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35 Years of Marriage--Year 15

1998 was the Year of the Pig, at least in our family.  In the Chinese calendar, it was the Year of the Tiger, but that summer we raised Rufus, a spring pig in 4H, and Meghan aged 13, Allie 10, Sam 7, and me and Dale middle-aged and feeling it. 326 more words


Our high school vice principal used a new and strange language.

During my high school years we students enjoyed a friendship with an older but amiable vice principal who would go out of his way to be friendly and accommodating to the kids at the school. 1,104 more words

One of my favorites

I have always been a photographer. Even before I held a camera, I was constantly staring at light and shadows. I continue to do it now. 235 more words

CFFC: Letter U – Needs to have the letters O and U in the word

For this week’s Fun Foto Challenge a random display of O‘s and U‘s:



County Fair… 33 more words


Knit: Fall & Christmas 2017

At the start of fall I mentioned I was on a knitting hiatus due to what I believe was a repetitive injury strain on my left-hand pinkie. 735 more words


Congress, "Put-On Your 'Big-Boy/Girl Pants' and Grow Up"

Christmas came a few days early for the Republican Party this week when they passed the tax bill, giving themselves something to crow about while the Democrats have something to whine about.  376 more words

Republican Party