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Cheer up, don't worry!

Cheer up, don’t worry!
Why are you so sad?
You will succeed, so hurry,
Keep on trying, what else can be said?

Strive and you’ll do. 15 more words


Reality Reflection: Have a Little Faith

The past few weeks have really tested many people’s concepts of their safety and understanding of how the world around us is operating. From massive hurricanes to violence perpetrated by individuals in both mass-casualty situations and too many “simple” murders and other acts of violence in cities around the US and the world, we’re really seeing our world change in ways that we don’t want it to. 431 more words


Rise Above It

Some days and weeks, I feel bombarded by negativity. I get those phone calls from my daughter leading with the words, “Oh no! Something terrible has happened”. 226 more words


Help us

Gracious Father, help
As You always did.
We are in trouble and yelp,
Save and cure, we’ll do, just say, just bid.
Iaroslav                                                    Tuesday 20.12.2005


I feel good whatever they say

I feel good whatever they say.
I’m all right, what a wonderful day!
I believe I can fly, I have wings
And I’ll be a success; I’ll improve the things.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 30.05.2004


An Evening with Brene Brown

I wish I could bundle it up. I wish I could gift the entire world the words I heard last night. I wish I could take all the words I heard last night as I sat in the auditorium at George Washington University listening to Brene Brown speak about belonging and sprinkle them on every single person. 730 more words

A Little Bit Of Me