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The Perks to Enjoy With an Office Massage in Auckland

There is no denying the fact that workload in every office is a source of stress for its employees. With regular presentations, the pressure of meeting deadlines, last minute meetings and handling projects are determined as the cause of head and body aches while stiffening the back, neck and the shoulders. 380 more words

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Experience Gifts to Strengthen Your Relationships

A relationship is an arrangement that requires collective investment from both parties if it is to be strong and functional. There are so many things you can do to nourish a relationship, material and nonmaterial. 528 more words


Stress Relieving Massage

The best thing to do after a long and dreadful week at work is to just sit back and relax and let go of all your worries. 180 more words

September Classes

Did you know our Home Massage series are open to EVERYONE? It seems some people think allĀ our massage series are for licensed massage therapistsĀ  133 more words

Couples Massage

The Spa at Briarcliff

For David’s Birthday and Homecoming gift I booked a couples massage for us and it was the best decision I’ve ever made and so worth the money. 161 more words

S2:16 There's the Rub

So many things happening, where do I begin!

So, Emily is basically begging to bond with Lorelai, who’s just not having it. Emily pulled the old, “I won certifcates to a spa, but I don’t want to go until you say you do” trick. 250 more words

Gilmore Girls

Happy "Chiness" Massage and Other Cultural Stereotypes

Most everyone is aware (although perhaps won’t discuss amongst “polite” society) of massage practices in Asia ending “happily”. As an Asian-American woman, I’ve wondered how commonplace and casual it really is and how one actually goes about “ordering one”. 1,184 more words