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Grandsons enthralled by Demolition Derby





Cars which are “allowed” to crash!

Not a movie set nor “fake” but

All Real Crashes!

Skyler and Micah,

Sitting on plastic folding chairs, 92 more words


Emergency squad on "stand by" at Demolition derby

We ran into Geddy,

(Co-worker with 4 year old

daughter Riley).

Then greeted my coworker,

Jordanna with her

four kids around fair rides.

After that, we picked up food… 167 more words


Firemen attend to smoking car fire!

On the edge of their seats,

Children run or stand up to see,

Will there be an explosion?

Demolition derby moments

are free, with admission to… 29 more words


Back at the fair

Candy colored everything – it’s what the fair is all about.

The original was a little dark, and after adjusting several aspects I decided that a preset would finish it off beautifully. 72 more words


The County Fair!

One of my favorite parts of the end of summer is getting to go to the county fair in Centreville, MI every year with my family. 254 more words


Madison County Fair

There’s something nostalgic about visiting the fair at night. The lights, the sounds, and the smells are all so timeless–suddenly I could be back in my own childhood or even that of my grandparents. 93 more words


Live Updates from The Great Frederick Fair

It’s that time of year again: The Great Frederick Fair is upon us and because we here at The Annual know exactly what you want to read, I’ve made it my duty to fill you in on exactly what goes down during Frederick Fair Day, when all the local kids get off school to go to the fair for some reason. 2,909 more words