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Couples expressing their love of sports and fitness in their wedding photos

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If you think wedding photos show only couples hugging and kissing, or looking wistful under a tree or beside a lake, think again. 1,744 more words

Current Affairs

Romantic Love

Recent events have made me question whether or not romantic love can last. I’ve been told that this feeling that I have will go away at some point. 219 more words


What Is Your Actual Relationship Age? http://ift.tt/1XFbtmN


Catch Up With Me

For those of you who don’t know, which will definitely be every single person reading this, I have a YouTube and a vlogging channel. Sadly, the YouTube channel fell under and crumbled to the ground :) #RIP Carly and Norah Show Sept 2014- Jan 2015. 565 more words

Lie To Me

What can I do to make you mine
Tell me what must I do
And I will do it a thousand-and-one times

Tell me what to do… 127 more words



I honestly do not understand what I feel.
What have you done to make me uncertain of my heart. This time, and for the past.. I couldn’t decipher the language of my own beating. 236 more words