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Dear Drake's

Dear Drake’s,

It’s been 5 years and 5 months since we met. I never wanted to still know you or intended for us to be here at all. 821 more words


New commandment

We have received a new commandment truly:
“Love each other”.
This is how they will know that we are Christians fully:
When we treat people as a sister and a brother.
Iaroslav                                                    Wednesday 18.04.2018



Friend, God has given you wit –
Remember to use it.
In work and studies – apply to make a good fit.
Wisdom, faith, and courage make a good kit. 15 more words


Nothing can separate us from God

Nothing can separate us from God at all.
Neither height, nor strength, nor circumstances whatsoever;
Neither a big thing, nor small.
The truth is He loves us and we love Him now and ever.
Iaroslav                                                    Wednesday 18.04.2018


When you're ill

When you’re ill,
It’s time to change,
To jump over the hill,
To switch to a better range.

Think what you can do.
You can improve the things, 32 more words


Praise God with all your heart!

Praise God with all your heart!
You may be sad,
Know, though, that God loves you from the very start!
Let your kind soul be cheerfully glad! 45 more words


Strengthen your heart in God

Hope in God and let your heart
Strengthen in Him fully:
He will bless your start
And will ensure success of your completion truly.
Iaroslav                                                    Monday 04.09.2017