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My Favourite Friday

On Friday we planned to visit Sherwood Forest, photograph the oak trees and look for Robin Hood.

Sorry, I’m a bit late wth this – it’s so late on Saturday that it’s almost Sunday. 301 more words

Bird Watching

Travel locations: My top 5!

Sorpresa! I’m back again already. All this talk of Italy planning seems to have got me in blogging mood. I thought that since I felt so inspired to plan my own wanderings, I’d try and inspire a few of you with some recommendations! 1,185 more words

In the season of Hator

II With abundance, scarcity

To travel through the countryside to Saqqara, or for that matter anywhere along the Nile valley or in the Delta, is to journey into abundance. 616 more words

Curious Handmade Country House Retreat in Cumbria ... My First Knitting Retreat!

This is a long overdue post … I attended a lovely knitting retreat back in March of this year up in Cumbria … it was a lovely few days spent with fellow knitters and crafters in the countryside … where all we did was relax and knit and occasionally go for a walk in the surrounding area … anyway here are a few photos from the few days we spent there … 9 more words

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Ad Hoc Fiction entry, keyword ‘blend’.

She watched the trees as they started to blend in with the hills, silhouetted against the setting sun. The only sounds were the whispers of the wind and the occasional whuffle from one of the horses as they settled down for the night. 110 more words

Christina Persico