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The Woods of Rufford Abbey

It was sunny today for the first time in three days so it was off to Rufford Abbey with the camera and a happy heart. We weren’t the only ones, as there was a full car park and what seemed to be a coach trip too. 111 more words

Day 5: Romanced by France

The beauty of the French country side puts a spell on you. Several times since arriving here I have had to remind myself that I am not dreaming. 758 more words


A quick afternoon walk

After several days of dull, damp and sometimes misty weather today turned out to be glorious, with a cloudless blue sky and wall-to-wall sunshine. The dogs hadn’t had a decent walk all week so when I got back from my lunchtime job I grabbed the camera, loaded the pair of them into the van and drove three miles up the road from home to the village of Belmont which, although classed as part of my home town, is actually a village in its own right as it’s completely surrounded by fields and moorland. 414 more words


Sometimes a hazy sky can prove quite useful – especially when a daft guy with a camera wants to shoot pictures of the sun.

Shopping Llama

I know I said in the last post that the next one would be about this weekend and the surprise but I thought I’d add a quick post in first about my new items I found whilst hitting all the sales recently! 860 more words

Landscapes that Speak to Me

There are some landscapes that I could stare into for hours. Some of them are home (Småland, the holiday visit there inspired this post, the sandy patches of pine trees around Berlin), some have become home (Vancouver, Alaska), and some must have been a home in a previous life (Mongolia). 309 more words