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Pet Planning, Wisconsin, and the Rest of the Country

When it comes to your estate plan, it’s easy to focus most your time and attention on your loved ones. Will your spouse be cared for? 38 more words

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is a day to remember all of the many thousands of soldiers who chose to defend their country since the Revolutionary War. Some chose and some were drafted. 70 more words

Rebel Posts

10 Miles

Some of you might want to smack me. I live 10 miles from Lake Michigan and the beach. Having grown up less than 1 mile from the beach, that 10 miles is inconvenient. 131 more words


America: Remember

The Civil War (also referred to as The War Between the States), resulted in Americans forming the first national war cemeteries. Those who had lost loved ones would visit these cemeteries regularly. 1,066 more words

Napoleon Bonaparte

‘There are no greater patriots than those good men who have been maimed in the service of their country.’ – Napoleon Bonaparte


Memorial Day

Take a moment today and remember the real reason why we celebrate Memorial Day. Let’s honor & remember those who died while serving our great country. 8 more words