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One year later

I looked at my blog site and realised that the last post is a year ago. Shame on me :)

Just an update:

Coupé: still going strong, but most of the time in storage. 148 more words


Just two pictures

I had the opportunity to photograph the Coupé and Cabrio in one shot.


Anti rust treatment for the Coupé

To conserve the Coupé I decided to invest in a Dinitrol treatment. Unfortunately the car needed some repairs as well but now it is in top condition with a hard body. 38 more words


Changing the carpet

The second repair job was to add new carpet. The interior and seats of the car is fine, except that the carpet was not original. I bought from… 142 more words


Repairing the window

Hi, the first task was to repair the right window. A difficult task and I post some pictures because I could not find any on the internet. 32 more words