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Pure fifties: 1959 Fiat 1200 Gran Turismo by Viotti

Although not big as they were used in the U.S. cars, also Italian designers adopted the use of fins on many italian cars: Vignale was the master in this fashion but even others less known designers like Viotti didn’t disdain to put them on his coachbuilt cars. 138 more words

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Rare cruiser: 1968 OSI 20M TS

It’s absolutely unusual to see an OSI 20M TS in the U.S: indeeed this car, built in Turin, Italy, by Officine Stampaggi Industriali (hence “OSI) is pretty rare even in Europe. 134 more words

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Two toned: 1962 Lancia Flaminia GT Coupé by Touring

We’ve seen many Flaminia Touring for sale painted in several colors but this is the first time ever we see one with a two tone paintjob. 158 more words

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Fairly priced: 1968 Simca 1200S Coupé by Bertone

In these days, when the crazy prices are the rules, we are pleasantly surprised to spot a nice car at the “right” price for sale. 130 more words

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Little car, great style: 1963 Fiat 600 Coupé by Vignale

You don’t need to have an important badge on the hood of your car, nor you need to spend a truck full of money to own a stylish classic car: this car proofs that. 152 more words

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One year later

I looked at my blog site and realised that the last post is a year ago. Shame on me :)

Just an update:

Coupé: still going strong, but most of the time in storage. 148 more words