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Touch Me: The Challenge

How do you heal, restore and nurture your loving relationships with yourself and those most important to you? We want to empower and inspire the world to taste and share loving nurturing touch everywhere for the betterment of humanity. 88 more words

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Miami Beach Loves Touch Artists

Depression, irritability, isolation, low self-esteem and violent behavior have all been linked to touch deprivation. According to the experts, touch deprived infants are at risk of death while adults find sometimes unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with touch hunger. 294 more words

Versandra Kennebrew

Health and Wellness Retreat: Revisit the Youth you Left Behind with Maui Healing Retreat

Maui is a place that is synonymous to the nature itself. Each being on the Island is spiritually attached to it. Observing the place, you will be enlightened about the nature that you ignore in your daily hectic lives. 374 more words


Certified Touch Artists Host Introductory Sessions to Increase Healthy Touch Awareness

Do you see yourself teaching small groups the benefits of healthy touch in relationships and how to experience more intimacy and improved communication?

If your answer is yes, register for our next… 99 more words

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Couples retreat in Maui | Nourish your Relationship

Two people get estranged over the time. The stress and issues of the everyday life pulls them apart inevitably. It is their responsibility to look for solutions to keep the spark of love alive however it has to be implemented the right way to see positive results. 362 more words


Join Us In Beautiful Bali Indonesia

Registration for our Fall Touch Artist Certification training in beautiful Bali, Indonesia will open May 10, 2017.

If you counsel or support couples, Art of Touch workshops and retreats may be the addition to your current intimacy and communication enhancement programs you’ve been seeking. 125 more words

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