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When people look at you

When people look at you,
Make them want to live:
Look and be positive, say “HRU”.
You have a good mood to share, high spirits to give.
Iaroslav                                                    Friday 15.06.2018


Rely on God and boldly step ahead

Rely on God and boldly step ahead.
Let Him direct your way, let Him anoint your head;
Let Him remove your sorrow and let Him give you joy instead. 24 more words


Be wise

Be wise
And let your heart be firm,
So little time to realize,
Open your heart to learn.
Iaroslav                                                    Tuesday 14.07.2009


Love God with all your thought

Love God with all your heart
And bravely act!
Let your love be full and not in part,
Let not routine of everyday distract.

You have so many gifts, 17 more words


However hard, rejoice

However hard, rejoice.
However slow, fast or sloppy,
Let joy be heard in your voice.
Walk, run and pet cheerfully your dog whose ears are floppy!
Iaroslav                                                    Thursday 31.05.2018


Smile and let the world smile too!

Smile and let the world smile too!
Smile, believe you can come through!
Rely on God and go.
While the sun shines – mow.

Smile, let the world smile too! 43 more words


Happy because alive

Happy because alive;
Snappy because I strive;
Thankful – I have so much;
Hopeful; with friends in touch.

Always, always, and always
I must be grateful – 39 more words