 10, 2018. (Photo by Chris R. Smyth)

If Tuesday night is not supposed to be a night to party, don’t tell that to everyone at the Andy Grammer concert. 556 more words

Music Park

She Can Flow  - Rob Larkin and The Wayward Ones (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As someone who has visited the country mainly through its music and media, She Can Flow sounds like nothing less than America’s beating heart. And to be fair it is probably an America that never existed outside its road movies, TV adverts, beat legacy, literature and other rose tinted nostalgia, but in my mind it is what America should sound like. 135 more words

Gulf Stream Riders - "Not That Someone"

Gulf Stream Riders is a collaboration between duo Ceej Anderson and Nalle Ahlstedt. Both are former members of a hard rock band that had a record deal in Scandinavia and spent time extensively touring the clubs of Los Angeles. 246 more words