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A Gentleman is a Patient Wolf

“A gentleman is any man who wouldn’t hit a woman with his hat on.”
Fred Allen.

“A real woman is any woman who wouldn’t hit a man with a thong on.”


Read, But Don't Reply

When I saw him, leaning against the railing. He had a meeting he said before he left this morning.

For a man who wears a snapback because he doesn’t want to fix his shaggy dark hair in the morning, and usually leaves his scruff for a couple days, with a t-shirt and jeans, he cleaned up so well. 450 more words

The Fox's Word.

HOW, will you sleep with me?

When I first moved in with my partner, he didn’t always seem to enjoy sleeping in the same bed together. I would sometimes wake in the middle of the night to find he had gone and fallen asleep on the sofa in the living room. 346 more words

The old couple

Grey hair,

Wrinkled skin,

Joints a bit stiff,
Worn smiles,

They sat in comfortable silence.

They didn’t need words,
He knew her

She knew him. 119 more words


When a pair is not a couple

In particular German native speakers seem to have trouble correctly using the words pair and couple when referring to two people (married, or otherwise romantically involved), most likely because both words translate to the German… 139 more words


Couple Married 82 Years Celebrates Husband’s 108th Birthday [VIDEO]

In the most heart warming news, a suburban New York twosome will celebrate the husband’s 108th birthday today. His wife will make 105 in May. The two have been married for 82 years. 274 more words

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