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Weekend Bike Ride

Ever since watching 13 Reasons Why, I’ve wanted to go out for a bike ride. What got me so interested was because in the show the main character Clay is always riding around on his bike, being active and all that jazz and it just looked so lovely that I wanted to go out and do that too. 521 more words


Recalling 'Aaj Bhi Khare Hain Talaab': Raj Kaithwar

Guest post by RAJ KAITHWAR

As I began to type this review, I struggled to begin with the beginning: how do I present this lively work on ‘talaab’ which does justice to its contents. 1,244 more words

Everyday Life

Quintessentially English

I have been thinking about doing a blog closer to home, but never got round to it, until we decided to take a good walk along a local canal, nothing unusual, and found a section nearby we had missed before, and couldn’t stop taking photos. 385 more words


Sasha walks so far her legs shrink

No, not really. They’re still as ridiculously long as ever XD

But we did do a massive hike!

We walked along the canal, and wow I forgot how busy a sunny weekend made EVERYWHERE. 633 more words


Welcome to OTOYO BLOG

Yoshino river taken from Kawaguchi Ohashi in the morning.

Welcome to OTOYO BLOG

I’m OtoyoJapan. I’m a one of otoyo people.

Otoyo has many beautiful natures, rivers, mountains, cultures and people. 90 more words