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Best 3 Games with...Hidden Roles!

Hidden roles is slowly becoming one of my favorite mechanisms.  IF you play with the right people.  Many times, I play with my family and trying to get my 8 year old boy to not give away anything is nearly impossible.   838 more words

Best 3 Games With......

Obama's wars

In 2009, Barrack  Obama, the then recently elected president, who represented hope for millions of people in the USA and worldwide, received the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. 592 more words


No to a down slide from democracy!

By Alem Hailu

Before marching to showdowns, while chanting war songs to embolden themselves, warrior forefathers of Ethiopia used to chant “ቱርክ ባይ የምፈራ ነኝ ወይ?” It literary means “Am I to back pedal if I see a Turkish man?” It was during my formative years I heard this saying encapsulated in our oral literature .It portrays when it comes to their freedom Turkish people are valorous and brave heart on par with a lion, for the war song should have been “Am I to back pedal if I see a lion!” 1,342 more words


Forewarned is forearmed


ANKARA ISTANBUL — “Taking a lesson from the July 15, 2016 coup attempt in Turkey, as soon as possible, countries need hack the tentacles of the terroristorganization FETO, led by the self-declared ‘Imam of the Universe’ Fetulla  Gulean” 1,012 more words


Democrats Demand Recount Based on Hillary Clinton Winning Popular Vote; Popular Vote Irrelevant in Presidential Election

The demand for a recount of the States of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by Democrats through Jill Stein is picking up steam.  Team Clinton has endorsed the demand claiming Hillary won the popular vote by 2.1 million.  1,091 more words

USG ♥ corporations

My husband does not enjoy discussing politics in the least. Indeed, I can see his jaw clench just about every time I say, “Let me tell you what I just read!” (It’s all politics.) 279 more words

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