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Be More 

You can be anything you choose to be so why be an echo?


Sincere smile

Sincere smile, how much it means
It is like bread and oil, beans
For a hungry soul.
For a fan it is a goal.

Just smile and improve the world around. 47 more words


Even blind person can see while believes

You went bust
And tried to drown the misfortune in whisky.
Your mind dimmed and liver suffered rust.
Became better? No! More risky!

Have you lost your hand… 66 more words



Panic is an extream emotional state of fear, anxiety, causing wildly unthinking behavior.

Panic is what I felt.

Panic is what I saw in my daughter’s eyes. 185 more words

Blog Posting

Fear of Success and Codependence


I have steadily been moving towards independence, and took a big step towards it by finally moving into my own place. It is exhilarating, scary, and necessary. 410 more words


How to Excel at Being Average

In the last five years, I’ve begun two endeavors at which I am decidedly average.

Graduate school.

And running.

Let me explain.

After the Olympics this summer, I thought a lot about what it means to be “one of the best in the world,” a “superhuman,” and what it means to be an ordinary, everyday person. 1,222 more words


A Story the World Isn't Ready For

I sit at the dining room table. The slightest glimmer of the rising sun brightening the sky outside the floor to ceiling window as I take the first drink of my yummy, albeit nutritious, breakfast smoothie. 961 more words