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Politici willen zo snel mogelijk van Turkse coupverdachten af, en reactie van hun Griekse advocate @nrc #Turksecoupversustegencoup

Griekse advocaat: ‘Politici willen zo snel mogelijk van Turkse coupverdachten af’ (Marloes de Koning, Buitenland/NRCHANSELSBLAD, 26 augustus)

Interview In de nacht van de couppoging landden acht Turkse militairen per helikopter in Griekenland. 186 more words


US Capitulates to Russia Over Syrian War Cooperation

A little over a month ago, a strange thing happened in Washington. On July 14th, Secretary of State John Kerry got on a plane, flew to the Kremlin in Moscow, and met with Vladimir Putin to discuss cooperation and coordination between US and Russian military forces in Syria. 701 more words


The News: We are what we Read

As a follow up to the last article about the news, Bob Hill commented that newspapers, television broadcasters and bloggers are first and foremost out to make money. 574 more words


Trump and the Attempted Coup in Turkey : "13 CIA senior officers helped in Failed Coup"

“I’ve got fresh evidence 13 CIA senior officers helped in Turkey Failed Coup. I will divulge the names in the coming days.”

Donald Trump — 15 August 2016…

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Coup D'etat | PT subtitles

To all Brazilian warriors /// Às guerreiras do Brasil

Brazilian artist Sabrina Barrios speaks about her two-part site-specific installation “Coup D’etat” (NY, 2016). Through symbolism, the artist tells the story of the end of democracy in her home country, Brazil. 46 more words

Sabrina Barrios

Turkey, once the great hope of the Middle East, is left weak and unstable

The destabilisation of Turkey is good news for Isis as Turkish security organisations devote their efforts to hunting down Gulenists


Ortega’s Nicaraguan Coup

The Sandinista has become a dictator amid U.S. indifference, says an editorial in The Wall Street Journal.

Source: Ortega’s Nicaraguan Coup