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Stream of consciousness

…when your doctor changes all your medications—blood pressure, allergy, and mood control—at the end of November, so that the first week of December you cannot assess which things are shaping your approach to life: the change in medication; dark, gloomy skies; later sunrises and earlier sunsets; an allergy to oak leaves and their dust; pressure of the holiday season; the latest senseless obsession; traffic and bad drivers; tedious tasks at work…. 766 more words


Suva Showcase - Here We Come!

“We have to go to the showcase!” at least that’s what Nancy’s small friends thought. People were flocking in from the surrounding area to go for the rides, food and goods for sale, and it was just matter of fact that we were going as well. 332 more words


The County Fair

Where can you go to see people you haven’t seen in years, or that you just saw yesterday, or anything in between? Where can you go to indulge in deep fried Oreos, social frivolity, breathe in the smell of Cotton Candy, watch lights screaming with color, listen to music on blast, take in art, drink the best lemonade you’ve ever had (its a southern thing), watch Motocross, a demolition derby, a lawnmower pull, and be physically sick from the main attractions, and miserable the entire time but you’re there and stay for hours because you love it anyway? 300 more words


It's the Not-So-Small Things in Life

The Regatta is here. It’s almost 2 pm and the first of four races is about to begin. Thousands have flocked from across the country to this small Portland suburb by the Tualatin River. 606 more words



Artistic Interpretations with Margaret

Margaret has shared some art exhibited at the NC County Fair in Asheville for our inspiration in the Garden


I wait… 44 more words


Why I'm here

For every minute that an animal is in a show ring, there are hours of prep work behind it.  A livestock show is much more than simply showing up with an animal.  420 more words

Livestock Show


When I say I can’t stand my husbands ex wife …I mean I can’t stand my husbands ex wife 

Work was work yesterday …just realizing more and more I don’t wanna work here anymore.  460 more words