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Live Updates from The Great Frederick Fair

It’s that time of year again: The Great Frederick Fair is upon us and because we here at The Annual know exactly what you want to read, I’ve made it my duty to fill you in on exactly what goes down during Frederick Fair Day, when all the local kids get off school to go to the fair for some reason. 2,909 more words


Vertigo: My Turn On The Tilt-A-Whirl

When I was young, my parents took the whole family to the county fair. As many county fairs are, this one was fully equipped with rides and games. 594 more words

County Fair

County Fair week has begun! For many, this means staying out late on school nights and getting to ride fair rides, but for me it means showing off the months of hard work and the feeling of accomplishment. 592 more words

My Life

Hors’n Around

This whimsical shot at the San Mateo County Fair, circa 2005, capsulizes the sound and color of the annual event. Do you remember riding the ponies when you were young? 26 more words

Finessed Photos

P-ride comes before a fall

Summer 2003:

“HE’S got 1700lb of angry black bull under him and he don’t like riders much…” As if he understood the words reverberating around the showground the angry black bull flexed his back, kicked up his rear legs and another dishevelled cowboy found himself face down in the Albertan dust. 657 more words


Sunday Gratitudes #36

“In particular for some more introverted people, the practice of gratitude can improve self-worth in some. Often when we take on a label like introvert or shy, it can cause us to feel less about ourselves.

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in honor of country fair season

(poetry diary 30) I am afraid that I am nerd enough to, while waiting for my son to finish his ice cream at a fair yesterday, go looking for poems about country fairs on my iPhone. 141 more words