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A Quote from a Book I'm Reading

“It is good to say that you are afraid,” Sakim said. “It is not good to be too bold. A little fear makes a man think. 27 more words

Just breathe

Some mornings,

The mask,

The armor slipped

so effortlessly into place;

a second skin she reveled in,

she conquered in.

And some mornings,

Weary from its weight, 34 more words


Be your kind self

One hundred years
Pass faster than you think,
But don’t worry, open your ears;
Say “thank you”, give a wink!
Iaroslav                                                     Sunday 19.02.2017


She's a pretty girl

She’s a pretty girl,
And he’s a handsome guy
Nothing can be compared to her, even a pearl,
But he’s risking to lose her if he doesn’t try. 44 more words


Reasons of the Heart

What motivates you?  Today I’m thinking about motivation as I deal with unmotivated clients and have personally struggled to find my stride again after dealing with some life and health situations. 501 more words



This post was inspired by a person I got to know during my 9 months at work who is suffering from being neglected, used, oppressed, or simply unappreciated by her own parents. 786 more words


Daily Kind Quote

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In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quotes