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11 Signs of Domestic Violence. Get Help, Get Out!

Physical Violence- using ones’ physical strength or presence to control someone

Behind closed doors many individuals struggle with an abusive partner. The longer you live that way the harder it is to get out and someone will definitely get hurt. 198 more words

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3 Things You Can Do at Home to Improve Your Relationship While You're in Couple's Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, Upland, CA

When you are in couple’s counseling with me, you will learn mindful communication for discussing important topics with your partner.

Sometimes couples save all their important discussions for when they are in session with their therapist. 165 more words

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What is PartnerCoach?

PartnerCoach is the word I use to describe my style of counseling/coaching with couples. It is also a good description of how I coach individuals as I use the co-active coaching approach which is a partnership between the coach and the client to formulate goals and work together to meet them.

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Building the Foundations to a Healthy Relationship Part Two

In Part One of Building the Foundations to a Healthy Relationship, I briefly introduced the concept of “managing” conflicts rather than attempting to resolve them. The goal again is NOT to focus on how to resolve the conflict but on how the other person is feeling and to better understand why they feel that way. 271 more words


Do You Feel Disconnected From your Partner? 2 Things You Need to Save Your Relationship! By Ilissa Banhazl, MFT, Claremont, CA

Do you feel disconnected from your partner? Has this been going on for a long time? If so, don’t wait any longer!! The longer you are disengaged the more difficult it is to find one another again. 123 more words

Did Your Partner Cheat on You? Have you Cheated on Your Partner? By Ilissa Banhazl, MFT Glendora Therapy

I¬†work with many men or women who have been betrayed by their partner as well as the partner who cheated. It’s a very painful experience and yet I see my clients learn to cope and move on. 80 more words

Couple's Counseling

Can't Stop Fighting? Here's 3 Things You Can Do To Save Your Relationship! Ilissa Banhazl, marriage and family therapy, San Dimas

Many couples are in couples’ counseling but may notice that not much is getting better. That’s probably because you are not ready to discuss your couple issues together and you would both benefit from discernment counseling first. 223 more words