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Finding That Trigger

If you want to create a connected, lasting relationship then it’s not the physical attraction that keeps someone in a relationship. The other needs to feel something else in order to want you and only you and that’s an emotional attraction, a trigger. 744 more words

Finding That Special Someone

Together Forever

Did you know that there are more men in the world than women?

I had it drummed into me when I was growing up that if I was to attract a man for life then I had to look good by dressing well, had to have the proper manners and be a lady, and my father would often say that I needed to do housework and be clean and tidy because when I was married, it would be expected of me. 1,761 more words

Couple Relationships

It Takes Two To Tango

The bible tells us that God created the world in 7 days and formed Adam and Eve. It is assumed they were created for the purpose of procreation and creation of a global society. 1,099 more words

Finding That Special Someone

Growing in Solid Love

Nowadays, we’re living in a liquid attitude which many things are projected in our interpersonal relationships.  People have been used others like an object and when we don’t need it we discarded.   199 more words



An important topic for working with young people must be the education of your sexuality.  In addition to learn how to prevent an unexpected pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, boys and girls wants to know how to choose the person to share all your time, all your life, the person whose will be with you up to the end.   121 more words



Nowadays, exists a gap in the educational process of humans about affectivity and sexuality.  Everybody wants to be happy and wants to take a successful loving choice.


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Title: Couple Relationships.
Summary: Both theoretical and empirical research have examined a range of relationship characteristics and processes (including attraction, love, intimacy, commitment, power, communication, and conflict) that may have an impact on the development, quality, and dissolution of intimate relationships. 151 more words