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My life in Puglia back in the 80's

Grottaglie, Taranto.

Prior to arriving in Italy, I was holidaying in the south of France, I met  my Italian boyfriend ‘colpo di fulmine’, lovestruck, I decided to stay with him instead of returning home with my school friends, I was 17 years old ! 496 more words

Tiramisu = lift me up!

Tiramisu, a well known Italian classic dessert, however, it only dates back to the 1960’s, most likely from northern Italy. There aren’t many dessert recipes originating from Puglia, as cakes and desserts were only available for special occasions. 126 more words

The importance of probiotics.

When sourcing food to serve our guests,  we pay particular attention to the quality of yoghurt offered at breakfast time. All yoghurts served here at Villa Magnolia have natural beneficial probiotics. 336 more words

Pizza making in Puglia

Once a week here at Villa Magnolia we fire up our pizza oven, guests have the opportunity to make their own pizzas, its a fun packed event! 277 more words


Turning point for wines of Puglia!

                                                                                                           Puglia’s rich soils are abundantly arable and the region has long since been a primary source of produce for the rest of Europe, 50 years ago all of Puglia’s wine towns were near a train station, so the bulk wine in tanks could be shipped north. 124 more words

Marriage Made Stronger ZekeKhat V2.0

Last March 10-11, 2016, we had an overnight couples retreat with our church family in Doha. It was indeed a getaway from the busy week as me and my wife only intended to be a regular participant, without any special assignments this time. 744 more words