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Turkey's Instability Calls the E.U. Migrant Deal Into Question

(ATHENS) — Even before Turkey was thrown into crisis by a coup attempt, its deal with the European Union to stop migration westward was under strain: Turks did not get the visa-free travel they were promised, and Greece was overwhelmed with asylum claims that have halted deportations for weeks. 612 more words

My experience during Istanbul Coup

They say Istanbul is a city that never sleeps. That is true. During the night and during the day you’ll hear several noises wether it be the traffic or the many predestrians on the streets. 307 more words

Turkey suspends European Convention on Human Rights

Turkey will be suspending parts of the European Convention on Human Rights under the state of emergency, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said. The measures were supported by lawmakers in the country’s parliament. 917 more words


Claim that US commander masterminded Turkey failed coup leads to torching of NATO base vicinity

The situation in Turkey is now at the hysterical stage. Last night an area close to a US-NATO base in Turkey was set alight. No one has claimed responsibility. 95 more words

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‘Erdogan heeft vrij spel door machteloosheid Westen’ @fd @eu #turkije #coup

Frank Gersdorf en Ties Keyzer (Economie & Politiek/fd, 25 juli)

Krantentitel: ‘‘We kunnen een serieuze uitstroom van hoogopgeleiden verwachten’’

‘Excuses, dat was de Russische radio.’ Erik-Jan Zürcher zet zijn mobiele telefoon uit. 2,297 more words


The Coup in Turkey Was a Total Power Grabbing Sham

When I first read about the coup going on in Turkey last week, my first thought was, something smells rotten. For decades the military in Turkey has had a political leaning towards that of Europe. 474 more words

On the Attempted Coup in Turkey

A lot has been going on in Turkey recently, starting from a surprising attempted coup against Turkey’s president. The shocking part is not that there were elements of the military that wanted to overthrow Erdogan, or that the… 176 more words