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Make me hear Your lovingkindness in the morning

Make me hear Your lovingkindness in the morning
For I trust in You each day.
Make me hear the way I should go in life and learning… 12 more words


The Miracle of the Monarch

At least I think so!

Today I was blessed to be able to witness my first two monarchs emerge (eclose).

Which also means I spent the next several hours making this incredible video. 41 more words

Life Journey

Your Value in the Relationship

This month I’ve been asking a really important question to myself, my clients and in my newsletters: do I value myself, and do you value yourself? 385 more words


Imagining the Future

The past couple weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about what life holds for you and me. I received an email recently about a blogger I enjoy reading who has decided to stop publishing; somehow it didn’t occur to me that at some point in time someone I enjoy reading from would choose to pack it in. 403 more words


Day 1 At the Archives

It was a FANTASTIC day at the Legislative Reference Library of Texas, though not without its hiccups. The many MANY documents (seriously, we’re talking 400 + pages) I printed did not come out correctly the first time. 597 more words

Mental Health Awareness

Why not me?

This weekends run started the same way as my last two runs. I parked in the same spot. I headed in he same direction. Just like last week, the first two miles breezed by. 594 more words

A Little Bit Of Me