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John Liao - Local Recruiter for the Cult of Trump?

The Republican Party has become the cult of Donald J. Trump — a vapid party devoid of values or core beliefs run by a narcissistic, xenophobic, child. 131 more words

Budget "Crisis" Was a Total Nothingburger

County executive Ken Waller, a Republican, went to the microphone Thursday to inform the unquestioning St. Louis media that there was a budget crisis in Jefferson County and that a shutdown was imminent. 889 more words


David’s county councillor report for May 2018

My  county councillor’s monthly report for May 2018  is now available on-line. Click on the icon below.

County Council

Back to the bridge

Item 6 on the General Purposes Committee (GPC) agenda this week was the Integrated Resources and Performance Report for the year ending 31 Mar 18 and when you got to para 13.10 there was a sense of deja vu because it was about the Ely Southern Bypass overspend which we’d covered at the Economy & Environment Committee (E&ECom) last month. 410 more words

County Council

HoCo Charter is Better in Case of Death of County Executive

In the wake of the tragic death of Baltimore County County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, a comparison of the Charter provisions in Howard and Baltimore Counties shows that Howard County is much better prepared to deal with the unfortunate circumstance of the death of an Executive. 979 more words

You can’t cut 49% from council support and expect everything to keep humming | Cllr Duncan Enright

You can’t cut 49% from council support and expect everything to keep humming. It wasn’t as though when Cameron and Clegg rode their big blue and yellow bulldozers into power that councillors were saying “Hi guys, we have loads of slack, so plough down local services, they don’t matter and we can take it.” 296 more words


Annual Report and Presentation on the Monroe County Jail Today

The Monroe County Correctional Center and the criminal justice system that feeds it has been on my mind a lot lately. Each day, the jail reports the number of people in custody, in several different categories (e.g., secure beds, program beds, detox, etc.). 393 more words