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Avalon: A Game Review

Note: This board game review is done by Spilled Spagehtti Janitor in our now defunct group blog Tuesdays with Bison.

The fate of King Arthur’s realm is in your hands… that’s sad. 1,502 more words




Inflammation of the larynx, esp. in children, marked by laboured breathing and a hoarse cough.

The daily report indicated five weird cases of croup that day.


Day 24 - moving from a playwright to a poet

Been working on a poem about zero, but I like it too much to put on here (publishers/journals are so finicketty about what’s classed as ‘previously published’, & lots are saying even a little ol blog like this disqualifies it). 256 more words


Homicide Threat to Turkey's Bedridden President

Anne-Marcelle Ngabirano

Turkish Parliamentary Speaker, Foreign Affairs chair, and Governor of Central Bank were behind the attempted the assassination of the President in hopes of a military coup in Turkey. 81 more words


Colonel's Standing


There are so many things wrong with the bias in Anthony Zurcher’s editorial I need only point out the big ones.

  1. The whole point of a political party is the representation of its members.
  2. 328 more words

Who Cares about the Nigerian Elections?: Concerning Its Relevance

What ever happened in or occurs in Nigeria? What is so interesting or relevant about the recent presidential elections in Nigeria, and where for that matter is this county in question of Nigeria even located? 1,007 more words


Radio Documentary- Witness To A Massacre

Democracy was a dream Egyptians were forced to wake up from. After Dictator Hosni Mubarak was ousted in 2011 by popular uprising, elections took place the following year. 51 more words