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When your opponent is a woman. How to survive it.

Sorry ladies, this article is just for men. But, ok, you can read it too if you want. Do not say that we did not warn you. 801 more words


Do we deserve a weird FIDE president? Do we deserve weird chess professionals?

Chess is not a normal sport. It is different, but we do not deserve “different” managers. We want normal and dedicated people managing our sport and we want normal and fair chess professionals giving a good image of chess. 652 more words


Raksha Bharadia- a woman with a vision

A year ago, a friend of mine approached me to write an article. I was told it’s a website for couple relations. I talked to Raksha Bharadia for the first time. 479 more words


Hidden loyalties and procastination

Everyone has hidden loyalties. This is such an important topic! I will share a little bit, and explain much more, in the upcoming workshop and video that will be posted on FB and YouTube. 339 more words


War of Wills

I am currently visiting a friend in Bali who invited a dog trainer to work with her dogs who were going to be freighted back to Australia. 639 more words

Couple Relationships

Navigating Uncharted Waters

When a person goes to visit a solicitor to find out what their rights are to division of assets and access to children then we know that issues at home are far from ok. 826 more words

Couple Relationships

Finding That Trigger

If you want to create a connected, lasting relationship then it’s not the physical attraction that keeps someone in a relationship. The other needs to feel something else in order to want you and only you and that’s an emotional attraction, a trigger. 744 more words

Finding That Special Someone