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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Cinnamon & Original Chewing Sticks Dual Pack (200 Counts)

Two flavors in one pack.
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Chewing Sticks help reduce bad breath and support oral hygiene by eliminating odour causing bacteria that can lodge between teeth after eating. 48 more words

(Article Submitted by:  George Haskins, Survey Coordinator & Photos Submitted by: Charley Moore)

The annual survey of bird species on or adjacent to the Seabrook Island golf courses was conducted on April 28, 2016, by a team of 13 persons.   434 more words


Rolling Fevers

It’s been a rough couple of days. I had a night of high fever a couple of nights ago, topping out at 39.8 deg. They’ve been pumping me full of red blood cells and platelets as my counts have bottomed out and continue dropping. 519 more words


Rock Bottom

My counts, that is. I’m pretty much on the minimum for all my blood counts. My immune system is zero and red blood cells and platelets are at minimum levels before a transfusion. 741 more words



My counts have dropped even lower. It looks like I’m in for a while and the hope of a quick cycle turn around is evaporating. That’s ok. 1,087 more words


Wings Clipped Again

After three days of consecutive day leave my neutraphils have clipped my wings again. When they fall below 1.0 (they’re currently 0.9), I’m classified as neutrapenic and not allowed out of the hospital. 866 more words


The Waiting Game

Sorry for the long gap for those following this blog, but the internet has been particularly bad in hospital lately. Chemo is over for this round and now we’re back to playing the waiting game for my blood counts. 640 more words