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A Tinderella Story

One year, and a few days ago, this one swiped his way into my life, and changed it forever.

I’ll be totally honest, I was very late to the Tinder game, and when I finally did get it, I don’t think I actually had any intentions of taking it at all seriously. 262 more words


Day 233

May 14 2015

Big day

We went for a lunch then stayed in the middle of the campus to take a bit of sun sitting on the grass. 100 more words


Dressing Room

Serene gathered her courage and pulled the knot a little bit tighter on the top of her polka-dotted bikini. She nodded decisively at her reflection and left the bathroom, slapping the light switch on her way out. 73 more words


Rain: A Romantic Short

The window was cracked just a bit, and I could hear the rain falling from the sky, that steady safe woosh of an endless shower of water, falling and falling from the sky, soaking the ground and the grass and the pavement. 1,641 more words


This Love

Loving you never felt easy,

It is painful, hard, and harmful,

Cause I feel my heart bleeding

Every time you’re not around.

I highly doubt that this dependence… 76 more words



You don’t have to be perfect to be loved but you should love, respect & accept yourself first to create a mutually stable union of two people who just want to embrace the weirdness and quirks of the modern world adding a pinch of uniqueness into it.