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Something to Remember

I read this someplace today and I shook my head at how obvious this should be. I guess this is how I get stuck in places that I really don’t want to be. 57 more words


A New Day; A New Detour

A New Day; A New Detour

Detours in Life

Pentecost 14


Here I sit thinking about the present and the future after having spent the past several days immersed in the past.  418 more words

#Haiku - Not With Me

Gosh, I am so full

Fear dared to stay in my way

I ate it all up

In Love and Light


And Then What?

And Then What?

Detours of Life

Pentecost 10


If we are lucky, there is always that next step to take in life.  Even when life throws us a curveball and we have to detour around something, there is still that next step to take.  260 more words

Daily Kind Quote

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In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quotes

Будь ласка, не сумуй!

Будь ласка, не сумуй!
Хай теперішнім серце живе:
Тишу природи почуй…
Життя щосекунди нове!

За рогом перемога,
Хто шукає, знайде.
Від Бога стежина-дорога;
Правда своє доведе.
Iaroslav                                          Friday – Monday 11-14.09.2009


Sunday Sermon [Courage]

Hola Everybody,
Yes, I haven’t written in a while and that includes writing that doesn’t usually appear here (my short stories and nonfiction essays). I have to find my niche in this world… somehow. 361 more words