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Coup And Banishment of Sriram

I, Maverick, hereby coup and banish Sriram from the Midnight Defenders. Sriram shall never be hired into the Midnight Defenders by anyone ever again. The reason for the coup and banishment is simple, Sriram. 95 more words

Club Penguin

Brazil: Dilma – Don’t Let Go! Open Letter to President Dilma Rousseff. “A New Sort of ‘Coups’ is being Invented – Less blood, More fraud”

Dear President Rousseff,

Please do not let go! Don’t let the corrupt neoliberal right wing with the help – no, at the instigation of Washington steal your country – take away Brazil from the Brazilians, rip-off and destroy all you and Lula have achieved in the last 14 years, free education, health services, efficient and modern public transportation, a basic social safety net – a more equal society. 1,608 more words


Not a coup

Dilma Rousseff is facing impeachment in Brazil. Why? Well, that’s actually rather complicated. To start, it has a lot to do with the fact that she’s supposed to be a leftist, but her government hasn’t helped the poor as promised. 914 more words


6 Days Till Departure

It’s Monday morning, and I am sitting at McDonald’s in my usual seat drinking coffee and thinking of everything I still have to do before I leave. 405 more words

Chapter 44

The man from the west attempted to make an appointment with Balthazar. Balthazar refused. The man called and Balthazar let him speak and silently waited for him to finish before he reminded the man that he, Balthazar, was still the only occupant of the building who had the power to remove the man from his apartment, should he so desire for any reason, after which Balthazar informed the man that the woman next door, appointed illegitimately and through secret means by the man from the west, her life was still very much in danger, and Balthazar should hate very much to find this woman dead, likely killed for whatever reason due to the insistence of the man from the west to involve himself. 79 more words


Brazilian Congressmen articulate rewarding House Leader with pardon if impeachment is approved

Revista Forum

“Any other Congressman would not have resisted the pressures from the Planalto Palace. We are going to save him”, explained Congressman Dirceu Sperafico (PP-PR) to the site Congress in Focus. 364 more words


Egyptian Aak 2016 - Week 16: April 18 - 24

Top Headlines

  • An Egyptian judge renews detention of 25 protesters against the Red Sea islands deal
  • An Egyptian policeman shot and killed a vendor. Tuesday…
  • 1,163 more words